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What is a website?

A website is a collection of Web pages, A web page can contain any  type of information, and can include text, color, graphics,  animation and sound that is hosted on server (MORE)

Why are websites called websites?

Its a compilation of 2 words, namely 'web' and 'sites'. Web refers to the internet, the so called web in which every computer is connected to each other. Sites refers to t (MORE)

What is a portal website?

A portal Web site is a Web site that aims to be your "portal," or entranceway, to most anything you can do on the Web. For example, Yahoo is considered a portal because it off (MORE)

Who is the author of this website?

WikiAnswers owner Chris Whitten started the site (as FAQ Farm), but  WikiAnswers is "authored" by its community of users. As WikiAnswers  Contributors, we ask and answer eac (MORE)

What is the miocado website?

Miocado is a website created for the employees of Ocado. Using it, we can book holidays, see how much bonus we have earned and even book holidays/swap shifts.
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Why do you have a website?

Website is a getway to enter the global market. It opens doors for  reaching multiple clients and customers simultaneously. Website is  necessary to promote business, build (MORE)

Where is a music website?

Well if your looking for music and you have an E-mail, you might consider using the music section on for music. With the music there you can download music too.
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What is website protection and website security?

Website protection is the prevention of a website becoming infected. Website is a much broader topic that could deal with SSL, PCI, etc. They also could be used either way. P (MORE)