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What is WitchCraft?

A Witch's Answer Witchcraft, or the craft of a witch, or "the Craft" are the names given to a number of Earth based spiritual paths and/or belief systems. Commonly referred t (MORE)

Is witchcraft satanic?

Modern witches would give that a resounding "NO," arguing that Satan is a Judeo-Christian concept in which they simply don't believe. One might argue, however, that IF Satan (MORE)

What to do if you do witchcraft?

Answer   WitchCraft is a faith, just as Christianity, Hinduism and Islam are faiths. WitchCraft is not a branch of, or anything to do with, Satanism or the Devil, which are (MORE)

What is a Witchcraft?

According to Hollywood, that would be a broomstick. But Pagans and Witches use a broom for the same thing everyone else uses them for, cleaning house,scooting the dog out of (MORE)

Who introduced witchcraft?

This is unknown. The idea of someone doing magic to influenceanother person's body or property against their will is clearlypresent in many cultures. Many examples appear in e (MORE)

Why was witchcraft a crime?

This is a rather complex question. In all the world, in every culture, there has been some type of witchcraft. The most basic answer to you question would be that authority is (MORE)

How can you do witchcraft?

You need an open mind and to focuse all your energy on your spell and your spell's purpose. A Pagan Perspective Witchcraft is above all a spiritual path. Like most things (MORE)

How do you get out of witchcraft?

Simply stop. Get rid of your books, any altar tools, symbols, candles etc.; leave the group you are currently working with; be honest with your friends who are still on the (MORE)