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1993 prelude will crank but wont start. What could be the problem?



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Compression? it could be that the fuel pump has gone bad Statement of facts:

the car has a new timing belt. it usually starts every time. This is the first trouble it has given me since a new timing belt less than 200 miles ago. note: It was raining this morning. Also , I was checking for blown fuses under the dash last night by removing them and inspecting them to see if a blown fuse might be why my interior light was not working. turns out that the light was just not making a good connection. The check engine light has been coming on and I coded it. It came back code 23, knock sensor. I have not replaced the sensor but I have not driven the car since I coded it. I was going to drive it this morning because it was raining and I have been riding my motorcycle until I can replace the knock sensor. any help would be appreciated.