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When it ran low on coolant, the head overheated and warped. Now you have hot exhaust gasses venting directly into the engine's coolant system through the damaged head gasket that gave up when the head warped. You'll need to have the head resurfaced. That means, pulling the head(s) and everthing that is in the way. If there are very many miles, you may as well do the valves and guides while you've got the head(s) off.

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Q: 1995 lumina 3.1 ran hot low coolant light came on engine hot light came on Changed water pump thermostat low coolant light came on again bubbles pass threw coolant reserve tank why?
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Antifreeze leaking from reserve no heat?

The coolant is not flowing, causing no heat. Look at the antifreeze coming out to see it there are bubbles in it. If there are bubbles then you have a blown head gasket. If not, then you have either a bad thermostat of bad water pump.

Why would your 1996 Dodge Avenger 2.5 v6 overheat assume the radiator cap and thermostat are all good heater blows but is cold this is a problem which showed up quickly?

sounds like blockage in the cooling system. See if you are not low on coolant in the radiator. Just because your reserve tank has coo;ant does not mean that you have enough coolant in the radiator. If you have low coolant in the radiator, it will blow cold. It can happen abruptly. If you are low on coolant in the radiator and not in your reserve tank you will need to find out why the system is not pulling coolant out of the reserve tank.

Changing coolant on 1987 Pontiac fiero gt?

Place a pan under the drain valve on the radiator (back side of the radiator, right side) Reach up and open the valve letting the coolant out. (It is meant to be turned by hand, but you might need a pliers) After the coolant has started draining open the radiator cap to allow air into the radiator. Go back to the engine and open the thermostat cap (Large cap that looks like a radiator cap, has a two step turn - push and turn again removal). Remove the thermostat located under the cap by grabbing it, turning it to break the seal and pulling it up. To fill - close the drain valve on the radiator. Leave the radiator cap off and start filling by pouring the coolant into the (still open) thermostat cap. Note - the thermostat needs to be still removed. Have an assistant watch at the radiator and when it gets full he needs to quickly put the radiator cap back on. Then continue to fill at the thermostat cap till the engine is full. Now start the car and let the coolant circulate, refilling at the thermostat cap when the coolant has dropped. After the car has warmed up, and all of the coolant bubbles have come out, fill the coolant to the top of the thermostat cap housing, replace the thermostat and cap and fill the reserve tank to the warm mark.

Dodge shadow poor heat?

There should be a small coolant converter located near the brake booster or near the radiator it has 4 smaller coolant lines. It has a vacuum canister check that vacuum line for any cracks or it could possibly be your thermostat. Check coolant level in the radiator. Just because you have coolant in the reserve tank does not mean that your radiator is full.

Where is the low coolant sensor 1995 olds 88?

its built into the bottom of the coolant reserve tank

What does the 'Check Coolant' light mean on a 91 Mercury Tracer wagon?

Check the coolant level in the radiator when it is cold. -------------------------------------------------------------------- **Actually the check coolant light indicates the reserve is low. When facing the engine with the hood up...look to your left and you should see the tank. Fill that to the fill line and then run the car until the thermostat starts to pull the coolant...add when it gets low and until it stops taking fluid. Do not add directly into the radiator unless the reserve tank is empty.

When adding engine coolant to an 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Low Coolant indicator has come on do you add only to the reserve tank or to the actual radiator as well?

When you add engine coolant to a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee because the low coolant indicator has come on, you should add to the reserve tank and the radiator if they are low. Sometimes, just the reserve tank needs filled.

How do you replace a thermostat on a 1993 Lexus ls400?

It's right on the front of the engine. Two bolts hold the housing on. Use an OEM thermostat around $25 to $30, and a new o-ring that goes around the new thermostat. You should drain 1/2 to 1 gal. of coolant before you start. Top up the reserve tank when you're done (DO NOT OVERFILL).

I replaced My thermotsat on my 97 Chrysler Concord yet it is still overheating.Why?

check head gaskets??? I'm assuming you have a 3.3 or 3.5 engine --- did you "burp" the system once you replaced the thermostat? It not, you might still not be getting coolant flows. There is a tiny valve on the thermostat housing and you will need to open it up and add coolant until it flows out the value --- might have to put some pressure to the coolant reserve tank to force it through --- but once it flows out the valve, tighten it back up and try again.

How do you reset the low engine coolant warning light on a 2003 Saturn VUE?

fill the coolant reserve and the light should go out

What do you do if there is no water in the radiator but the reserve tank is full on a 1997 chevy Malibu?

If there is no water in the radiator and the reserve tank is full on any vehicle, you realize you have a leak and you fix it before you wreck your engine. First: fill your radiator with water. Look for a leak. If you see that a hose is leaking, yell "Hallelujah." You have the least expensive of all repairs facing you. In that case, you take off all four hoses, the two cooling hoses to the engine and the two heater hoses. You take them to the parts shop and get replacement hoses and put those on the vehicle. When one hose breaks, the others will break soon so you replace all of them at once. You purchase a new thermostat. You will replace the thermostat as well. You take out the old thermostat and leave it off. You will start filling the radiator with coolant instead of water this time. When the level of coolant gets to the level of the thermostat hole, then you install the new thermostat. Then you keep filling the radiator until it is full. You start the engine. Eventually the thermostat will open with a gulp. The level of coolant in the radiator will drop. You fill the radiator with coolant and close the cap. If there is not a leak in a hose, you call a mechanic.

What happens if you put steering fluid in the coolant reservoir?

Drain the coolant reserve chamber and refill with new coolant. Can use a turkey baster ot remove hose from chamber.

Where do you put coolant in 1996 Hyundai Sonata?

Coolant is added to a 1996 Hyundai Sonata by opening the coolant overflow tank and adding coolant until the full mark is reached. This allows the cooling system to pull in coolant as needed from the reserve tank.

Why does the water return to the reserve tank while still on?

Hot water (engine coolant) expands and pushes its way back into the coolant reservoir.

What is the Coolant capacity for 2006 Honda cbr1000rr?

3.15 Liters and the reserve is .4 liters.

What are the signs of thermostat need replaced?

The best indication of a bad thermostat is when the radiator fluid (Antifreeze) boils over from the reserve tank, not the radiator. This is caused by the thermostat not opening at its preset temperature and all the extra antifreeze is pumped directly to the reserve tank. You will also have loss of power and the vehicle will likely stop running soon after the antifreeze boils over.

How come when a 96 eclipse starts to get hot it begins to push the coolant to the reserve tank and begins to over flow after that the temperature begins to rise?

You could have a partially blocked radiator or a thermostat that is not opening. If neither of THOSE are the problem, you could have a warped head that damaged the head gasket.

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1997 Monte Carlo overheating only leaking coolant through reserve Replaced thermostat radiator water pump and intake gasket Hopefully not too costly Just replaced tranny before overheating started?

can the gasket go bad behind the water pump houseing

Where is the thermostat located on Volvo 850?

Open your hood, on your left side just next to the Power Steering reserve.

How do you change coolant on 1995 Honda cb 1000 motorcycle?

1. raise gas tank, the radiator cap is there, below the gas tank, open the cap... 2. remove the drain bolt on the water pump cover and drain the system coolant.. 3. disconnect the hose from the reserve coolant tank, end empty the coolant from the reserve tank, and after that connect the hose . 4. re install the drain bolt n fill the coolant from radiator cap, the drain bolt potitions on left side under the engine.

Why is the Low coolant light on but car is not low on coolant and doesn't overheat?

Some cars have a sensor in the reserve tank that sticks or the sensor on the engine is gone. Get a manual for you make and it will show the locations.

What was the effect of the federal reserve act?

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Does anyone have a picture of the location of the coolant sensor of a 1994 jeep grand Cherokee limited?

sensor is in the plastic reserve on the float.

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