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97 Grand Voyager Serpentine Belt replaced 2 times in less than 2 years also just replaced Tension Pulley belt just broke again what is causing this?



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I have a 96 Plymouth Grand Voyager.... The problem is a design issue. The serpentine belt on this model is not adequately shielded from the right front wheel well. With the belt exposed to road debris and especially water, the belt becomes dislodged (can break the belt and other components when this happens) or if water is the culprit it will be thrown with no other apparent cause. I have had to replace mine once from debris dislodging it, and 5 times due to water. If you have a belt that actually lasted longer than a few months, have it checked for road tar and oils, dirt, and any other signs of over-exposure to the road elements. If enough of us suckers (who bought this ride) come together, maybe they'll finally admit their error and issue either a recall (fat chance) or a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin (more likely, but still fat chance). I threw mine on the way home again this evening...more cash out the window...looks like it's time to trade up, but it won't be a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Plymouth product!!!