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I have a 96 Plymouth Grand Voyager.... The problem is a design issue. The serpentine belt on this model is not adequately shielded from the right front wheel well. With the belt exposed to road debris and especially water, the belt becomes dislodged (can break the belt and other components when this happens) or if water is the culprit it will be thrown with no other apparent cause. I have had to replace mine once from debris dislodging it, and 5 times due to water. If you have a belt that actually lasted longer than a few months, have it checked for road tar and oils, dirt, and any other signs of over-exposure to the road elements. If enough of us suckers (who bought this ride) come together, maybe they'll finally admit their error and issue either a recall (fat chance) or a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin (more likely, but still fat chance). I threw mine on the way home again this evening...more cash out the window...looks like it's time to trade up, but it won't be a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Plymouth product!!!

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How do you adjust the serpentine belt tension on your 1992 town car which you think is causing engine to die when you turn on heat and fan?

Serpentine belts have an automatic tensioner, which cannot be adjusted. But your problem sounds like poor alternator performance, have it checked, at your local parts store most do it for free.

What is tension and compression?

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What is responsible for causing surface tension in water?


Screeching coming from top of engine on a 2002 ford ranger?

I have the same problem on my 1998. I just replaced the serpentine belt and it still happens. When I turn on the A/C it gets worse. Any ideas what's causing it?

2000 Jeep Cherokee SE makes nosies when air conditioning is on. How do you fix it Plus you have already replaced the Poly rib belt and serpentine belt tensioner please help?

Have to determine what is causing noise - could be a bad compressor Have to determine what is causing noise - could be a bad compressor Have to determine what is causing noise - could be a bad compressor

How does surface tension force the surface of water to curve?

Gravity and surface tension forces on the water causing water to curve.

Why is my 1996 ford Thunderbird 4.8 going threw alternators?

It could be a bad battery check this first. Then check your connections on the back of the alternator looking to make sure the wires are not crossed or frayed causing a short. Also check the tension on the serpentine belt if it is too tight this will wear the bearings out prematurely on the alternator causing it to fail.

What can be causing your serpentine belt to keep snapping?

If it is a serpentine belt the idler pulley more than likely needs replacing. If it is a drive belt you are adjusting it too tightly.

What are the medicinal value of serpentine?

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What is tension stress?

tension is one of the 3 types of stress in earth science when a plate moves apart from each other causing thinning

Squealing noise when ac is on 2004 Toyota Avalon?

Most likely a worn serpentine belt. Replacing the belt with a new one should correct the noise. If not the belt, it could be the idler pulley, which is not putting enough tension on the above belt, causing it to slip and thus squeal.

How do you adjust the tension on an automobile serpentine belt?

1The tensioner is spring loaded, and no adjustment is provided, or required. 21 is correct. But if for some, to me, unfathomable reason, the belt should become loose, causing slippage, I can think of only 3 possible causes: 1. Someone, unknowingly removed and replaced the belt incorrectly, by MISROUTING the belt on the pulleys.2. Someone, unknowingly replaced the belt with one of the wrong size.3. One of the belt driven components [water pump, alternator, smog air pump, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, etc.] has been replaced with a new unit which has a different sized pulley than the one replaced.4. The tensioning SPRING in the auto tensioning arm has become weak, and if so the arm assembly must be replaced.As 1 implies, there is no provision for adjustment, as the tensioner arm assembly is supposed to automatically maintain the proper tension. j3h.

Why would a car make noises after drive belt has been replaced?

could be that one of the belt driven components, such as power steering pump, alternator....etc, has a worn internal bearing. Reason being, is when the new belt is replaced, the tension is usually tighter causing more stress on the pulley and bearing.. Tom

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Why is your idle pulley busting serpentine belts?

Because the bearing in it has worn out and it is locking up causing the belt to break.

If you have replaced brake pads strut rod bushings sway bar link bushings serpentine belt and PS pump what could be causing a slight grinding sound in left front wheel area?

possible the dust shield for the brakes. hey its happened to me. hope this helps.

What is the effect on surface tension when salt is dissolved in water?

the sodium chloride (salt) easily dissolves and divides into separate ions causing the surface tension to rise slightly.

Why would power steering fluid spew out after the serpentine belt breaking while the engine was running?

It's common for leaking power steering fluid gets on the serpentine belt - causing slippage and ultimately belt breakage.

Why do I need a new serpentine beltIs it related to my power steering?

Belts stretch over time due to the fact that they are under constant tension, causing pulleys to slip when put under load. Also do not throw your old belt away, put in it your trunk in case the other one snaps you have a spare to get you home.

What is an example of an organism that benefits from reducing surface tension?

Humans benefit greatly from the work of Pulmonary surfactant which reduces the surface tension in the alveoli of the lungs. This reduction in alveolar surface tension prevents the alveoli from collapsing and thus causing suffocation.

How do you change the serpentine belt on a 1996 dodge caravan?

Study the belt diagram and also the way the old belt was put on, use a socket (16mm usually) and a breaker bar to pull the tensioner pulley down, releasing tension on the belt causing it to be able to slip right off. Slide the old belt off and weave the new belt in to place while still holding the tensioner down. When it place put the tension back on the pulley by moving the breaker bar the opposite way you pulled it to release tension, causing the pulley back in to place and making the belt fit tightly. Start the vehicle and make sure it stays in place and functions properly.

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What could be causing a squealing from the engine in an infinity QX4 besides the belts?

It could be the bearing in your tension pulley.

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Surface tension is in water and we can't see it but when we place something in water the water is pushing up while the thing is pushing down, causing it to float.

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