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Check the throttle linkage. I once saw a dragonfly that had been caught in the linkage, making the engine race like that. Start with the easy stuff first.

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Trying to locate the IAT sensor on a 1991 Mercury Cougar 38L?

it's located on the firewall right in back of the intake

Where can you find the wiring diagram for a 1991 Mercury Cougar stock radio?

if you are trying to install the factory stereo to should be the same plug...if you are trying to install the stereo for a cougar on a different car you need to buy the plug for that stereo and then a harness for the other car...

Where is the ECC on a 1995 Mercury Cougar 4.6 liter?

Where is the EEC connections for a code reader on a 1995 Mercury Cougar? Is there any suggestions why the engine won't turn over. Only a ticking sound is heard and sparks from the battery sometimes appears when trying to start.

Why does a 2000 Mercury Cougar only make a clicking noise when trying to start if the battery was checked and is ok?

Needs a new starter

What is a cougar women?

An older woman trying to be with a younger guy

Does anybody have a diagram for the location of the spark plugs for a 1993 mercury cougar xr7 3.8l v6?

Not to be course, but if you cannot find the spark plugs, then you have no business trying to replace them. You do not have the knowledge or skill to perform this repair.

2000 mercury cougar that will not shift properly after trying to pass someone.?

first thing is check the fluid after that theres not much else that would be an easy fix... either the trannys going bad or the computer has a bad map

Are there two parts to the radio antenna wire on a 99 Mercury Cougar?

No there is only one wire for the radio antenna unless you have an extension on it or after market part . But then again I'm not sure if i know what your trying to ask . But that's the best i can do for you with the info I'm getting !

What was the name of the film about the writer trying to reconnect with his friend goes to his cabin get drunk hunt cougar and discuss Bukowski?

My Effortless Brilliance

What is Mercury used in?

Mercury was commonly used in thermometers and barometers. However, because it is poisonous, people are trying to use it in less things now.

How old is your mercury 9.8 outboard ser?

I have a Mercury 9.8 ser# 2801967 how old is this motor? Im trying to get some parts for it and am having trouble with this .

What kind of gas mileage does a 1999 Mercury Cougar get?

It depends on the model you get, but most importantly on how you drive, as well as many other factors like temperature and modifications to the vehicle. I have heard of the Zetec powered Cougar getting regular 29 mpg mixed driving, without trying hard, while the Duratec V6 will usually run at around 22 to 25 mpg, mixed. The Cougar is a mid size car, do not think otherwise, so the I4 Zetec which does great in the Focus does have trouble getting the cougar to move the way you would want it to sometimes. There were also only about 500 Zetec powered Cougars made with automatic transmissions, so you better learn how to drive a stick.

How do you bleed a 95 mercury villager mini van?

Need more information. What are you trying to bleed?

What is the actual size difference of a 460 engine out of a 75 mercury and a ford 460 Trying to find a crossmember that I could use. On the mercury engine.?

ufgtu vftujd

Can you give me a sentence with the word colt?

Sure. "The young grey colt, fearing for his life, cantered very quickly when trying to escape the hungry cougar tailing him."

What information did the voyager get from mercury?

i really don't know im trying to find help just like you....

Why were people trying to kill Freddy cougar?

I assume you mean Freddy Krueger? Because he is a murderer, particularly of children. And in certain story lines a child abuser as well.

Why was mercury used in fillings?

Because it is cheap, moldable and when mixed with silver and some other metals it becomes unharmful!However, because mercury can be poisonous scientists are trying to find an alternative

Why is mercury no longer used in thermostats?

Mercury is a highly poisonous substance. It is also very harmful to the environment. Not using it is easier than trying to dispose of it safely after an item has ceased functioning.

What does cougar mean concerning women?

This means a older lady is trying to get with younger guys. for example a 40 year oold women being with a 21 year old guy.

How do you drain gasoline from fuel tank on cougar mercury 2000?

Because you can't get a siphon down into the tank, and there isn't any sort of drain plug, the best observed method is to disconnect the fuel line from the fuel filter, and then, with a bucket set to catch the fuel, turn the ignition to on, this will result in the engine trying to prime, where it'll just run till the tank is empty.

Can living things survive on mercury and why?

Mercury is very deadly for all living organisms. It has a very high temprature. That explains why it is used in thermometers. Shihuangi, an accentric chinese ruler died when he was trying to see if he may be the only human on earth who can drink mercury.

How do you fix a Chevy Blazer starting problem?

trying to fix simular problem

Why do you shiver after stepping from a warm shower?

The reason we shiver after a warm shower in a warm bathroom is because your body is trying to get the normal temperature of your body so it becomes very cold and causes us to shiver

How can you repair a dashboard in a 99 mercury mystique?