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99 Z71 pickup with a 350 engine you have a lifter that is sticking how do you change them yourself?


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2009-08-28 22:34:57
2009-08-28 22:34:57

take off the valve cover,remove the rockers,take off the intake manifold take out the push rods,then pull out the lifter,if the lifter is mushroomed you may need to get a lifter puller


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Often a sticking lifter is cause by sludge that has built up inside the lifter. If that's the case a good engine cleaner can often help, or even just add a quart of diesel fuel or kerosene to the crankcase and let it idle for a while, but if you do that, don't put any stress on the engine. Then change the oil and run it for about 300 miles and change the oil again. That CAN help some sticking lifters... but don't count on it. Often the only option is to change the lifters and if the camshaft is pitted, you may need to change that too. If you're going that far, check everything and do a complete rebuild.

you probably have a sticking valve lifter.

could be a lifter sticking

Valve lifter could be sticking. Take the valve cover off and start the engine. You can narrow down which one it is. Might Not be sticking and just need adjusting.

You can change just the one lifter, however you should determine why it went bad. The intake manifold must come off to get to the lifter. Is there advanced mileage? do you change the oil regularly? Seeing how it is an 87 vehicle, with 19 years of use on the engine, I would strongly suggest changing the full set. Be carefull though as there is the possibility on that engine of 2 different size lifter bores. If yours are oversized it will be stamped on the lifter bore (not on the lifter) 0.25mm 0.5 There should also be a white paint mark at the bore.

how to change lifter motor on kia sportage

It is a lifter either sticking or your fuel injectors it is common with these engines... I have a 2001 that ticks at idle and it is a lifter but as soon as I start to accelerate it goes away. It has done this since a year ago when I bought it I wouldn't worry unless it is knocking.

There's a ticking noise under my 2002 tahoe. If it is a lifter. Can you tell me what a lifter is? And is that the reason why my service engine light won't go off. Someone told me that it had to do with some box that holds wires under the truck. Is that true?

Take a pushrod and push down on the plunger in the lifter. A hydraulic lifter is spring loaded.

Change engine oil and substitute one of the quarts of oil with one quart of automatic transmission fluid. Run engine for 1000 miles. Change engine oil again with all oil.

Valve lash needs adjusting or you have a lifter that is sticking.

2003 v6 90000 miles lifter tap for 3-5 min when i frist start it ? Purchase a can of Seafoam Motor Treatment and follow the directions on the can. This will free the stuck lifter. Seafoam helps liquefy gum and varnish deposits helping to quiet noisy valve lifter

Insufficient information is given - but it could possibly be a sticking valve lifter that quiets down and the noise goes away after the engine is warm and the oil is circulating.

This sounds like a hydraulic valve lifter that is dirty, sticking and is not getting enough oil to lubricate the lifter. After the engine warms up and the oil pressure is stable, the lifter begins to get enough oil and quiets down. Try changing your oil and use a lighter weight oil like 10/W/30. After 2500 miles return to your former vescosity oil.

Could be either a rod bearing that doesnt move much until a load has been put on the engine or could be a sticking lifter - hard to tell as either sound changes when a load is put on the engine

Probably a sticking lifter; put in a can of RISLONE every time you change oil for the next few times; that should do it if it is just a minor problem. A chirping noise can also be a defective drive belt. I haven't heard of a chirping noise before, but I've heard of lifter tapping. If it's just some light lifter tapping, add some Lucas oil stabilizer next oil change. This is really good stuff that adds extra lubricants and protectants to the oil for better engine performance and durability. Adding this to your oil should take out any light lifter noise or tapping. I run this in my 94 Z along with full synthetic Mobil 1. They make the Lucas oil stabilizer in synthetic as well. Hope this helps you out.

yes, if its ticking bad and you like the engine, get it fixed

NO. The engine computer is in open loop until the engine heats up to operating temperature 195 degrees are more. that means it don't hear the lifter noise and by the time the computer can, the lifter quites making noise.

It could be a sticking hydraulic lifter or valves that are slightly out of adjustment.

The lifter bucket, which is on top of the valve stem, and the spring in the Overhead Cam engine aides in adjusting the valve clearance.

the cheapest quick fix that works often is a can of engine flush before changing your oil and filter,pour in engine flush let car run 5 to 10 minutes with engine at idle then shut off engine and change oil you should hear lifter getting better during this process.

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