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The United States Government does not recognized "dual citizenship". The government puts people in 2 categories: 1. U.S. citzens 2. Aliens

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Q: Can a Russian citizen have duel citizenship with the United States?
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What countries is Barack Obama a citizen of?

He is a citizen of only the United States, and has never held another citizenship instead or in addition to United States citizenship.

Is Obama a citizen of your county?

Barack Obama is a citizen of only the United States, and has never held another citizenship instead or in addition to United States citizenship.

If a woman who is not a United States citizen gives birth in the United States would this entitle her and her child both with United States citizenship?

If she was married to a United States citizen than yes but if she wasn't no, only her child would be entitled with U.S. citizenship. A woman is NOT entitled to US citizenship simply because she gives birth in the US whether she is married to a citizen or not.

What test do you take to become a US citizen?

You have to take the United States Citizenship test. The test is given by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

What Citizenship do you need to be president?

You must be a natural born citizen of the United States to be President of the United States.

Can a person with only one parent who is a United States citizen run for president?

The citizenship of the residential hopefuls parents is not important. It does not matter if none, one, or both of a persons parents had United States Citizenship. What does matter is that the person in question was born a United States Citizen.

Is Barack Obama's citizenship legal?

Barack Obama was born in the State of Hawai'i. By definition, anyone who is born on American soil is an American citizen. He is a citizen of only the United States, and has never held another citizenship instead or in addition to United States citizenship.

If a United States Citizen marries in the United States in January 2009 to an immigrant from the Philippines is she now considered to be a United States Citizen?

No, she is not. She will be allowed to remain in the US with her spouse and children, but she will have to apply for citizenship separate from her marriage. The US citizen REMAINS a US citizen. The immigrant remains an immigrant and must follow the legal path to resident immigrant status, and from there to citizenship. Marriage is not a free pass to residency or citizenship.

Does the US allow tri-citizenship?

American law permits multiple citizenship, so a citizen of the United States can be a citizen of another country at the same time.

If you were born in the US when and how do you decide to be an American Citizen?

If your birth certificate was filed in the United States of America then you are automatically an American citizen. If you also claim citizenship with another country, the United States government asks that you choose your citizenship to one or the other.

What is Barack Obama's citizenship?

He is a citizen of only the United States. At birth he was a citizen of the United States (thus a natural born citizen.) He was also entitled to British citizenship through his father which then became Kenyan citizenship when Kenya became independent, but as Kenya (unlike the U.S.) doesn't allow dual citizenship and because he didn't renounce his natural born U.S. citizenship, he lost his Kenyan citizenship at the age of 23. So he was technically a dual citizen until age 23 he has been purely an American citizen since.

What are the different ways in which a person can become a US citizen?

You can be born in the United States and become an automatic citizen. Or you can immigrate to the United States and apply for citizenship after living in the US for seven years.

What is a US Citizen?

Someone that was born in the United States, has a parent that is a US Citizen or has been naturalized through the Citizenship process.

How long do you have to be a citizen of the US to gain citizenship?

Your question doesn't make much sense. If you are a citizen you don't have to "gain citizenship" you already have it. That said, if you are a non-citizen living in the United States of America and have lived there for Five (5) years you can apply for citizenship.

What should people from Bangladesh be called?

According to the constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh "The people of Bangladesh shall be known as Bangalees as a nation". So the people of Bangladesh are Bangalees. So a person from Bangladesh is called according to his nationality as "Bangalee". This word "Bangalee" is often used in English as "Bengali". Like the word "Russki" in English as "Russian". In case of citizenship as the Russians uses "Citizenship: Russian Federation", we use "Citizenship: Bangladeshi or Bangladesh". There is Bangladeshi citizen or citizen of Bangladesh but not Bangladeshi people. Like there is citizen of Russian Federation but not Russian Federationian people. As you call a citizen of United States as American, so a Bangladeshi citizen as Bangalee.

When you get citizen your father is us citizen you and your father live together in us and you 23 yrs?

Depends if you are also born in the United States. Check with the United States Citizenship and Immigration.

What is a citizen ship test?

A citizenship test is a is a status given to a legal member of the United States.

Is Drake a US citizen?

Yes, he's got dual citizenship in Canada and the United States.

How is naturalization relate to citizenship?

Naturalization is the process where a person who is a citizens of another country but not a citizen of the United States becomes a naturalized citizen.

What are the 2 kinds of citizens?

The two types of citizen are the citizen of the United States and the citizen of the state. The US citizenship was recognized from the 14th Amendment of the US constitution.

Can you be an American citizen and a French citizen?

Duel citizenship is not forbidden in the United States. There is no reason that this would be impossible. Wikipedia has a page on that (United_States_nationality_law#Dual_citizenship)

What are the 2 means of obtaining us citizenship?

In the United States, one is either born a citizen, or can be naturalized.

Who is a citizen of the United states?

Anyone who was born on US soil; Any person who has applied for and received citizenship.

Can a citizen of Mexico obtain American citizenship by virtue of same-sex marriage to a citizen of the United States?

Yes, an American citizen may sponsor a same-sex Mexican spouse for a visa, permanent residency and, ultimately, citizenship.

How many years should you stay in Colorado in order to become a Colorado citizen?

Colorado is a state in the United States of America. Thus there is no such thing as a citizen of Colorado, the citizenship is of the United States, not the individual states therein. The rules for becoming a US citizen may be found on the web.