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IF it is NOT locked, they can.

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Q: Can a repo man enter a workplace parking lot on private property?
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Can police enter private underground parking in Ontario?

yes i believe so.

Is it legal to park on a private driveway?

It is if it is your private driveway. It is if you are an invitee, meaning the owner has given you license to enter on his or her private property. It is if you have an easement to use the property. Absent an express or implied invitation or an easement to enter onto the premises or property, you are probably a trespasser.

If a game warden can come on private property it is no longer private?

While there are many occasions when a Game Warden or other Peace Officer may legally enter private property, that property is still deemed private.

Can repo man enter private property?

Yes he or she can enter private propery as long as the Do not Breach The Peace in Texas. DE Repoman Houston TX

Does the media have a constitutional right to enter any crime scene?

No. A crime scene may be private property- and there is no right to enter private property. A crime scene may be closed to preserve evidence- there is no right to obstruct justice.

Can police enter private property if owner refuses?

According to our laws in Tanzania a police under Criminal Procedure Act can enter someone's property for emergency search

What are the dumpster diving laws in Indiana?

Dumpster diving is not illegal in Indiana. There are laws in place however, that you are not allowed to enter private property and most dumpsters are located on private property.

Can the police enter onto private business property without the permission of the owner in Arizona?

The police cannot enter onto private business property without the owner's permission in Arizona. They must obtain a warrant to do so, if they do not receive permission.

How old do I have to be to rent a private property?

To rent private property you must be of legal age to enter into a contract (verbal or written). The state, province, or country where the property is located determines what that age is. You must check the laws of that location.

Can the repo man come on private property in Texas?

yes, but they cant break & enter to do so.

Are park rangers allow to enter your private property a issue a summons for hunting on your land?


Can police enter private property without the owners permission?

Not without a warrant or just cause.

Can a repo man enter a work place that is private property?

Not unless he has a legal warrant signed by the court

Can municipal Bi Law officers enter property clearly posted private property no trespassing for the purpose of ascertaining information?

they need a formal allowance from a court

Can Con Edison enter your private with your permission?

Enter your private what?

Do police have the right to enter into your private property if found an offence being committed on the premises or in fresh pursuit?

(In the US) Yes, they do.

Can a police officer come on private property?

I think they can walk the premises but i don't think they can enter your home without a warrant.

Is a condo private property?

Each condominium unit is the private property of its owner.The land enclosed within the boundaries of the condominium project or community is private property as regards the general public. No one who does not have an interest in the condominium has the right to use or enter the property.Exceptions would include such people as the owners' agents, employees, invitees, municipal workers, utility worker, postal workers, repair personnel, etc.

Can a repo man enter private property without permission?

Yes. The objective of a repo man is to reposess property of people who have defaulted on their loans. A repo man will never ask for permission.

Can a game warden enter private property on hearsay crime?

Game Wardens are sworn law enforcement personnel. That being said - there is not enough information disclosed in the question on which to base an answer. Law enforcement is empowered to enter private property on the BELIEF that there may be a crime occurring at that time. More information would have to be disclosed about the incident being asked about.

Can you enter aloha stadium parking with handicap placard one hour prior to UH game?

Can I enter aloha stadium parking with handicap placard

What if you give the location of the car and they don't pick it up?

You are better off asking the lender or collection agency where to deliver the vehicle. If you abandon the vehicle on private property, no one will be able to enter onto the property without the private property owner's consent. And you risk having someone steal it, since you have to leave the key.

Can you cross a double yellow line to access or exit a private or commercial property?

In most countries double yellow lines mean that you can not park in that location. This does not prevent you crossing the lines to enter the driveway of a property that is off to the side of the restricted road. However, you must ensure you are parked on the private property off the highway.

Is it tresspassing to enter a condemned house?

Trespassing onto private property is a civil offence. To enter a condemned building is not only a civil trespass, but is also rather foolish. Buildings are condemned for a reason.

What powers do the courts have when personal or private property is damaged or destroyed?

In the event that there is personal or private property which has been damaged or destroyed, the courts can help. The person with the damaged property can file a lawsuit against the person who is responsible for the damage. If the court finds in favor of the person who has filed the lawsuit, it will enter a judgment against the person who damaged the property, which will make them legally responsible for paying for the damage.