Can immigrant be deported after marrying Canadian citizen?

YES - You are a refugee. That is a criminal offense by Canadian Laws. (this happens to many people especially in foreign countries). It seems like now a days people overseas believe or at-least think, that once you marry a Canadian Citizen you automatically gain access to Canada and Citizenship to live here. It does not work like that. Please read the information on the site at the Related Links carefully.

Let me try to break it down for you a simple as possible.

1. If you are coming from another country and entering Canada (when not a Canadian Citizen and/or born in Canada) you will need a Travel Visa. Travel Visas last for 6 months which allows you to reside in Canada for 6MONTHS ONLY and are only allowed to be used ONCE. (If you leave Canada and return you will have to RE-APPLY for it again.). You CANNOT WORK, go to SCHOOL or visit a DOCTOR using a Travel Visa. If you would like to gain PERMANENT RESIDENCE, you will have to apply for a PR-Card (Permanent Residency Card) which will grant you permanent living in Canada. Please be advised that you need to be accepted and have a clear background history and have an ELIGIBLE reasoning in why you are coming here (Ontario, Canada) to live. (Marriage/Family/Work/Schooling) are common reasons, but don't automatically gain you success/entry.

2. If marriage and/or Family is the reasoning your spouse living in (Ontario, Canada) would have to send invitation, and show documentation including; PROOF of Marriage license, Income status, residency and background check information in order to even have approval. When all is completed and you are granted access you will be sent a card which allows you to enter/leave to and from/live in Canada permanently. (please be advised that this whole process doesn't take a week nor a month, where in some cases may take as much as 90 business days)

3.Once living here for at least 2 years you will then need to apply for a SIN Card (Social Insurance Number). Which EVERY citizen in Canada requires in order to work in Canada. Whether its a simple McDonalds or Tim Horton's Job. Once again you will need the necessary documentations to have approval. Once you receive a SIN Card you are eligible to work in all of Canada.

4. A new law that passed a few years ago is : when leaving and entering Canada, every citizen who's birthplace was outside of Canada MUST obtain a Canadian Citizenship Card. In order to be eligible you MUST have been living here in Canada for at least 3years, know English or French as your official language, as well as knowing the basic facts about Canada and its Geographics (Which a test is given!). Once you pass your test and you are approved, the Gov' of Canada will ship you, your Citizenship Card.

*Recently a new law passed that even those (Canadians/Citizens) crossing from Canada over to the US through Boarder/Boating/Cruise ship/Bus/Train REQUIRE proof of residency & citizenship in order to go through customs and return to Canada. Even if your birthplace is Canada/and or the US!!!*

5. Please be advised that living in Ontario, Canada without a OHIP card (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) is not recommended. OHIP Cards are usually offered once you have been working and living here permanently (for more than 153Days). OHIP covers, your doctor visits, diagnostic services, treatment for illnesses and injuries as-well as hospital care. OHIP DOES NOT cover (prescription drugs, dental care, eye care/eye glasses or COSMETIC SURGERY) in which insurance covers (if offered at your workplace). If insurance does not cover, you pay the full estimate price. For example some Dental offices charge up to $300-$500 for a full cleaning and scaling without insurance. With insurance you are paying less than half or sometimes even nothing.

6. Lastly if you are planning on attending school, College/University to be exact you will be considered a INTERNATIONAL STUDENT which likely you are paying anywhere from double to triple the amount of an Domestic Student (*Student who's birth place was Canada and attended school in Canada all their life*). In some cases you may be able to apply for bursaries and student loans to help with your fees.

*Sorry If I scared you or made you feel stressed out but I tried my best to give you the rundown on as much information as possible on every little thing to do with Residency of Canada, Living in Canada and working/schooling in Canada*