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Can you explain simply why the Nazis hated the Jews?

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Putting it as simply as possible:

  • The Nazis thought that the German Jews were 'alien', 'un-German' and a 'corrupting influence' on Germany and that they were encouraging immorality.
  • The Nazis believed that the Jews were Communists (and that Communism was a specifically Jewish ideology).
  • There were strange conspiracy theories that claimed that the Jews were trying to achieve 'world domination'.
  • The Nazis said that the Jews were enemies of Germany, and that Jews and Germans were locked in a struggle to the death. (This was another of those conspiracy theories that many Nazis took seriously).
  • The Nazis believed that the Jews had made Germany lose World War 1.
  • The Nazis subscribed to racialist theories that claimed that the Jews were inferior to others.
  • However, Nazi Propaganda also portrayed them as very clever indeed, very dangerous and close to achieving world domination: the two don't even begin to fit.
  • With the start of World War 2 in September 1939 Hitler became obsessed with the idea that 'the Jews' had started the war.
  • Earlier, 'religious' hostility to Judaism had often demonized the Jews and painted them as sinister and evil.
  • Because some Jews were affluent and influential, they represented political positions in opposition to Hitler, and were targeted like others he saw as rivals.

All this was much more important than stories about what a Jew might or might not have done to Hitler in his childhood. There is no firm evidence that Hitler was anti-Jewish before about 1916. Beware of naive explanations.

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Because Hitler forced the Germans to believe that the Jews were responsible for all of their problems

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How did the Nazis feel about the Jews?

The Nazi's hated the Jews.

Who were the Nazis and how did they rule?

German soldiers lead by Hitler. The Nazis hated jews

Please explain for children why the Nazis hated the Jews?

The Nazis needed someone to blame for things which went wrong. For centuries Jews had been blamed, as there was no country to speak up for the Jews they were an easy target.

Why were Adolf Hitler and the Nazis jealous of the Jews?

Hitler and the Nazis hated the Jews; there was no jealousy involved.

Why are the Nazis so properly?

because they hated jews

Why did the Nazis mostly pick on the Jews?

because Hitler hated Jews and was bullied by the Jew!

Why was Adolf Hitler jealous of the Jews?

Hitler and the Nazis hated the Jews; there was no jealousy involved.

If the Jews had cooperated with Hitler would he have killed them?

Yes. The Nazis hated the Jews for what they were, not for anything that they did or did not do.

How nazies treatmeant of the Jews after 1941?

With cruelity. Nazis hated Jews enough to gas and burn them.

Why Nazis treated Jews people in that way?

Because Hitler hated them

Were the Nazis the first people to hate the Jews?

Hell no, many people hated Jews for thousands of years, mainly Christians hated Jews due to different religious believes.

Please would you explain for children why the Nazis hated the Jews?

The Nazis wanted to be voted into government, so they gave the coutry a common enemy, they blamed the Jews for everything bad, as the world was in a depression and many Jewish refugees had just come over from Poland. Jews were only less than 1% of the population and the Nazis were voted in.

What religious group and what party did the Nazis especially hate?

They hated Jews, and the communists

Did the Nazis hate only Jews?

No, the Nazis hated Jews, gypsies, Catholics, gays, people with mental and physical disabilities, and anyone else who wasn't "Aryan."

What problem were the Nazis trying to solve?

The Nazis were trying to solve the problem of having a bad race. Hitler hated Jews, as when he was a failing artist they were rich and he hated them. Other theories are that a surgeon on his mother was a Jew and she dies, and that the art teacher that sent him away was also a Jew. This is why he hated Jews.

Evidence that the Nazis hated the Jews?

A puzzling question as there is no controversy about that. See the related question.

What groups hated Jews in the 20 th century?

The Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan.

How did Hitler and his Nazi party lash out against the Jews?

Nazis hated the religion of Judaism.

Why did the Nazis hate Judaism?

I think you'll find that it was the Jews (that is people) that the Nazis hated and that they had very little knowledge of Judaism (the religion).

How did Hitler become involved with the Nazis party?

He became involved while he hated the Jews. In 1933.

What is the point of concentration camps?

Mainly to kill Jews, or anyone else Hitler/the Nazis hated.

Why didn't people help the Jews as Nazis were killing them?

Many were afraid; many didn't care, and some just hated the Jews.

What is the main reason that the natiz hated the Jews?

The Nazis hated the Jews because they were different. Adolf Hitler himself had a personal vendetta against Jews which he instilled in his loyal followers. This was the basis for so much of the blood shed.

Was the Holocaust discriminating?

oohhhhh very much so the Nazis wanted all of the Jews of Europe to die so only the German-aryan ruled Europe the Nazis simpaly hated Jews :(

Why is the Nazi symbol so feared and hated?

Because the Nazis killed the Jews during the Holocaust. No one wants to be killed like the Jews.