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A 16-year-old cannot leave home without parental consent unless they have been emancipated in some manner (marriage/court decree/etc). NO No, the legal age of majority with the exception of four states is 18. In Alabama and Nebraska it is 19, in Mississippi and Pennsylvania it is 21. No. In most Western countries and US states the age of majority is 18. Until you reach the age of majority, or are otherwise legally emancipated, you need your parents' or guardian's permission to move out.

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Q: Can you move out at 16?
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How old do you have to be to move out in Sydney Australia?

16 16 16

Can you move out of your house at 16 if you are pregnant?

can you move out your person house with out consent if your pregnant and your only 16

What if im 16 and pregnant and needs to move out can you?

Yes if your 16 you can move out, I'm sure of it :L

Can you move in with your boyfriend if you are sixteen and pregnant?

can you move out at 16?

Do you have to be emancipated to move out from your parents at the age 16 in Alberta?

Do you have to be emancipated to move out from your parents at the age 16 in alberta?

Im 16 and i have a baby can you move out?

yes, you can. It is leagal for a female to move out at the age of 16 with a child. But! Can you provide for yourself and the baby if you move out?

Can you legally move out when you are 16?

no. you should be 18, but if you are emancipated by 16 you can.

In Virginia can you move out at 16?


Is it legal for a 16 year old to move out in nsw?

No it is not legal to move out at 16. Until you are an adult, your parents determine where you live.

Can i legally move out of my parents house without permission when im 16 in the state of Oklahoma?

Yes, you can move out after you turn 16.

If you are 16 can you legally move out and live with your boyfriend who will be 20 if you are emancipated?

Yes at 16 you can move out in most parts of the world. And you can stay with your boyfriend .

State of Georgia can you move out at 16?

I'm pretty sure you have to be 18 to move out. That is the legal age (to be considered an adult). 16- minor

Can you move out at the age of 16 in Manitoba Canada?

No you are not allowed to move out at 16. Of course, if the parents give permission is would be okay.

Can a 16 year old move out on her own and be empanicpation from there family?

In several states you can apply for emancipation by the court at 16 but not in all of them. Unless you have parental permission or is emancipated you can not move out at 16.

What age can you move out in Indianapolis in?


Can a 16 year old move out legally without parents consent if age of consent is 16 in NC?

The age of consent is not 16 in NC. If you move out, you are a runaway. Wait until you are 18.

If you get a 16 year old girl pregnant and you are 16 also can she move in with your family under law?

A minor can not move out without parents consent.

Can a 16 year old move out with parental consent in NH?

No, they cannot move out at age 16. Parental permission is required until you are an adult.

If you are 16 and your dad says its ok for you to move out but your mom says no can you still move out?

no you can not

If you are 16 and pregnant can you move out in Alabama if being verbally abused?

you have to move with a adult

When was Begin to Move created?

Begin to Move was created on 1993-12-16.

Can you choose where to live in mighigan at 16?

Can you choose to move with a friend at 16 in Michigan?

Can a 16 year old move out in nebraska?

you have to be older than 16.. legally

Can a 16-year-old leave home and move in with a friend?

Can you move out at age 16, without parents permition? can a 16year old leave home

If a 17 year old moves out with his parent consent can they make him move back?

no they can not make you move back in if you are 16 or older, if you are under 16 then yes