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You have from when you sign the document to when you accept the vehicle in Texas.. Once you sign off on the Aok form, you are the owner now. No unless the deal was made away from the dealership like at your house in Nebraska then you would have 72 hr. Lets make this simple: The contract binds the one selling to sell, and the one buying it to buy...according to the terms you both agree to and are contained in it. READ YOUR CONTRACT (that thing you signed and initialled all over that you agreed with the promises you were making, understood them, knew someone else would act on them, etc.). It is possible that the dealer allowed some possibility of return (baring lemon law issues which take months, if not years, to develop), int he agreement...but normally it also includes that yu would pay paperwork, titles, taxes, cleaning/restocking...etc that are incurred (which is clearly more than reasonable for them having acted on what you wanted and your changing your mind). No car sales contracts are not recindable...and they may not be complete until some other event, like inspection or such....but if you have been given allowed to take the the vehicle by the dealer, and you accepted it...its more than certain that the deal is done!

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Q: Can you return a car after purchasing and signing the papers within a certain amount of time?
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