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Can you run straight pipe after the converter if you leave the single exhaust pipe on a Triton 5.4 without damaging valves?


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2015-07-15 18:45:29
2015-07-15 18:45:29

Yes you can and it would not hurt anything, ford likes to make people beilive that you cant do this stuff because it will hurt the enigine and on and on and on, but it is bull, In fact I have a 99 ford f150 4x4 with the 5.4, I have 2 striaght pipes on mine front he cats back and have had no problems in the last 75,000 miles they have been on it, and it will increase your horsepoer and torque too, and it is not too loud either just gives it a nice deep loud tone.


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You cut it off of the exhaust system and replace it with a straight piece of exhaust pipe Know that it is illegal to remove a converter without replacing it with a new one.

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The torque converter or the catalytic converter? The torque converter is inside the bellhousing that connects the engine to the transmission. The catalytic converter is inline of the exhaust pipe ahead of the muffler; it's probably the first bulge in the exhaust. Removing your catalytic converter is illegal and if your state has a vehicle inspection your car won't pass without it.

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no. the catalytic converter system is there for a reason. it is reducing the impact of emissions on the environment.yes. you can but your vehicle may not pass emission standards in your state check before you remove it.

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take the catalytic converter off. you can punch the guts out of the converter so you have a pipe to got back on the exhaust.

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Yes, the Taurus can run without the catalytic converter--it is not necessarily good for the engine, but disconnecting it will cause it to fail emissions testing. If you've seen the Honda Civics running around smoking like a factory, this is caused by no electrolytic converter. The O2 sensor could be in the exhaust pipe between the manifold and converter.

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