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Can you substitute apple sauce for oil butter or margarine in a recipe?

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It's might be better to substitute oils, butter and margarine with applesauce in oil-based baked goods like muffins and breads, or moist cakes. Substitute applesauce one for one with the oil, and it helps to add in 2 tablespoons vegetable oil. They say a little oil goes a long way in contributing to a better taste and texture. I've done this a few times with a zucchini bread recipe that calls for 1/2 cup of oil. I use 1/4 cup oil and 1/4 cup applesauce and the bread tastes great.

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What can be used as a substitute for one stick of butter in a cookie recipe?

An equal amount of margarine (not the soft spread stuff) Margarine (1 cup), Crisco, Vegetable Shortening (1 cup), Vegetable Oil or Apple Sauce are all good substitutes for butter.

What could you use instead shortening?

You can use butter, lard, cooking spray or stick margarine as a substitute. Depending on the recipe, you could also use either apple sauce or prune puree.

Can you substitute apple butter for apple jelly?

Apple jelly is going to be slightly sweeter and not have the same consistency as the apple butter. Depending on what it is doing in the recipe and the amount the butter may have a little more flavor.

Can you substitute apple butter for applesauce in a recipe?

No, apple butter is too different, it would just liquefy under heat, and leave a bad taste.

Can apple sauce be substituted for margarine in cookies?

In sweet baked goods, substitute applesauce or pureed fruit for oils, butter or margarine. As a general rule, you can use a cup of applesauce or fruit for every cup of oil or butter.

Can you substitute applesauce for butter in a cake recipe?

Depends on the cake recipe; pound cakes or Victoria sponges rely on their fat content to tast right. Don't substitute apple sauce in these. For other cake recipes, you should be able to substitute 1/3 of the fat for apple sauce - you may need to reduce the quantity of any other liquids in the recipe (since apple sauce is far more liquid than butter).

Is there a good fat-free alternative to the oil or butter used in cookie and cake mixes?

Yes. You can substitute apple sauce in an equal volume for any dessert recipe that requires a fat like butter, margarine, oil, or shortening. It is almost the same and can be very healthy.

Substitute for vegetable oil for making waffles?

Canola oil, olive oil or melted margarine. Or even apple sauce depending on the recipe and what you are making.

Can you substitute applesauce for apple butter in a pie recipe?

yes... if you want your guests to get incredibally ill of deadened taste buds!

Can you substitute apple jelly for apple butter for a chicken marinade?

If you are following a recipe that calls for Apple butter then no...you can't use apple jelly...different, texture, different taste, different ingrediants but if you are creating your own recipe then yes you can use whatever you like...just be prepared because creating your own recipe will make it your fault if it comes out nasty! However the only way to learn is to try!

What can you use to substitute butter?

There are a lot of things you can substitute butter with. You can use margarine, apple sauce, and even pumpkin. What I like to do when I'm baking muffins is take my dry ingredients and instead of adding eggs or butter I use a can of pumpkin. It makes the muffins extremely moist and delicious, and a lot healthier.

Can you substitute apple sauce for vegetable oil in a recipe?

You can substitute it in for vegetables in the process of making brownies.

Is apple butter better for you than jelly?

It really depends on the recipe.

Can you substitute applesauce for margarine in cookies?

Yes! 1/3 cup of unsweetened applesauce equals a margarine stick. You can also use sweetened apple sauce but you have to use less sugar than what the recipe calls for. In some recipes you might need to use less fluids (i.e. water, milk, juice) when using apple sauce.

How do you make an apple pie on harvest moon DS?

This is an Oven recipe! Apple + Egg + Butter + Flour = Apple Pie!!!

Can you substitute apple cider vinegar for apple cider in a recipe?

I wouldn't. It will turn out more bitter than you expect.

Can you substitute apple sauce for butter in a fruitcake recipe?

No. Baking a cake involves chemical reactions between the ingredients. The fats in the butter are intended to interact in certain ways with the other ingredients - and this won't happen with apple sauce. This is not to say that the end result would be inedible - it might be - but it won't be a fruit cake.

How do you substitute applesauce for butter in cake mixes?

Depends on the cake recipe; pound cakes or Victoria sponges rely on their fat content for taste and texture, so it's better not to substitute apple sauce in these. (The result is slightly doughy and damp if any apple sauce is added.) It's also better not to substitute in chiffon cakes, since apple sauce weighs down the batter instead of letting it rise the to the volume that it's meant to. For other cake/muffin /biscuit recipes, you should be able to substitute 1/3 of the fat for apple sauce (i.e. add 1/3 of the weight/volume of fat as apple sauce, and add the remaining 2/3 of the fat as butter) - you may need to reduce the quantity of any other liquids in the recipe, since apple sauce is far more liquid than butter. Adding the same quantity of liquid can result in a really soggy cake.

Can Buttermilk be substitued for oil in baking a cake?

No, your cake will have a strange texture. You can substitute mayo or apple sauce for oil though. You could even use butter, but I am guessing you are trying to get a low fat recipe?

How much applesauce do you use to substitute for butter?

.....in home ec our teacher told us to use the same amount of apple sauce as the recipe calls for butter...but that was for cakes, like porous bakes, cakes, some cookies etc...i know that you can also use bananas instead of butter too.

Where can you buy apple pie in Harvest Moon DS?

You cannot buy premade Apple pie in harvest moon ds. You will have to make it yourself! Here is the recipe! (This is an oven recipe) Apple + Egg + Butter + Flour = Apple pie

What is the best tasting apple pie recipe for diabetics?

Aric Ross's diabetic apple pie recipe on the official Food website is quite delicious. The recipe calls for apples, Sweet-n-Low, cornstarch, cinnamon, low-fat margarine, and pie crust.

Can you use apple sauce instead of butter?

Yes, applesauce can be used to replace butter when cooking. Applesauce is commonly used as a healthy substitute for butter and oil.

How do you make apple pie in harvest moon ds?

This is an Oven Recipe All you have to do is put Apple, Egg, Butter, and Flour in the oven. Then you will have Apple Pie.

Can you substitute lemon juice for apple juice in a receipe?

No, lemon juice is sour and apple juice is sweet. They would completely change the recipe.

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