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Can you swap a ax4n tranny for a ax4s in an 96 Taurus gl 3l?


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read this


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it is a fairly simple swap motor mounts should be the same you can use the same tranny if you like or not mounts are the same

If you are swapping the Vulcan OHV engine, it will work without issue. If you are attempting to swap the Duratec DOHC engine, it will bolt in, but the computer will not be capable of running the engine.

No, won't work. The transmissions might possibly bolt up, but because the the 4f50n is electronically shifted it won't work. The 4f50n also has thicker drive shafts and will not line up with your car.

Cost? 1200 for a rebuild. if your doing a swap go with a VG30 transmission, its much stronger and the adapter can be purchased for ~$100

No you cannot swap a 94 into a 96 626 and vice versa. But you can use a 96 Ford Probe transmission in a 94 626. Check for a list of transmissionsin your area. The listing will show alternative vehicles that the same tranny came in. I use it all the time when hunting compatible parts.

With the 2.0 and 2.1 the only tranny that will swap is from the 2.0 or 2.1

Not for fitment issues but the WRX tranny is considerably weaker than the STi tranny and the extra power from the STi engine stands a good chance of causing a failure in the WRX tranny (especially the weak 2nd gear).

Only if you also swap out the transmission because of the gear ratio in a v6 tranny is lower causing your engine to rev high

yes the tranny from a 2.8/2.9/4.0 have the same bolt pattern.

i put a ej20 turbo out of a 02 wrx in mine and it worked out great for me make sure you swap the tranny as well its much stronger than the tranny in a 95 impreza l unless yours is only fwd then you will have to use your tranny

i wouldn't do it, it can be done with alot of money and time and modifications, but not worth it.

Yes, you can! it's a popular swap actually and it bolts right up.

automatic or manual doesnt matter because that's talking about the tranny. ONLY swap a camshaft if its the EXACTsame engine.

I don't know about the years in questions, but in regards to a straight swap, the answer is no. Since you are going from Auto to Manual, you also have to swap the tranny.

Because of the number of parts for clutches, linkage, and clutch hydraulics I recomend you buy a manual car and swap the pars from one to the other. I have done V8 engine swaps easier than this is going to be.

you can do the swap to the 3400, the 3.1 and the 3.4 can use the same tranny, but there are a few parts from the 3.1 in which you will be needing to use, look on v6z24 or for full details

It can be done over a weekend for someone that's done an engine swap before.

plug and play swap, engine mounts works and so will the tranny. must change ecu and wiring harness with the swap, which will require removing the dashboard.(that's the hardest part) ..for more info on that swap go to this link -freebsdkid

There Several Swaps that can be done to the ZX3 Focus . Kugel Komponets offers a V-8 Swap to put a 5.0 or a 351 Windsor. To do so it must be converted to Rear Wheel Drive. I have also Seen a 2.3 Turbo Swap from a mustang.also Rear Wheel Drive Some Swaps to do and Keep it Front Wheel Drive would be: A SVT engine swap which can be done with little modification,A V-6 Cougar Swap, A Duratec Swap, a Sho Taurus Swap. Others can be done if u wanna pioneer a design.

it would be a really hard swap to go from the 2.8 to a 3.8. one the 2.8 is a 60 degree motor and the 3.8 is a 90. i am going to swap the 2.8 for a 3.4 because as far as power the 3.8 isn't much more powerful than the 3.4 and the 3.4 is a very straight forward swap almost everything is interchangeable.

You are probably best off to stick with another 83 tranny. However, if you cannot, check with a wrecking yard that works with Honda's a lot. They have interchange books that can give you the information you want. From personal experience (I owned an 82 Prelude and an 84 CRX), Honda changed a lot of things every year in the early 80's, and it may not be possible to do a simple tranny swap. You may have to change the engine and transmission as a unit.

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