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One suggestion would be, don't replace parts until you know what's wrong. Use a code scanner to see what the computer has stored. It probably knows what's wrong and is willing to tell you. If you have compression and the engine wasn't physicall damaged, it could be fuel or ignition. You'll have to use some diagnostic skills to figure out which.

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Q: Car died wont start driving home from work in cruise control about 65mph when the engine lost power and died have a 1991 ford probe gt with turbo 2 2l you replaced the ignitor any suggestions?
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What causes a engine to shut off while driving and will not start back up in a 1994 Acura Integra?

ignition control module also called the ignitor No it is not the ignitor. An ignitor helps start the car however it does not keep the car running.

where is ignitor located?

how do i find and trest my ignitor

92 Toyota camery Car stop running while driving?

i have the same problem i replaced the ignitor and that didnt fix it then i replaced the distibitor and that didnt fix it but some one told me that it could be the temp sensor and failer to the button contact in the distribitor cap or module pick up or failer of the ignition control module if any of them don't help id take it to ya Toyota dealer and get them to check it out for u mate u

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what does the ignitor assembly do on a 87 toyota 4runner(22re)

Where is the ignitor located on a 1989 Dodge colt?

A ignitor, also known as a spark plug is located by following the wires from the distributor cap which is connected to said ignitor(s)

In a 1984 Toyota Supra where is the control module or ignition module?

The Ignition control module is located under the coil which is on top of the driver side wheel well, Commonly known as an ignitor.

93 Camry has been cranking up but turns on when it wants got a diagnostic and said the ignitor could be it also could the gas filter be a problem as well because the ignitor cost 400 bucks?

Having same issue on my 93 Camry - got diagnostic, replaced distributor had same problem, another diagnostic, replaced ignitor, having same problem, dies while driving. Any new ideas? We are having the same issue too with our 1994 Camry, 6 clyinder. A mechanic has changed the fuel pump, mass air sensor. Then he thought maybe the ignitor. So I bought one on EBAy (i know risky) since we are getting in deep on this issue. Anyway the ignitor did not fix it either. From what I see here on the internet I'm going to check out the fuel pressure regulator. They say to check the vacuum hose that comes off the top of the regulator. If the hose has gas in it then the regulator is bad. That is the next thing I'm going to check. I will let you know what I find and please let me know if you get any results.

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what is an ignitor module

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93 Camry is stalling while driving have done diagnostic and replaced distributor then replaced ignitor but car is still dying?

Most common possible problems: 1. Ignition coil faulty 2. EGR valve clogged/sticking 3. Engine Coolant Temperature switch malfunctioning 4. Vacuum leak Also check fuel pressure, hot and cold, to determine if fuel filter is clogged and/or fuel pump is faulty.

Where is the igniter on a 1993 Honda Accord lx?

Igniter? Please elaborate as I am not familiar with the term ignitor on a gasoline engine, and do not understand what you are referring to. Within the oem distributor, there is an oem electrical ignitor($70). It is a very common issue and problem with 93 honda accords... it can be replaced and the rest of the oem distributor is useable and salvaged, so dont throw it away! or listen to anyone that says the car is not getting spark and that the entire distributor is bad or the coil is bad, only replace with an aftermarket ignitor/distributor as a last option.

Where is the ignitor on a 1992 Mazda 626?

in the distibutor

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No spark on 90 integra?

the electronic ignitor on the distributor is fryed.. chances are the distributor is taking them out, replace the ignitor and the distributor, but before this, make sure you didnt break your timing belt...

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Where is the ignitor located on a Toyota T100?

On the 1994-2000 Toyota T-100, the ignitor is located under the hood, on the passenger side, towards the front of the vehicle, near the mass air flow meter. On 4-cylinder models, the ignitor is mounted on the same bracket as the ignition coil. On V6 models, the ignitor is separate from the coils (because the V6 uses individual coils for each cylinder), but the location is the same - passenger side/front, near the air mass sensor.