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If it says the 3 cylinder is having trouble why are you worrying about the fuel pump? Check the plugs and wires.

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Q: Check engine light is intermittent code says misfire on 3 cylinder new fuel pump twice cleaned injectors any ideas 2002 Nissan sentra se-r?
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Do fuel injectors involve misfire?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but I BELIEVE if the fuel injector is restricted so that the proper air - fuel mixture is not getting to an engine cylinder , that an engine cylinder misfire can occur ( that is only one of the causes of an engine cylinder misfire )

How do you solve a PO302 code on a Jeep Liberty?

p0302 is cylinder 2 misfire, you need to fix the cause of the misfire. Possible causes are plugs, coils, injectors......

What is obd code p0304?

Cylinder #4 misfireCylinder #4 misfire

What does the error code P0302 mean?

Cylinder #2 misfire.Cylinder #2 misfire.

What is random cylinder misfire?

It means that more than one cylinder has a misfire history. PO301 would be cylinder number 1 misfire. PO302 would be number 3 cylinder misfire.

What causes an occational misfire on cylinder 3 4 and 5?

Usually the occasional spark plug that needs to be cleaned and gapped.

2001 Chrysler town and country check engen light code po300 po303 po306?

po300-Random/multiple cylinder misfire detected. po303-Cylinder no. 3 misfire detected. po306-cylinder no. 6 misfire detected po300-Random/multiple cylinder misfire detected. po303-Cylinder no. 3 misfire detected. po306-cylinder no. 6 misfire detected

What is engine code P300 for 2002 dodge ram 1500?

P0300 multiple cylinder misfire. You need to check plugs, wires, coils, injectors........

What does code p0303 mean for 2003 Chrysler pt cruiser?

Cylinder number three misfire.Cylinder number three misfire.

What is code P0304 on a Chrysler PT Cruiser?

Misfire detected in cylinder number four.Misfire detected in cylinder number four.

How do you diagnose spark problem with 97 Chevy cavalier ODB2 p0300 random misfire even after changing plugs wires coil pack ignition control module so I ask What next?


What vehicle identification numbers have the engine misfire for the 2005 Chevrolet Colorado?

Stop by there are different people that have had that problem. you can probably message them personally and see how they got to that problem. P0300= Random/ multiple cylinder misfire detected P0301= Misfire detected- cylinder #1 P0302= Misfire detected- cylinder #2 P0303= Misfire detected- cylinder #3 P0304= Misfire detected- cylinder #4 p0305= Misfire detected- cylinder #5 P.S. These are Diagnostic trouble codes, not vechicle id numbers.

What is code P0300 Random Misfire Detected P0302 and P0303 on a 2000 Toyota Tundra?

Random misfire, cylinder 2 misfire, and cylinder 3 misfire. see related question below.

What does trouble code 0304?

P 0304 (M) CYLINDER #4 MISFIRE Misfire detected in cylinder #4

What is Lincoln LS misfire code P0308?

Misfire in Cylinder No. 8.

How do i tell which cylinder is the right cylinder for a 2012 Kia Rio for checking misfire on cylinder 4?

What might cause cyl misfire on 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?

the misfire my be caused by improper sparkplug gaps or bad injectors

What does error code p0301 means for a Ford Taurus 2003?

P0301 is cylinder number one misfire detected.P0301 is cylinder number one misfire detected.

How do you fix codes P0301 and P0304 on a dodge dakota?

Cylinder 1 and cylinder 4 misfire.See related question for more info.Cylinder 1 and cylinder 4 misfire.See related question for more info.

What is the problem code p0308 on 01 durango?

Cylinder #8 misfire.See related question below.Cylinder #8 misfire.See related question below.

What does P0302 mean for a 04 Dodge truck?

Misfire on cylinder #2See related question below.Misfire on cylinder #2See related question below.

Can a bad crankshaft sensor cause a misfire?

An intermittent crankshaft sensor will not let the engine fire the correct times. This can definitely cause a misfire for the engine.

Code po300 on a Kia Sportage?

answer : Random Misfire

What does the error code P0302 mean on a 2003 Dodge Ram?

P0302 (M) Cylinder #2 Misfire Misfire detected in cylinder #2

SES light is on code is for a misfire in cylinder 1 So I replaced plugs wires o2 sensor coil pack IAC valve fuel injector and had my fuel system cleaned what can it be?

There are numerous things that can cause a misfire, see related questions below.