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No they simply had no military force or will available to them at the time.

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Q: Could the League of Nations have prevented the aggressive actions of Germany Italy and Japan?
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What aggressive actions by European and Asian nations threatened world peace between 1930 and 1937?

The Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931The invasion of Abbysinia by Italy in 1935The re-militarisation of the Rhineland by Germany in 1936All these were aggressive actions, but whether they threatened world peace is debatable.

What were Germany's aggressive actions between 1938 1941?

concentration camps, and death camps

Which nations actions caused the US to fight in world war 1?


What were Hitler's Germany's aggressive actions prior to the start of World War II?

His actions involved growing Germany's military, creating air forces, and expanding land that was taken away from them.

What were the various aggressive actions of Hitler's Germany prior to the start of World War 2?

His actions involved growing Germany's military, creating air forces, and expanding land that was taken away from them.

Which actions on the part of Germany and Italy created conflict and led to requests for the League of Nations to intervene?


What three nations used aggressive actions before World War 2?

Grmany, (Hitler) Italy, (Mussolini)and Japan. (military/government officials)

What actions taken by the league of nations revealed its inability to control the aggressive moves of japan Germany and Italy?

The decline of the League of Nations in the 1930s reflected the inability of Britain, France, and the United States to oppose the increasingly nationalist-imperialist and militaristic trajectories of Germany, Italy, and Japan. The post-1919 international order that resulted from the Treaty of Versailles was fragile, and the league embodied that fragility.

What contributed to the success of aggressive nations in the 1930s?

The weakness and un willingness of the european powers and others to react and commit to military actions as a result of the first world war

What is the definition of aggressive?

Aggressive usually means characterized by force, invasion, or hostility.(aggressive actions)It can also be used for actions that are assertive or vigorous.(aggressive campaign, aggressive treatment)Anything that has a characteristic of aggression. It is an inclination to act toward something or someone with an actively hostile or vigorous mannerism.

How did Germany violate Treaty of Versailles?

Germany violated the Treaty of Versailles by rebuilding their military. A part of the treaty was that Germany was not allowed to have a large military because of their aggressive actions in WWI. They also violated the treaty by invading Poland on September 1, 1939.

What were some of Adolf Hitler's aggressive actions?

He fvcked people.

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