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yes it can the ceramic inside of it may have been damaged somehow. usually by having a accident from what i have heard. but my Lincoln does the same thing. its not going to be a major problem as long as you can bear the noise.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 15:21:09
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Q: Could the catalytic converter on a 92 Nissan pickup be the cause of a loud rattling noise while idling?
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Will a catalytic converter cause car to shut off while idling?

No, very doubtful.

What would cause a grinding or rattling sound when the car is idling?

Could be the heat shield on the catalytic converter May be a bad bearing in one of the belt driven accesories i.e. Water pump Alternator Belt tensioner Idler pulley etc.

What the symptoms of a bad flex plate in Chevy suburban?

loud rattling noise when idling.

Why is your Grand Caravan Idling rapidly when you start it and at stop lights?

Could be an exhaust leak close to the engine or a bad catalytic converter. It also could be a bad mass airflow sensor.

Can sparkling plugs affect the idling of Nissan 1400?

Yes, "sparkling plugs" is definitely detrimental to idling or smooth running of an engine

How do you fix a poor acceleration and idling problem?

I experienced poor acceleration in my '95 Chevy blazer, which eventually became so severe that when accelerating, the engine nearly stalled.It turned out that my catalytic converter was disintegrating, and choking off the exhaust so severely that the backpressure was causing engine retardation. I took the vehicle to a muffler shop, where they performed a backpressure test on the exhaust to diagnose the problem. After replacing the catalytic converter, the problem was corrected.

Why does a NISSAN PRIMERA automatic stall when IDLING?

Check your spark plugs and leads.

Nissan 240sx idling low while stopped?

it could be your timing is off

1995 f 150 - 351 - the idling speeds up and slows down fast and slow?

my first guess would be that it is your catalytic converter is plugged. Also,check the oxygen sensor. Also, the IAC (idle air control) may be at fault.

What would cause a 1999 Chevy Camaro to shake when idling and continue to shake when the car is first driven causing a bad odor and while it is shaking it will not turn off?

bad/partially blocked catalytic converter. - kind of a rotton egg smell, right?

Why would a 1986 Nissan pickup cut off when idling?

Vaccuum leak somewhere

Why might an '89 Honda Civic fail an emissions test 3 times because of high readings on idling after changing the O2 sensor and catalytic converter?

Depends on which of the readings failed. Was it CO (carbon monoxide), HC (hydrocarbons), NOx (nitrous of oxides), or a combination of them?

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