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According to some, the Negro tribes of Africa used to sell some of their own members into slavery, to the European explorer/traders, in exchange for goods. With the advent of emancipation, many Negroes returned to Africa and founded their own country, "Liberia." This country has had a long history of violence, human rights abuse and corruption. In some other African nations, there is still internal slavery to this day.


To be honest not sure who provided this answer but this is very detrimental response. Yes its true that the tribes in Africa traded slaves amongst each other.mainly in exchange of goods. Tribes of those times did not recognise themselves as one nation and the exchange of goods for slaves was a norm. You will note that slavery itself was a norm in old Briton and anywhere in the world before civilization hence the African tribes men where no different. That siad when they Europeans arrived at the shores of Africa, the tribes men traded with the Europeans for goods just like they would have done with their African counterparts. the said truth is that, the Europeans exploited the situations and today the normal African man is regarded as nothing but low. I believe you europeans need to check on your own integrity before questioning others

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Q: Did black people start the slave trade and why?
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it started because people wanted labour

How did the domestic slave trade of black women affect slave families?

Unfortunately, the slave trade of black women and black people in general was devastating to slave families. Most often, families were separated, and black women never saw their families again.

Who captured the black people in the slave trade?

It was the gypsy king from down the road

When did the African slave trade start?

the African slave trade stated in the 1600's

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Millions of people in total were in the slave trade worldwide.

When did the black slave trade end in America?

1865 is when Black slave trade ended in America. While January 1, 1808 was date for ending importation of slaves, the internal American slave trade (black slaves passed around within states) and involvement in the international slave trade or outfitting of ships for that trade by U.S. citizens were not banned.

Why did white people slave black people in America?

At the time, it was a business. Business' operate to make a profit. If there was no profit, the slave trade would have died out.

What effect did the triangular trade have on American society?

from the slave trade it brought many black people, thus we get African Americans

What does timberland tree logo mean?

It is the tree that white people used to hang black people on in the slave trade.

How did the slave trade start and continue?

Slave families were split up.

Why did Jefferson eliminate criticism of the slave trade from the declaration of independance?

because he liked black people

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They did not leave they where captured by Europeans and Americans and forced into the slave trade.

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Slave trade was when people would buy slaves and have them work on their lands.

What evidence is there of slave trade?

black people still have a feeling of wanting vengence against the people that captured and imprisoned their ancestors.

What year did the slave trade start?


Did the slave trade start in 1400?

yes it did

What were the causes of slave trade?

Slave trade was caused by the fact of black slaves were very cheap to purchase and they can produce a lot of money. They made a lot of profit, that's why the slave trade started.

What cause of the slave trade?

Slave trade was caused by the fact of black slaves were very cheap to purchase and they can produce a lot of money. They made a lot of profit, that's why the slave trade started.

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A slave trade is the business of buying and selling people for profit

When did the black slave trade happen?

before the holocost

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The Atlantic Slave trade was by far the largest slave trade in quantity of people transported. It was also the one with the longest sea voyage.

What was the average price f a healthy male slave at the start of the slave trade?


What was the average price of a healthy male slave at the start of slave trade?

el cucuy

Who started slave trade during the 1440s?

People enslaving other people has been around as long as humans have been around, for thousands of years. Slave trading did not START in the 1440s.