Do private chefs need liability insurance?

A Chef could need the coverage depending on the work environment. Self Employed or Employed.

If your a Chef working in the employ of another, the liability insurance requirement would fall on the employer and there would be no need for the Chef to buy it again.

If Self employed, you should probably have General Liability Insurance Coverage.

If you do need it, it would be called Professional Liability Insurance. Most companies would get this type of insurance for their chefs One question alluded to a client requesting proof of Workmen's Comp. insurance from a Self Employed Chef. In the State of Rhode Island, a sole proprietor does not need workman's comp. insurance for himself - only his workers if any. However, it would be prudent to carry a accident/disability insurance in case of accidents on client's property. The question of liability comes down to the fact that if the chef does not pay attention to the proper handling of food, people can get sick. Or they can also die depending upon if the person has a previous health problem. If health concerns are not attended to by the chef, he or she will have many problems. Cross contamination is a big problem in commercial kitchens as well as in home kitchens. The disability insurance is a good idea for injury. The liability insurance is an issue if the chef isn't handling the food correctly. It comes down to the training of the chef.