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Wedding Liability InsuranceYou can get a special event policy for under $300 depending on the size of your wedding and the budgeted cost. The best company I have worked with is Abacus Insurance. You can also get cancellation coverage. If the wedding is canceled due to weather etc, this ensures a refund of your deposits and some other coverage.

FYI-during my insurance classes my teacher told me of a wedding he attended where a woman got drunk left the wedding and was in a car accident. She sued the parents who hosted the wedding and won a million dollars. Be careful! Frivolous lawsuits have become a big part of our society.

Wedding Reception with Alcohol ServiceIn certain jurisdictions, such as in Canada, the law is quite clear. If a host allows a guest to drive away intoxicated, the host shares the criminal responsibility for the resulting accident, and can be charged with criminal negligence if anyone is injured or killed by the drunk driver.

Dry weddings are now the norm here.

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Q: Do you need liability insurance for a wedding reception?
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