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Do you need to replace the brake pads sensors everytime you replace the front pads on a 1987 420 SEL?


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2015-07-15 21:18:47
2015-07-15 21:18:47

Yes unless you want to see the light on the dash all the time.


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Check the front brake sensors. Replace them if they are worn out. Make sure you get the correct front brake sensors.

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If you are talking about the brake sensors then it is time to replace the front brake pads. You should also check the rears while you are at it. When replacing the front brake pads you will also need to change the sensors also.

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How to replace front brake pads on Mercedes s430

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You need to replace the brake pad sensors (there's only 2 - one for the front and one for the rear) and the light will reset itself.

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