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Arthropods have segmented bodies and exoskeletons. Some types of arthropods are crustaceans, insects, and arachnids.
Yes it can because some crabs are unique with there shells
No, actually they need to get out of water sometimes. BUT, they can only survive out of water for about 10min or less
An ant can go a mile before stopping.
Guinea Hens, Chickens, and Wild Turkeys.
Anti parasitic medication, like "Frontline" and "K-9 Advantics"keep ticks off of dogs. But cutting down long grasses and trimmingbushes and tree limbs keeps ticks from climbing onto the tips andgetting on your dog when it brushes by.
Yes a female black widow spider will kill and eat her mate.
Wolf spiders can be found in basements, but usually they make theirway there accidently. They prefer outside environments such asshrublands, woodlands and forests.
They lay eggs, which are sheltered from the cold weather by topsoiluntil spring. That's why you don't see many large bugs highernorth. The permafrost is too thick for them to dig through.
Spanish moth larvae cause damage by chewing gregariously on leaves,bulbs, and rhizomes of the host plants. Economic damage to liliesby Spanish moth has been noted by Biezanko and Guerra (1975),Bourquin (1935), Bruner et al. (1975), D'Angelo (1941), Figeiredoand Pereira (1944), Gundlach (1881),...
No, but they are hosts to certain protozoans, such as Ophryocystis elektroscirrha , which affects onlybutterflies. The monarch has a species defense against predators,which are toxic glycosides found in some parts of its body -- theseare unpalatable to predators.
They are just called eggs, what hatches from them are called larvaor larvae.
Yes a fly does, but it is so small that a naked eye can't see it.
the one stuck to my windscreen
Raise awareness, make posters and websites.
Answer . No it is the other way around. Seagulls eat crabs. . Answer . No it is the other way around. Seagulls eat crabs. .
They look like they are wet. Their wings are saggy. Butterfliestake time to let their wings dry out so they can fly.
In general insect blood is colorless, and it is because they do not have hemoglobin to carry oxygen. However, there is an exception. Larvae of a fly that live in water with very low oxygen levels do have hemoglobin and their blood is red. The hemoglobin does the same thing for them as it does for us...
if it was me i would kill it but for my gf she would put it on her shoulder and watch it fly away
one of the places that you can find a beetle is when you go inside the pyramid of the sun. When you get to the people, turn left to the blocked doorway. It will be behind the block on the far right. Also you can find one on the right of the library. Just past it. Sorry haven't found anymore. ill...
The orchid mantis is an rare insect that can be found only on whiteflowers. When disturbed, it flies away into the air with a buzzingnoise. It is slightly similar to the mantis in appearance, and isfound more frequently in sunny weather. When approached, the orchidmantis will raise its head in...
If you're keeping mantises, you just need to put them together forthem to mate. If the female becomes aggressive or the male runsaway, take the male out and try again the next day. Remember not todisturb them. Also, when the male dismounts from the female, removehim from the enclosure.
It all depends on how much other fish you have in the tank. Oscarsneed a lot of room so if there's tons of other fish in there itcould cause problems. But if you have a couple it would be fine. Ifits a male Oscar its probably best you don't have them in a tankwith any other Oscars. I volunteer at a...
The praying mantis in the wild is not usually cannibalistic as part of the mating ritual. It is only in captivity that they turn cannibal. One of the reasons for this is that in captivity, they are often not given a sufficient amount of food to support the egg case.. To prevent mantis mating...
Try how you jumped in dare devil 1, if that doesn't work, trypressing A twice fast.
from a long time ago. they are enchanted
yes so quit with the butt secks
Unsegameted worms offen are larger and their shape makes them morepopular since flat worms aren't noticed so the more popular themore advance.
If you are referring to MayDay Parker, Peter's teen daughter, she is 15 or 16...still in highschool. Hope that helps :) ~Emily
antennas, eyes, mouth. If that didn't answer your question look upbutterfly anatomy :)
It depends on how long it lives, but an efficient flower sometimescreates a few hundred joules a day. That's about 50 calories, butthe plant eats most of these for itself.
They are called scavengers or detritivores.
the answer is simple you can not just overcome a reaction, it likeif you wanted to get rid of you nose (This is just an example) youcan't get rid of your nose because it is part of your body. thatreaction is part of your body you cant just overcome reactions likeyou overcome fear. you can overcome...
Common habitats of segmented worms are noermally around dirt.
Everyone who is stung by a honeybee will have some sort of allergic reaction which could vary from slight irritation of the skin to death in a worst way scenario - but that is very unusual. If your reaction is more than just pain and mild swelling in the area of the sting, you should seek...
The ladybug's head is round and thin and includes theladybug's mouth, eyes, and antennae.
Mosquitoes primarily feed on nectar from flowers. Both males and females will feed in this manner, sucking the nectar through a proboscis, much the same as a butterfly does. However, the female is also capable of drinking blood, an act called haematophagy. Females do not require blood to survive,...
no!, as their name suggests they live in salt water.
It sounds like you could be describing the Daring Jumping Spider.
Yes it is it is very poisonous to termites
Japan and Chinese culture eat meal-worms
of course wolf spiders are endangered...
Tsetse flies carry trypanosamiasis (sleeping sickness). Thisdisease is incredibly dangerous and is nearly always fatal.
There are currently 928 species of tarantula described by science. Many more yet to be discovered.
Yes, some types of crabs eat clams.
Ants are known for crawling into peoples houses or picnics forfood. Some are known for their painful bite, and others are knownfor being pests in a persons yard.
It's too hard to explain in my answer, so just search for it onYouTube. There are tons of mission guides on YouTube.
A miniscule roach (or other insect) may be caught in the ear wax, or continue to crawl. However, the eardrum is usually too solid to be damaged by the tiny insect. The simplest treatment is a mix of alcohol and water (and possibly antiseptics) to flush it out. Warm urine is also a home remedy for...
no they are orange with black polkadots the caterpillers are yellow, back, white, and kind of a limy green stripes!
Your spider may be dying or dead, because spiders die with theirlegs curled up. Or maybe it is because there is no more hydraulicpressure in their legs. (Hydraulic pressure is what is used forspiders to jump, move their legs, etc.) Not sure about the abdomenthing though, sorry.
100 grams is, 1/5 pound or 3.5 ounces.
She can buy some little fish that will eat the mosquito larvae. I have White Cloud Mountain minnows.
Yes most are not deadly.
Many people asked themselves if it is really necessary to devein shrimps or not. It is a slow and long process to devein shrimps and this is probably one of the main reasons people will not devein them. According to James Oliver Cury a Epicurious Contributor (Food website).top chefs and most...
I dont think you can, but you can if you want to
A haribon also known as a Philippine Eagle lays eggs about twice ina year. However there are no evidences on this as it is acritically endangered animal.
Brown Widow Spiders. When the subject of dangerous spiders comes up, theaverage person usually thinks about the black widow spider.Their shiny black body with a prominent red hourglass marking onthe underside of the abdomen is an image that readily comes tomind..
"Redback spiders can be difficult to remove because mere sprayingof pesticides cannot kill redback spiders. Their hiding places haveto be identified. Brisbane Pest Control Specialists from Bob Gunncan correctly identiywhere redback spiders are hiding because theyknow the insect's life cycle and...
water spiders are found in the swamp zone of a pond (very close to the edge of the deep water zone). They are generally found where water lilies are growing....
Spiders are examples of animals that eat bees and wasps.
No they are two different things
Yes, I live on the just outside Birmingham AL and I found a blackwidow today while working on my house.
In order for a living organism to be classified as a vertebrate itmust have a backbone, a central nervous system that is partlyenclosed by this backbone, and also a muscular system. Silverfish are insects and crabs are crustaceans, bothinvertebrates, they lack a backbone.
what do butterflies hear with
If you were an ant one way that you could convince an anteater notto eat you would be to tell the anteater how terrible you taste.You could then entice him with an ant of a different color and lethim know how much tastier they are.
You gain more energy because you are not hungry anymore but prawnsgenetically they don't really do any thing to you, but if you don'tcook them then you are like eating worms and which can harm you
I think they come from krill,right i don't think so
The bees make honey that people use for food and other things.
If someone has difficulty breathing after a bee sting, they should seek professional medical help and not try and self medicate. They could go into anaphylactic shock which is potentially fatal.
In the summer they normally feed on the leaves, flowers and seedpods of boxelder tree or silver maple.
It depends on the type of tree but when honey bees (Apis Mellifera) are living in the wild, they will often build their nest inside a hollow in a tree which provides them with protection from the weather and some protection from predators. Some species of tree will have an abundance of nectar for...
Common Drugs and Medications to treats Scorpion Bites: 1) Centruroides (scorpion) polyvvalent antivenom intravenous 2) Anascorp intravenous *I would suggest looking at the side effects before use and(or)talk to your doctor about it so you can choose which one is mostappropriate for you*
You can get them at local hermit crab ( pet stores ).. You can get it at stores that sell hermit crabs.. ~~. Commercial brand foods for hermit crabs aren't good for them. Feed them a variety of food that you would eat. Food that you buy in the store has harmful preservatives and does not have enough...
no they are not, they don't even bite
Citronella is good or deet products to keep them away from you personally.
a different type of a carpenter bee
they have huge eyes covering 3/4 their face and are very fuzzy
From my experience, no. I've kept a few of them and studied them in the their natural habitat. They are not swimmers; remember that any creature that can't swim will not go into large bodies of water but they do drink water either from dew or small puddles. Most insects are the same way.
Most of them are. Some are docile, and some are vicious (but notharmful). Most of them can be handled even when they are wild.Beware though. Make sure you know which species you are dealingwith, because some will strike at you with their spiky littleforelegs. It won't hurt most of the time, but it...
They do this because MOST insects don't live a long life and so they lay there eggs at atone time.
Both have animal cells and a does not have a cell membrane.bothhave antenas and both have eyes that cover half their face and alsohave tiny multiple legs