Running and Jogging

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Running is a form of exercise where your primary physical action is moving at a brisk rate of speed on foot. Its origins began when early humans did this as a form of hunting for long distances. It later was introduced as a sport in ancient sporting events and religious festivals.
Someone is willing to pay to see you run.
yes if skip (stride) you can go a longer distance the running without skipping (strides)
Of course! Jogging (or running) is a great exercise, girl or guy!Just always listen to your body and don't over-do it. At the sametime remember that the more you push yourself, the better you'llget. Happy running!
Yes, but you lose fat from other areas too.
no because if u sweat your salt level in your blood decrease and if you drink too much water u will sweat more and your breathing and heart beat become faster so it is not healthy
not a lot of people do so i would not do
Jogging or running is cardio - which burns fat, and will also workyour stomach muscles, so yes, it could give you a flat stomach. Itdefinitely takes some hard work though!
Well, if you're a woman, trying to lose weight, some of thatweight will come off your breasts and hips. Can't be helped. . But there's nothing that makes the treadmill particularly bad.Whatever you'd done to lose that weight apart from liposuctionwould have had the same impact on your figure.
It depends on the distance that you are running not how long youwalk or run. Running a mile burns the same amount of calories aswalking a mile. Walking just takes a lot longer. 15 minute ofexercise burns around 90 calories. Hope that helps!
The "four-minute mile" was first broken on 6th May 1954 at the Iffley Road Track by British running athlete Roger Bannister, who completed the extraordinary feat in 3:59.04 (minutes:seconds). Come 2014, it will be the sixtieth anniversary of the amazing achievement. Since breaking the four minute...
you should really eat something healthy like a apple or a bannana I did that and I got 7:42 on my mile run
Running is important because it clears your mind especially whenyou have a partner
There is no way to categorize someone as being the fastest because of all the different distances that can be run. But the person who holds in the record time in the 100m is Florence Griffith Joyner.
Over a minute most likely. I would say anywhere under 2:00 minutes would be exceptional for someone under 10 years of age. To give you some perspective, I'm a senior in high school, and right now I could probably run a 400 in 48-52 seconds. I'm an extremely fit track runner, or at least I like to...
Answer is quite simple run fast !! Check out the schools track team on their web page, look at the best times if you are close to that... it's also about communication with the coaches. Show interest in the school and how you can contribute to the track team. Some schools even post the standards you...
any of the three can work but it should be done regularly.
It's OK, since it is "you" (as opposed to the trolls) who were "jogging in the forest."
This question could be answered if only it had also given either the width or the diagonal of the park. Knowing only the length of the park, the jogging loop could still be anything at all. Maybe there's some rule that relates the width of a rectangular city park to its length. We don't...
all out, the whole time. no use saving anything, its so short.
I can run 1/4 of a mile in a minute. How about you?
The average is probably about 16mph.
On September 27, 2014, Madison Denny (Female), age 10, ran a 5K time of 18:05 at the 2014, SoFit City Challenge in Fairfield, CA.
No, heavy breath usually means you are out of breath... Or you haveasthma.
By practicing running, you can get your speed faster.
It is 16.875 miles long.
Gee walks and jogs to college each day. He averages 5 km/h walking and 9 km/h jogging. The distance from home to college is 8 km and Gee makes the trip in 1 hour. He would have to walk for at least 5 km and jog for 3 km in order to reach the college in one hour.
Yes and no. Mostly yes, try to avoid the highly polluted areas.
heart gets stronger, cardio vascular health is better
It keeps a tempo and you unknowingly follow it, for novice runners,I recommend a little hip-hop, but not dubstep or anything like thatuntil you are experienced and can keep that kind of pace.
Runners have a slower heart rate because the act of running makes the heart stronger... with a stronger heart stroke volume is increased so the heart does not need to beat as much to fulfill its transportation needs
Yes. Rice, a major Asian nutrition component, is composed of simple carbohydrates, which are quickly metabolized by the human body to provide energy. With this abundance of energy, Asians, in theory, should be fast in the athletic seemed to work for Buddha!
Strides are 20 to 35 second sprints at your mile race pace, orroughly 85 to 95% effort. They help a running schedule after aneasy recovery run or before a big workout or race.
faster than a run or a jog but not quite a sprint
Haha :) - Shortest Shorts (for guys haha!) - Brightest Shoes (running shoes are usually really neon & colorful!) - Most Awesome Shoes - Best Costume - Most Fashionable Running Outfit - Ugliest Running Shoes - Most Bagels (etc.) Eaten for Breakfast on race morning - Craziest Hair That's all I can...
if you can burn 300 calories after running for 20 minutes then you can probably run 50 to 51 minutes to burn 640 calories
5 kilometers (or 5k) = 5,000 meters.
You're spending too much time on the internet, and not out training.
Walking and jogging are both aerobic activities that increase yourheart rate, burn calories, improve bone, muscular andcardiovascular strength, and prevent heart diseases. In most cases,jogging is a better exercise if your main goal is to burn caloriesquickly. The higher tempo you'll employ during a...
You should replace your running shoes every year.
Yes, you have because you have to run a complete lap around thestadium
yes. it all depends on your goals, base fitness, what you hope to get out of your half marathon experience, etc. i suggest running one long run a week (8 to 13 miles), with shorter runs during the week (4 to 6 miles per day).
On October 26, 2014, Matthew Stratton of Orange Park Florida ran a5k time of 19:02 in the 5k Pumpkin Run in Jacksonville Florida.Race can be verified at He has also run a 10ktime of 42:08 in the 2014 Gingerbread 10k Dash Dec. 06, 2014 in theWorld Golf Village in St. Augustine,...
A 160-pound person running at a 12-minute pace (5 mph) for 30minutes would burn 290 calories. It fully depends on your weightand how long you plan on jogging though.
Depends on what the definition of "untrained runners" is. There are a lot of different things you could mean by that. If untrained means people who are out of shape and don't usually run, I'd say they are very quick at the very beginning of their races/runs and wear them selves out very quickly. ...
try the couch to 5k. Google it and you can also download podcasts to your ipod. I just started it myself. I am running my 1st 5k this November.
If there are 1000 meters in a kilometer and a runner travels 125 meters per minute, that would mean the runner could travel one kilometer in 8 minutes (1000 / 125 = 8). If the runner is going to run 10 kilometers it would take (10 * 8) or 80 minutes to finish the 10 kilometers.
How far in miles per hour can the athlete run? Steve can run 3.5miles in 30 minutes. If Steve increases his rate by 1/2 mile perhour, how far will he run in 2 hours? Runner A crosses the startingline of a marathon and runs at an average pace of 5.6 miles per hour.
8k is just a little bit under 5 miles.
The amount of weight you lose in a week of jogging depends on many calories you take in and how many calories you burn jogging each day. The amount of weight you lose depends on the size of your calorie deficit. One pound of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories. In order to lose one pound of fat...
The number of calories that you burn while jogging depends on yourweight. The more you weigh, the more energy in the form of caloriesyour body must expend during activity. If you weigh 220 lbs. andjog for 15 minutes, you will burn approximately 175 calories eachday. If you weigh 140 lbs. and jog for...
If you stay in shape, your 40 yard dash time at age 40 should be just fractionally less than in your prime. I ran a 4.85 when I 23. When I was in better shape, 2 years ago at age 37, I ran a 5.05.
A teenager jogging would normally have a heart rate of 100 to 140.
Answer . 2.5 miles an hour is a modest pace.. Not at all. 2.5 is slower than walking. 8-10 is a gentle jog and 12-15 is a standard run.
The first person whoever moved 100 meters did.
Something with lots of protein, like peanut butter.
Distance runners must consume a great deal of energy throughout the day to stay healthy and benifit from their diet when running. They need to have a couple healthy snacks in addition to their three main meals. These snacks should include things such as almonds and fruit.
12 kilometers is 7.6 miles.
A raised road across low lying ground is called a causeway.
you run on the track and sometimes on the street and/or road
Brad walks and jogs to school every day. He averages 5 km hr walking and 9 km hr jogging. The distance from home to school is 6 km and the total trip takes 1 hour. This means that he walks about 3.75 km of the distance. \n6-x/9 + x/5 = 1 \n9x +30 - 5x = 45 \n4x = 15 \nx = 3.75 km
\n. \nJogging differs from running, as it suggests lighter exercise. What one person may consider a jog, another may consider a brisk run. Generally, however an average jog for men is about 10:30 per mile.
Eat a little before and eat after. Protein is probally the best thing to have after words, like a protein milkshake. It helps so you don't have to keep eating to regain energy.
Nope, but it makes it nicer and less saggy, so go for it.
Running or jogging offers many health benefits, running can: *help to build strong bones as it is a weight bearing exercise *strengthen muscles *improves cardiovascular fitness *burn plenty of kilo joules *helps to maintain healthy weights
An ancient Greek legend said that a messenger ran from Marathon to Athens after a battle victory without stopping. There is little evidence to substantiate this, but this distance is about 42km (26mi). When marathon running first became a sport, it started at about 40km (25mi), but was...
Wendy Trollope when she was 11
Can Mom jog is an English equivalent of 'Est-ce que Maman peut faire du jogging?'
yes any body can if they think they can push there self to and beleav and train really hard
If you are jogging at a pace of 5mph a person of average weight will burn around 200 calories.
It just depends how fast u run when I run it says I burn 90 calories