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Dental health or oral hygiene is the practice of keeping the mouth, teeth, tongue and gums healthy and clean through constant brushing and flossing to avoid gum disease and tooth loss. Practicing oral health must be a lifetime habit.
Peroxide is the main ingrediant in nearly all teeth whiteningproducts.
So you remove the plaque bacteria before you sleep. During sleep salivary flow is less and the bacteria just stays in one place. Saliva is a double edged sword: We need it to break down our food and keep bacteria flowing rather than stagnant, but at the same time saliva is filled with plaque...
Dental Hygiene is not only for your Oral health but it is necessary  for your over all fitness.   There are many reason to make your teeth clean some of them  are:    To prevent gum disease  To keep your teeth  To have a brighter smile  To prevent bad breath  To help maintain overall...
Do you mean after you've had your braces off? When you get your braces taken off the dentist removes most off the glue. Sometimes there is still some left. You can either ask the dentist to remove the extra glue again, which he would probably be "too busy" to do. Or like me just take a pointy metal...
We all deserve to be treated like a stars. And if you are waiting  for someone or some big, magical job or a part in a show to give  you permission to act like a star, you've got it all wrong. Nobody  is going to treat you like a star until you start treating yourself  like one first.
In brief: Not first choice   Cefuroxime is an antibiotic, but not the first choice for oral  infections because it is more effective against bacteria that  aren't found in abundance in the mouth. 
That means that the denture is not properly aliened and needs  correction, probably.
Generally, dentist takes good care of your teeth. A dentist is good for making sure your teeth are healthy and clean.
No, they do not have their upper front teeth. It's just gums.
ORAL CARE PERSONAL CARE FABRIC CARE SURFACE CAREOUR PRODUCTS Throughout the world, people like you trust our family of brands to care for the ones they love. From toothbrushes and toothpastes to bar soap, household cleaners, every day our products improve the quality of life for consumers...
it interests me because i want to be a dentist when i grow up
I don't think so I didn't have to pay for mine
it helps them because milk has calcium
  == Puppy Talk ==   As soon as you learn to bark. 
       C-reactive protein (CRP), an acute-phase reactant, has been  identified as a saliva-based biomarker of inflammation. The  objective of the study was to estimate and compare salivary CRP  levels in Hashimoto's thyroiditis (HT) and Subacute thyroiditis  (SAT). The study...
Most likely you have an abscess/infection. You should see your Dentist immediately.
4 braces might cost a lot. It mainly depends on the place you're  getting it from.
peroxide and baking soda, or baking soda and lemon
That tissue is called the maxillary labial frenum.
  The natural sugar contained in some apples is equivalent to a can of Coke. If you eat enough apples, just as if you drink enough Coke then yes, your teeth will eventually rot.   Yes, it can actually, there is type of acid inside any kind of apple and enough of it can make the enamel on your...
Neither, you will be sensitive for a while and do not drink coffee or tea for a while bc the stains will retrap themselves. I'm a dental assistant I'm just putting this in words for people outside the dental world to understand.
This was a phrase used by president Obama in his 2010 State of the Union Address. He was talking about the government financial bailout of Wall street and the major banks that occurred in 2009. He said nobody wanted it, but it was necessary and beneficial to prevent a complete breakdown of our...
Puppies have baby teeth like humans. As they grow they need larger teeth so he/she will grow permanent teeth soon.
No. The ER will only give you a prescription for an antibiotic or extract the tooth. Root canals are time-consuming elective procedures that are not appropriate for the ER setting. Besides that, most ER physicians are not trained in root canal procedures, and the ER is not equipped to perform root...
 As part of their classroom education, students will gain knowledge  in dental sciences and commonly used dental techniques. The  majority of dental hygiene certificate programs comprise core  courses in such subjects as:   Dental hygiene practice and theory  Local anesthesia  Dental...
Very carefully. Hope this helps.
Everyone has canine teeth unless they are congenitally missing (not born with them/ genetic factor).
Yes. Every child/adolescent growth rate is different. Wisdom teeth (third molars) can be seen on x-rays forming under the gum years before they actually erupt. This is not a serious condition. Your child is just ahead of the average growth rate.
I think it is just their trademark, and is just part of the name. I  do not believe there is a reason.
Orthodontists will want certain teeth extracted (usually premolars) to make more room in your mouth so they can align your teeth properly. Your mouth and jaw may be too small for all your teeth.
Average Hourly Pay: $77.24Average Annual Salary: $160,660The above is too low.
This one is not free but it's as close as you will get. It's called the Jefferson dental clinic and here's some info. Address: 1250 Garth RdBaytown, TX 77520(832) 572-5820Service: "If you don't have insurance, don't worry. Our Sonrisa Discount Plan is here to rescue you!We believe in giving everyone...
If the supernumerary tooth is in the area/close to the missing tooth, it may be possible, but unlikely. You would need an Orthodontist to evaluate this.
Best to avoid eating on it if you can. You run the risk of breaking it more. Once it breaks down to the gumline, it may not be able to be restored. Rec: Soft foods
Yes, listerine is great for killing oral bacteria. Its been tried, tested and proven.
Listerine is ADA approved for killing plaque bacteria.
  == Answer ==     You have me wondering why ANY dentist would putting a filling in a wisdom tooth instead of pulling it. If you still have a lot of pain from it and the tooth was filled it sounds like there was a crack in it and the root was/is exposed. You don't want to hear this but...
Yes, often the "baby tooth" central incisors are lost and the adult  ones grow in around age 7.
The easiest and simplest way to find out is to call them and ask  the person in the office who handles the billing. They can tell you  if they are a member of the insurance companies group, whether or  not they do the filing of the claim for you and whether or not the  demand payment up front...
Depending on the individual dentist, some work very few hours, such  as 20-30 a week, while others work 40-50 hours a week. Dentistry  allows dentists to choose their own schedule in most cases. It's up  to the dentist and how many patients he or she wants to see.
Your gums have swollen - see a doctor or dentist.
Flucloxacillin is used for treating bacterial infections in  children and adults. Flucloxacillin is also called Floxapen.  lucloxacillin is a commonly prescribed antibiotic medicine - get  trusted advice on its use, warnings and side effects. Even a mild  toothache can quickly turn deadly if you...
yeah its just a little more difficult for the dentist to put them in.
carbohydrates is a enriched media for bacteria , which colonized  and secret acids that cause cares
I have done a basic test by putting toothpast on a new microscope slide. Then I rub it around on the slide for 2 minutes which is the minimal time you should brush your teeth.I then examine the slide under a microscope. You could rub a stain on the glass such as methylene blue to make the scratcheds...
yes,since teeth also needs calcium to strengthen them
It's not necessary for you to get your wisdom  teeth removed if they are correctly positioned in your mouth and do  not cause any pain or dental problems. Visit  Wisdomteethsydney.com.au 
Tea, coffee, Red wine, effects teeth and make the teeth stains.
This is a common problem and most of the people are still searching  for its exact solution, to fix a broken tooth. It is quite tough to  get the porcelain crown into the exact position with superglue;  it's also a very dangerous process. Because once you have done this  you can't re-fix again...
E-max crowns are a type of all-all-ceramic crown with an appealingtranslucent colour which is combined with extra strength anddurability. This crown is made from a single block of lithium disilicateceramic: this is a top grade material which has been harvested forits toughness, durability and opaque...
Treatment requires oral surgery, slicing the gum, removing the pearl and stitchng up the gum. Local anesthetic is used. Painkillers for discomfort after.
 Broken braces (brackets)  Broken wires  Loose bands  Loose braces  Wires sticking out  
Orthodontic Pricelist. Adults From Fixed braces (Damon) -both arches. €3,760. Ceramic braces - extracost per arch. €300. Invisalign® Lite (14aligners). €3,300 - €3,900. Invisalign® Full. €3,900 - €4,900.
  My fifteen month old got his first one at the beginning of this week and is working on the rest right now.
  One who profession is the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases of the tissues compromising the mouth, especially the restoration, replacement of defective teeth.
The root canal is  a dental procedure which is used to repair damaged teeth. Sometimes  it takes a few days for recovery, but if you are having serious  pain or swelling after root canal treatment, then contact your  dentist as soon as possible to schedule next appointment. 
Teal and hot pink, purple and pink, neon pink and silver, orange and yellow, black and pink
electric tooth brushes were made in 21 malinum
The tooth fairy is your parents
  All fruits contains some (weak) acids and sugars, both of which will to some degree attack the teeth.
A dentist will usually tell you if you need braces or not.
  == Answer ==   working
The Cougar's canine teeth are three to four inches long.
http://www.uic.edu/classes/orla/orla312/INCISORS.htm here's a good website to use :)
When you are looking at the dental procedures, you will find that your dentist will use a rubber shield and protective gel to guard the soft tissues of your mouth. Then a plastic tray that has a bleaching substance like carbamide peroxide is going to be fitted into your mouth to do its work. You may...
It's probably your wisdom teeth. You should see the dentist about it if it becomes painful and bothering. My ones only started growing but they hurt so much! The dentist suggested I use some painkillers and I have to wait until it's fully grown so that it can be pulled out.
braces.... or invisilign
if braces should be take care teeth braces not cause root cancel
You can strengthen your enamel.You could use Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste.You can use Crest White-Strips, those work well. They can get expensive running a months worth for maybe 30 bucks. DO NOT buy the white light's unless you buy a good brand, as the T.V. one's are a bunch of bull.Watch your diet,...
  yes, Yeast infections do occur in the mouth and many times it is a direct result from the antibiotics the dentist prescribed the patient. However, dentist's she be aware that a patient with an oral yeast infection without having any prior use of antibiotics could have autoimmune diseases and...
It depends on the tooth, how many surfaces of the tooth are involved, what restorative material your dentist uses and the area in which you live. There is no way to give a specific dollar amount
Restorative dentistry is the study, identification and integrated  management of teeth diseases and their supporting structures and  the treatment of the dentition to functional and aesthetic  requirements of the individual. Aspects of restorative dentistry as  well as the other disciplines...
The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for dentists. All 50 States and the District of Columbia require dentists to be licensed. To qualify for a license in most States, candidates must graduate from an...
they might ask you what colors you want........or you have to ask them after they're done putting on brackets on your teeth.I got to choose them right after I got on my brackets! In about every 1-2 months, they ask you to go to an appointment to tighten your wire on your braces......you change your...
Poor dental hygiene. Factor associated with the formation of tooth decay :When oral bacteria consume sugars, they start to produce the acids that cause tooth demineralization (tooth decay) within minutes.Cavity prevention recommendation :The less sugar you consume, or the fewer number of times you...
It is unlikely that you will die from an infected tooth. If it abscesses, you may wish you were dead. Having said that, yes it is extremely remotely possible that you could die from an untreated infected tooth.
Baby alligators have one egg tooth when they're born that helps them to get out of the egg
I believe that implants that are removed are to be returned to the manufacturer for evaluation.
It all depends on the judgment of the dentist. Sometimes sutures are indicated, sometimes they are not. Placing sutures when they are not indicated can lead to potential complications.
root canal surgery is very effective present time
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You should not have an infection after a tooth is removed. If there's was infection after the tooth was removed, then there might have been an infection before the tooth was removed and some of the puss is oozzing out. If the pain from the extraction is getting worse after about 3 days though, you...
Almost any sport can cause players to loose their teeth, including:    peewee football  football  soccer (English football) and boxing   softball  youth baseball  , baseball  volleyball   basketball  wrestling  track and field  
Carmon Diez, Brittney Spears that is all I know sorry  tyra banks!!!  Here are others:  Tai Babilonia - US pairs figure skater, had full bands at '76 Olympics   Amy Carter - Had braces for several years while her dad was president.   Chelsea Clinton - Had braces for over a year while her...
Yes he trained under dentist john baker
yes, also if another tooth is grownin behind it ANSWERIf you were really stressed out it might. Your might've when the procedure was being done tensed up, and it would cause aches and maybe pains from being so stressed.
"Supposed to" is a bit strong, but it happens sometimes that a person don't develop all their permanent teeth. Or permanent teeth can be lost through accident or lack of care, or can sometimes be removed in order to correct the placement of the rest of the teeth.