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The movement or transfer of people from one location to another through a journey is travel. Planes and trains will take you far, but wherever you go, there you are! Whether you're traveling across a state or around the world, questions about locations, travel times, and anything related to traveling should be asked in this category. Happy traveling!
Maybe you noticed that when you put this question up the section it went to was Egypt?
The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Louvre in Paris, and Notre DameCathedral are three places to visit.
It is 71.4 miles, which will take 1 hour and 20 minutes via US-50and US-30.
From Accra the capital of Ghana to London Heathrow Airport withoutstops 6hrs 35mins.
Its 1990 miles it will take 31 hours non-stop
Yes, Estonia is in Europe. At the baltic sea between Finland (north) and Latvia (south), Russia (east)
The sandy region of the western Sahara in Mauritanian is called theempty "quarter".
Alexandria Virgina to Jacksonville North Carolina the drive will be5 hours and 23 mintues
Tourists should eat Brazilian food, see the beautiful beaches, andparty with the locals.
Everybody is different, not everybody has the same eye colour
During this time, much of Asia was under Mongol control. The SilkRoad was a major trade rote connecting Asia and East Europe.
Winnipeg, Canada is in the CST (UTC-6) time zone. Australia has six different time zones: Perth - AWST (UTC+8) which is fourteen hours ahead of Winnipeg Eucia - ACWST (UTC+8.45) which is fourteen hours, and forty fiveminutes ahead. Darwin - ACST (UTC+9.30) which is fifteen hours, and thirty...
The middle east is where people grow up and make friends where theylive, like any other part of the world besides Antarctica. Ifsomeone asked how do you live in the United States or where youlive what would you say just ask yourself that and you will getyour answer to this silly question.
steel,petrochemical,natural gas are some goods imported
The driving distance between Yuma, AZ and Palm Springs, CA is approximately 175 miles. The driving time would be approximately 3 hours 15 minutes if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend trip time such...
Two major cities in Ireland are Dublin and Cork.
Lockerbie which is a small town in the Dumfries and Galloway region which is a very small town was bombed on the 21st December 1988. There was no real reason behind the bombing it was simply a terrorist attack. The man who was convicted of it - Abdelbaset Ail Mohmed Al Megrahi - was released on...
it means sweet beloved nature
Well, At the time of his birth and before the Holy Kaaba was very respected by all people and mostly Arabs which is why they came there every year or so. And so at the time of his birth people didnt know he would be a prophet so they didnt come specially for his birth. They were already there or...
9 hours and about 28 minutes by driving
1 and two-fifths seven fifths. 7/5 = (5/8)D 8(7/5) = 8(5/8)D 8(7/5) = 5D 56/5 = 5D 56/25 = D = two and six twenty-fifths
If you're taking the interstates, it's Mountainburg. If not, it'sCombs.
A plateau is the foot hills of North Carolina where the Fall Lineis. Boats can only travel up river to the Fall Line, past that arerapids or waterfalls. The area is called the Piedmont.
Airbrush Tan by Hand ( offers a fabulous mobile spray tanning service in the Los Angeles area. We custom blend the tanning solution for the ideal color based on your skin tone and type. Airbrush Tan by Hand offers a flawless tan without the sun in the comfort of your home!...
Tickets are stamped non-refundable, so if you are sick you will no get your money back. You have a choice to get Travel Insurance that protects if you anything happens you get your money back.
Well, it starts in the English Channel and goes through Paris, Rouen, and Troyes. It ends near Dijon. No it doesn't. The source of the River Seine is at Sainte-Seine-L'Abbaye in the Côte d'Or, it flows down through Troyes, Melun, Paris, Rouen and flows into the Atlantic Ocean at Le Havre http:/...
Manchester Victoria to Bradford Interchange takes between 1 hour and 1 hour 20 mins depending on the service.
North Korea! It's because of the way people are dying each year of starvation, death to those who've tried to escape, the people don't have freedom of speech and that it's a slave state.
The best college is the one that has the best program for the majoryou are interested in and fits the style of learning that works foryou.
You can just look at it or more commonly you can do the traditional thing and kiss it.
Relations shy of marital relations do not alter VISA requirements.So, if you needed a VISA before getting an Israeli boyfriend, youstill need one and if you never needed a VISA before, getting anIsraeli boyfriend does not change that. Most Western countries donot have a VISA requirement to visit...
The space needle has stopped the restaurant. or the rotation of it. But it is a very expensive dinner. I have only had dinner there once and it cost my parents over $400 and that was in 2000.
Snow storms tend to develop in regions where air masses clash, and this battle zone has shifted south lately as a result of an intrusion of very cold Arctic Air. El Nino is providing additional energy to the subtropical jet stream, and that energy is able to fuel storms across the southern part of...
Colombia is the 3rd most biodiverse country in the world, afterBrazil and Peru.
trash can at a pawn shop my friend did anyways
Well Norway is the northernmost country and Oslo is it's capital inScandinavia
91 .65 million was the population.
There are many historical places to visit in Paris, France. You canvisit the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and Arc de Triomphe.
No, it is located around the Northern- Western part of the UK
It depends on where in Colorado you are: Denver, CO to Fort Worth, TX: 644.39 mi Boulder, CO to Fort Worth, TX: 668.45 mi Grand Junction, CO to Fort Worth, TX: 901.42 mi
Racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance have provedparticularly difficult to eliminate in Europe. The Roma, one ofEurope's oldest minorities, have endured a long history ofdiscrimination and disadvantage throughout Europe, which has onlyrecently begun to be acknowledged and addressed. The...
\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nAll about Dominican Republic here ............\n\n. \n Answer \n. \nThe Dominican Republic is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic.
Russia and Romania don't share a border. Ukraine borders both countries, the only country to do so. Romania is to the southwest of Russia.
1 hour 7 minutes in normal traffic
They basically wares casual wears like shirts, jackets etc.
They are fascists...
Take I-55 NORTH to I-80 EAST to INDIANA at EXIT 250A. . Take I-80 EAST through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania to I-287 to MORRISTOWN and MAHWAH at EXIT 43 in New Jersey. You want I-287 NORTH to MAHWAH. . Take I-287 NORTH to I-87 NEW YORK STATE THRUWAY (toll) NORTH to ALBANY. . Take I-87...
Zoe Pound Top Six Those are the only two main Haitian gangs that I know of, and they both started in Miami, Florida.
In 2009, it opens on Saturday April 18.
The top 10 aircraft in terms of handling, and reliability (notincluding terrorist threat) are; Boeing 737 with CFMI engines, at one crash per 4.8 million flyinghours. The other nine aircraft are: Boeing 757; Airbus A320; Boeing 767;Boeing 737NG; Boeing 747; Airbus A330; Airbus A340; and Boeing 777
The purpose of the memorial is tocommunicate the Money that was coming in, expansion, preservation,and unification of the United States with colossal statues ofWashington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. Copy rights Aaron Mike
It is debatable but the countries occupied by Italy prior to the outbreak of world war 2 were: Austria, Ethiopia, Mongolia, and other parts of Southern Europe and Northern Africa
It's been a few years, but it is certainly worth the effort. A stayat Old Faithful is also exciting, but they don't open the mainlodge.
The literacy rate of Spain in 2009 was 99.64.
The Namib Desert is found along the coast of Namibia.
Agadir, Morocco is in the southern part of country of Morocco.Morocco is located in the Northwestern region of Africa right belowSpain and right above the Western Sahara Desert.
Check the OFSTED website ! They'll have data on all schools in theUK.
there are over 1 million!
Life in modern Egypt is both modern and traditional. In the bigcities, such as Cairo, you will see people wearing jeans andsneakers as well as more traditional dress. Clothing in Egypt isgenerally conservative because followers of Islam obey rules thatrequire shoulders and knees of all people to be...
every continent we have today was part of Pangaea
No but there are forrests and native bush.
Ghana have won the African Cup of Nations 4 times: 1963, 1965,1978, 1982.