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Strawberries are a popular fruit that is tasty eaten plain and popular for shortcakes and pies. It's ranked in the 50 highest antioxidant sources, so it's healthy, too.
If you are allergic to strawberry, the symptoms that you will notice are skin rashes, watery eyes, shortness of breathing, swelling of your tongue, or of your throat, or worst anaphylactic shock. For a detailed information on the symptoms of strawberry allergy, read on the links provided below.
Yes. Strawberries are attached to the step at their cap. They aretypically picked by detaching them, leaving the cap on the berry,which would otherwise dry out or spoil. Eating a strawberry, youwould either bite it from the inedible green cap, or cut off thecap.
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Yes, but I think the strawberry seeds are edible, since they are on the outside of the strawberry.
The approximate pH of a strawberry is 3.0 to 3.9
230 calories are present in strawberry milk.
mixed with vanilla ice-cream with strawberries.......add a cup or sugar to fresh or frozen strawberries. Stir, let refrigerate over night. Bake a simple yellow cake. Cut cooled cake. Add mixture of strawberries and sugar to top of cake. Add whipped cream on top of strawberries....
A bit sour but very delicious. But you would have to judge that for yourself.
390calories are present in a strawberry cheese cake.
Following are the various benefits of strawberry such as: 1. Boost immunity 2. promote eye health 3. Helps fighting cancer 4. keep wrinkles at bay. 5. fights hard at bad cholesterol 6. helps in reducing the inflammation 7. helps in regulating the blood pressure. 8. boosts fibre strength in your body...
The life span of strawberry tree is around 100 to 400 years.
Strawberries are cultivated worldwide, but Russia, Spain, Turkey and the US grow the most.
Ivar "Pop" Coulson (Chicago) did in 1922. He took an old-fashionedmalted milk (milk, chocolate, and malt) and added two scoops of icecream.
You can substitute vanilla or almond extract (whichever you prefer). In my personal opinion, for that recipe I would opt for the almond extract.
They are about love,sweetness,and sharing. And you can eat them.
an apple has seeds on the inside a strawberry has the seeds on the outside
Rose petal jam is made from rose petals. Strawberry jam is made from strawberries.
Strawberries are not vegies (vegetables) because Strawberries are very sweet but some of them can be a little sour but there are not vegies they're fruit
They have different sizes and depending on which arrangement and how many people you are looking to feed, they can help you figure out which is best. They use restaurant quality chocolate that comes in small chips.
Strawberries are not a fruit or not a vegetable. I know it's very confusing but a fruit has the seeds in the inside of it and strawberries have their seeds on the outside of itself. Complicated to understand but it's true.
Lots of great info and prime growing areas of strawberries!
Rhubarb has red stalks and is usually cooked with strawberries or apples as a sweetener due to its tartness. Be careful to only eat the stalk as the leaves are toxic. Wikipedia ( ) has a great article on it. Rhubarb makes excellent pies, sauces, jellies, and...
I'm not sure but where ever it was invented should be a national landmark!!!!!!!!!!!! They were invented in a small custom chocolate shop located in Bothel, WA in the late 1960's by the owner Merry Madden. She had been experimenting with various types of chocolate covered fruit and strawberries...
In spring when the outdoor growing season starts in your area.
Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Pantothenic Acid, Choline, and Betaine. (see related link below)
With strawberries, every part is used except for the green part at the very top.
it's fresh fruit
there is no strawberry vine. strawberry's don't grow on vines they grow close to the ground .
In warm climates like California, strawberries are picked starting in April, but in most areas of the country, such as the North West, they are not picked until June. By the first part of August, the strawberry season is over.
Basically anything that's sour has acid in it. (That includes basically all fruit.) However, the amount of acid is much less than, say, lemons or grapefruit.
When purchasing berries from the grocery store, shop with your nose. Always pick the plumpest and most fragrant berries. They should be firm, bright, and fresh looking with no mold or bruises, and fresh green caps (stems). The caps should be bright green, fresh looking and fully attached. Berries...
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a vegetable not the rose family thats stupid
The best time to plant the strawberries in Pakistan is Spring season.
No, it is a very droopy plant.h That being said it can often be found in hanging planters.
Strawberries have seeds, they are one of the few fruits that carry seeds on the outside of the berry
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The Poteet strawberry festival is on April 13-15 and the parade is either the day before the festival or after the festival
yes you can eat them UNLESS you are alergic to them:)
A small, strawberry triple thick milkshake is 420 calories.
Strawberries are healthy when fresh, and only lose 18-25% of antioxidants when frozen. It is better than eating potato chips or something
Yes, my gerbil loves strawberry leaves but won't eat the strawberry but I know that they can eat strawberys.
Most jams are high in sugar. It depends on the brand and the amount of sugar in the jam.
It is in a category called "Accessory Fruit" (or False Fruit). By botanical definition, a berry is a simple fruit having seeds or pulp generated from a single ovary. False Fruit differs because the edible part of the berry is develops from the stem.
There are a few ways to harvest strawberries. You can pick themyourself by hand if you would like to.
Strawberries can be found anywhere on the grass, or you can buy them from stores.
They will cook a little, but not that much.
Yes, because it produce food to the people and animals and it is made from photosynthesis.
All organisms have DNA. DNA allows organisms to produce offspring similar to themselves.
Strawberries can turn your bowel movements red. Other foods thatcan do this include, raspberries, beets, and tomato soup.
Most of the time honey will replace the sugar in jam.
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Strawberry's are vegetables because they grow from the ground, they do not grow on trees. Since the seeds of the strawberry plant are in the strawberry (actually on it on the outside) it is a fruit. All berries are fruit.
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Strawberry Fields Forever Strawberry Fair (Casey would waltz with a strawberry blonde) and the band played on Strawberry Wine
The strawberry smells, nothing! If i had to say it smelt like something i would say it smells like a strawberry. the inside though. Very sweet, tart smell. By the way. Why do you want to know this?
Yes it will grow quite quickly, especially if they are kept in a warm damp environment. This is very interesting as an experiment.
no because the food miles
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Octoploid is a term that refers to the number of chromosomes in the strawberry. Humans are diploid meaning they have two pairs of chromosomes, one pair from each parent, but strawberries have four pairs from each parent plant.
Red color, sugar, beets, vitamins, rhinos horn,emulsifier, wood, ball bearings
about 1-2 inches, they are about as wide as they are long.
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From the Old English streawberige , from streaw "straw" + berige "berry." Probable origin from the appearance of the outer surface; 'chaff'-like spots(?). First attested 5th. century.
Yes they do grow in Australia, they are quite commonly grown in peoples gardens and commercially
I'm looking into that myself, and the topic is not much discussed on the web. Fortunately, Oregon State U describes care for June-bearing, everbearing and day-neutrals equally:\n. \n
Strawberries have seeds blueberries do not
Typically strawberry plants are planted in the spring from started plants purchased at local gardening stores. Usually if you can find the plants for sale in your local stores, then it is safe to plant them. There are two main types: ever bearing and June bearing. June bearing bring fruit on all at...
A straberry tastes similar to a rasberry
No strawberrys grow on plants