Vegetable Oils

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Vegetable oil is obtained from the leaves, fruit, or seeds of plants. It serves many uses in cooking and baking and has been around for hundreds of years.


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Some oils have unsaturated double bonds in their carbon chain; thatis, these carbons aren't holding the maximum amount of hydrogenatoms they can. Hydrogenation is the process of adding hydrogenatoms to these carbons so that they are at maximum capacity, or"saturation."
Butter has a lower melting point so it is going to spread more in the dumpling and they may be a little looser, but should still be alright.
Any solid shortening will work. The finished product will vary a little bit in flavor, but should be acceptable. For tea biscuits, I would use butter or margarine for flavor. Crisco or other vegetable shortening will work but I would stay away from animal fats.
Corn oils has similar fatty acid composition with sun,soya oils with linoleic cca 50 % Cotton seed oil has less linoleic values and higher linolenic values. This oil is more dry.
Yes, you can cook potatoes in corn oil.
that is stupid. No u can't ^^ actually YOU'RE stupid, yes you can.
For one cup shortening use 1 cup butter or 1 cup margarine minus 1/2 teaspoon salt from recipe.
shortening can be used for cookies because you don't have to put it in the freezer like butter. but you can use butter or vegetable oil to replace shortening but you will have to wait.
Vegetable Oil is primarily made up of triglycerides.\n \nHowever, there are numerous different triglycerides, and other conconstituents. So, rather than being a pure compound, it is a mixture.
vegetable oil is very dangerous for a hamster, so keep it away!
The only difference is that butter has a lower melting point than solid shortening. This will cause them to spread just a little bit more, but not enough to worry about.
corn oil is made out of germ of corn.
Very likely not. Please see the link under the headings 'Tood additve' and'Toxicity'.
Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil which has highly saturated fatsderived from the fruit of oil palm tree.
Same amounts, the margarine will give the finished product a slightly heavier texture, but in most things it will be alright. Melted and cooled in most cases.
Monetarily, anywhere from 5 bucks to 50 bucks or more -- depending on the condition, i would guess. HOWEVER, to me, it's priceless, because there simply IS nothing like homemade mayonnaise! Before I had one of the Wesson mayo makers, i made it from the same recipe, handed down from grandmother to...
Yes, for baking purposes, solid shortening can be melted and used as a substitute for vegetable oil.
There are 32 ounces in a quart so, 2 times 32 is 64. 64 is the answer.
I have spent 15 yrs making Puff Pastry and first of all taste is important aim for a fat with a buttery taste along with being able to remain in a solid state at room temperature as the method to make puff pastry is to create layers and incorporate air. It is not possible to buy good quality Puff...
Argentina is the only Latin American country among the top 20 producers of sunflower oil.
Same amounts, the problem is that butter has a lower melting point than shortening. Depending on the recipe, this can cause the finished product to be greasy or to spread more. Usually, a recipe has been tried several different ways before it becomes common. It is likely that shortening was chosen...
The ice will float . It is less dense than the corn oil. But as the ice melts, the water, which is more dense than the corn oil, will find its way to the bottom of the glass. That's with the oil at room temperature. If the oil is hot, the ice cube will melt quickly. And if it is so hot the water...
Oil palm cultivation and milling to get Crude Palm Oil (CPO).Refine CPO to get RBD Palm Oil (RBDPO). Fractionate RBDPO to getRBD Palm Olein & RBD Palm Stearin.
Corn oil is typically found in bread, pastries, condiments, hamburgers, and hotdogs. And corn...
Yes. Canola (rapeseed) oil has slightly different characteristics than vegetable (soybean) oil but not considerably so. Rapeseed oil is higher in monounsaturated fats than soybean oil, a potential health benefit but it also contains tiny amounts of erucic acid (a known carcinogen). As far as cooking...
Vegetable oils are sold in multiple fluid volumes. Common sizesinclude gallon and liter. For not vegetable oils at the consumerlevel do not follow 'standard size' conventions as in crude oilbarrels for example.
It would depend on what the butter is doing and how much of the flavor of the recipe it is. If it is a sauce or a large part of the recipe, I wouldn't. I wouldn't make sugar cookies with shortening instead of butter.
Sunflower oil is made from the seeds of the sunflower, safflower oil is made from the seeds of a safflower, they are two different plants.
Brand name for solid vegetable shortening.
No. Two entirely different things. Corn syrup in a lot of candies which divinity kind of is keeps sugar crystals from forming. I've never done it, but I suppose you could use a simple sugar mixture in place of the corn syrup. Equal parts water and sugar and cook it until it melts the sugar crystals...
It's an even up exchange. If it calls for one cup of shortening, use one cup of applesause.. It's a great way to make fat free baked goods.. I've heard of applesauce being used to replace eggs (I think 1/4 c per egg) but I've never heard of it used for shortening.
No. Try avacados for an oily source of fiber.
A drum of soybean oil has different costs in different geographicallocations. There are places whereby it costs about $4.50 per gallonwhereas there are areas whereby it costs $155 per barrel.
peanut oil has a lot of fat and fried is not so i suggest fried.
You can't and still have vegetable oil - it is a chemically bonded part of the substance. Vegetable oil is a tri-ester of one molecule of glycerol with three molecules of fatty-acid chain. If you split off the glycerol you get fatty acids - if you split it off with lye you get the sodium salt of...
Yes as they say any port in a storm. However a bit of KY would be better.
It is techically one of the worst oils but it is okay in moderation.
\nYes, but the flavor will be altered and not have the butter flavor from the butter flavored shortening
Olive oil is made from Olives. Vegetable oil is made from Canola (formally called Rape but the marketing boys changed its name.)
It is not banned in the USA but should be. It is banned in 100other countries. Imagine large beverage companies who claim to sellhydration drinks who add oil to their drinks. Brominated vegetable oil is rightly banned in many countriesbecause of the known side effects of bromine on human beings. ...
Melt it and let it cool. The cake will be denser with shortening than with oil.
About 53 lbs 1 bushel= 66 lbs, of that after crushing it makes about 11 lbs of soy oil (1.4 gal)which through transesterification produces 9.2 lbs (1.25 gal) of B100 also remember that after crushing 44 lbs from that same bushel is sold as feed for livestock.
Yes. Refined Bleached & Deodorized Palm Olein (RBDPL) is aderivative of RBD Palm Oil (RBDPO). RBDPO is semi solid in roomtemperature about 30 degree C but RBDPL is liquid in roomtemperature depending on their Iodine Value (IV). To produce RBDPLfrom CPO, first refine into RBDPO then go through...
The Sun Is the Basis of all power on earth. Fossil fuels , oil , coal, gas, peat, as you correctly point out were once living matter that required sunshine to grow. The sun causes the rain through,evaporation and condensation, to water these plants and provide the rivers to drive the turbines for...
It depends what you are making. Something sweet can be baked without shortening by using cooking oil like canola or butter. Something savory you can use olive oil or butter as well, it really depends on what you are cooking.
Vegetable oil and butter are two types of shortening. All fats and oils are shortening, and can be substituted for each other, but this will affect the flavour and texture of the food, as some shortenings have stronger and different flavours, and also have different melting points.
no, its made of vegi oil
Olive oil is the most famous oil used worldwide.
For most things. Let it cool and the finished product will be slightly heavier with shortening.
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Sunflower oil is modestly low in saturated fat and high in polyunsaturated fat, it's alright. It's not the best oil to choose though. Canola and olive oil seem to have better ratios of fat- they're lower in saturated and higher in monounsaturated fat.
No oil is purely one or the other, they are all mixtures. Palm oil has about the same amount of saturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids. Palm oil contains very little polyunsaturated fatty acids.
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No. It actually help us to grow and by eating all of this may help us be fitter and better.
100ml of vegetable oil weighs between 92.1 and 92.5 grams depending on the type of oil. Corn Syrup weighs 138 grams per 100ml.
One gallon of palm oil weights 7.7 pounds, one gallon has 3.785412 liters, one metric tone has 2,204.62 pounds, one metric tone have 1,083.82080 liters
Shortening is used to make the dish fluffy.
it first came out in 1911.
Shortening provides rich flavor and pleasing mouth-feel to cake.Different types of shortening, whether butter, solid vegetableshortening, or different oils, will contribute different flavors tothe cake. Shortening gets its name from its function in pastry,where fat separates layers of flour,...
Its like butter, basically. Adds nutritional value as well it doesn't allow it to stick to pans as easily. Makes the cookies a nice texture, removes the dryness.
shortening helps make scones light, fluffy and flaky. google subsitutes for shortening to see if there is one. butter will probably be listed as one. if you're looking to lighten up the recipe and omit shortening, try a whipped butter. same effect, not so heavy & less calories.
In an electrical sense, Yes, it will not carry an electrical charge. In cooking situations oil is typically used to convey heat to ingredients (saute, pan fry, etc), and thus is not a good choice for thermal insulation.
Yes it can, also tomato soup can be used as butter
how much does vegetable oil cost?
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1 teaspoon and 1/4 teaspoon baking powder for the egg white
solid vegetable oil is shortening, such as Crisco.
vegi oils will not have much fat. They are rich in nutrition and good for health.
nothing, supermarkets just label palm oil and kernal oil sometimes ,, palm oil is extrememly bad for the environment, 300 football feilds are cut down every hour, just so palm oil can be harvested, it is one of the most fatty vegetable oils, and orangutans are becoming extinct due do deforestation...
grams are a measurement of weight . So to measure oil this way is strange . But 1 gram=.035 ounces or 1ounce = 28 grams and 16 ounces = 1 pound.