Slugs and Snails

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Characterized by their shell and slow movement, snails are a common garden dweller and even a delicacy in some countries. Snails without shells are called slugs.
I don't think you understand the meaning of that term, becausesnails reproduce asexually, so....
A carnivore snail will eat meat or eat other snails and a herbivore snail will not eat meat and will only eat vegetables.
It is a good example of an exoskeleton.
i think they help with like healing stuff,right?
A Mollusk has an outer shell, siphons, that bring water in and out of there bodies so that they can get oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. Hope that helped
Not at all. Slugs, along with snails, form the class Gastropoda,which belongs to the Mollusca grouping. Molluscs are the secondbiggest group of animals, the most prevalent being arthropods.Mammals are vertebrate animals that are endothermic (with theexception of the naked mole rat), meaning they...
It is the zinc finger protein SNAI1.
Scientific name: Cerithidea obtuse , Cerithidea obtusa , Russian name: Улитка тупорогaтая , Улитка мангровая , English name: Mangrove snail, Obtuse horn shell, Mud creeper, French name: Huître...
Keep the snail's home damp. They like shallow water to bathe in.
Invertebrate. No spine or internal bone structure.
My snails lived up to 9 months. They were eaten by the Angelfish.
snails are not female or male they are hermaphrodites See image link below.See differences at -> anatomy -> reproductive system section.Some few species of snails are bisexual, being both masculine and feminine.
It is the pithinia clam( Ilooked it up on to be clever.Wha ha ha haaaaa)
no yes but there so small you cant see them!~
because of aerodynamics
Terrestrial slugs move using their muscular foot. By creating an undulating wave-like motion along the length of the foot, a snail is able to push against a surface and propel its body forward, albeit slowly. At top speed slugs cover a mere 6 inches per minute.
Many species of Macrobrachium (Caridea: Palaemonidae) are very effective predators on freshwater snails.
No, they usually do not.
pulmonates or land snail have a space in the body known as the mantle cavity this area has many blood vessels is well supplied with blood vessels and acts as the animal's lung. land snails have a lung that works almost exactly the same way that our lungs do.. The lung can be opened to the outside...
Type your answer here... snails come out when its wet in the end of April 2011 march 11 snails love lettuce
The blood of mollusks moves in a setae.
yesh sir, its called escargot.
a snails has an exoskeleton known as a shell. The shell grows with the snail as it ages.
I do not know two, but I do know one off the back of my hand. It is true that a snail can sleep up to three years, without food or nutrients. I think snails can absorb water through their skin, like worms. But I am not COMPLETELY positive.
What is a snails life cycle
How do snails reproduce?Snails will be able to reproduce differently than almost any other type of creature because of their species and their make-up. This begins with the build that all snails have. Snails are considered to be hermaphrodites . This means that every snail will have both male and...
Mullusks are tiny squids that has shells.
No species of snail is able to 'leave' its shell. The shell is connected to the snail like a permanent tooth. If it were to leave its shell it would die. so unfortunately the snail probably died, or was eaten by a predator.
immediately put it into water
A limpit lives in the ocean, clinging on for dear life on a rock. They feed of nutrients floating around in the water, and don't move around a lot. Although when the tide is in, they can move around using their 'Foot'.
Slugs are herbivores. They eat plant materials, not meat. The slug is about the size of your finger so how could it eat meat? Think about it. They would be the ones getting chewed up, not the other orginasm.
no, at least not angel fish or discus goldfish don't eat pond snails if that's what you're asking
the answer is a helicopter flys high and a snail it stays on the ground also helicopters go fast and snails go slow and something a like they both move in some type of way.
Where is the giant african snail indegenuos to
warm blooded i have one at home
yes they are cold blooded
flower leaves. garden flower leaves. insects leaves
the largest snail in the world which is a African giant snail weighs exactly 2 lbs
Grubs are herbivores as they feed on the roots of plants, decayingvegetation, and other such organisms. You can find grubs living atthe base of many types of vegetative plants.
a snail moves faster in cement because in the dirt it trips and falls ,and in the cement it slimes faster and doesn't fall.
Sea snails feed on bits of plants, animals, and other organisms inthe water. They also scrape algae or crust-like animals off rocksand on the ocean bottom. Sea snails are then eaten by octopi, tuna,mackerals, bigger snails and other large fish. These fish are theneaten by larger animals like sharks...
No, they are molluscs.
if they have teeth
it eats microscopic plants of the rock they use there rough tongues to scrape it off
warm blooded because they are mammals
A snails heart has 2 chambers.
One snail goes on top of another when they are mating.
A snail that lives in water.
Answer . snails are little beasts that latch on to your kiwis
Snails can live in the desert and ditches, also they can live on the mountains and marshlands. They are usually found in damp areas, like underneath stones and behind plantpots.
they hibernate in grass or water
I say its the snail. .
Snails are of the phylum Mollusca.
Snails have what is called a nerve cluster; not complex enough and doesn't have divided structures, yet controls the functions of the snail's body. This cluster of is formed from ganglion, which is naught but a mass of nerve cells.
California mostly in santa cruz
snails breath through there skin.
The Catseye sea snail is a filter feeder that feeds on Microlagae, detritus, and small algae.e.g. Coralline, Neptune's necklace.
cut it in half and count the rings
they are slimy so they can clime up walls and stuff like that
Slugs are hermaphrodites. This means that every slug is both male and female.
When a Paua dies the animal releases its grip from what ever rock it was clinging from and floats freely, the meat part then is often consumed by crabs or starfish and the empty shell more often than not washes up on the beach.
Yes there are pretty much slugs and snails all over NZ
There are many types of snails and not many people know how many there realy are. I think there are probably just a little over a hundred types.
snails have very slimy skin so the salt absorbs it and they die. :(
The function in a mollusks mantel is to help it's muchel move in the bod Located in th inside of the shell
naw they are mammals! yes they are crustacean. Man, u shud no that!
You can tell how old it is because of how many stripes there are on its shell
yes, well unless it is vary big because if the snail has a hared shell it cant eat it but, if it is small if it trys it will choak and die.
Answer . Snails "breathe" through their skin and through an opening called the pneumostome visible on the right side of their bodies.
There is no parental care amongst snails. As soon as the eggs are laid the baby snails are on there own. Its really no big deal.
Yes they do. Shell give protection to the snails. Not to mention that the shells hold the snail's intestines, heart, and other vital organs.
A snail is a gastropod and a mollusk.
When a snail bleeds, the copper protein (hemocyanin) absorbs oxygen from the air, turning the circulatory fluid in the horse crab dark blue. I know this because I went to college.
As with the vast majority of bony fish, flounders are exothermic or cold-blooded.
In one episode it showed an album of Gary and his owner. Gary looked like a baby snail and his owner looked young. So I would say Gary is middle aged.
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  .  I only have three but here they are! . 1.there are about 100000 species of mollusks. . 2. An octopus has 3 hearts. . 3. an oysters shell is made of calcium.
Garden snails cannot stay in water because they cannot breath orswim in water. However, garden snails need water to keep them moistso they don't dry up.
1. first of all, you must be a member... 2. travel to canifis. ou must of completed a quest to get there..priest in peril i think. 3. find the wood (not swamps) near the hunting grounds and kill a snail. 4. they drop snail meat and a shell. 5. use a chisel on the shell.
A sea slug, also called marine slug, is the same animal as a snail.The slug does not have a shell. The sea slug moves at a very slowrate.
snails produce slime so they can move faster. It doesn't help much, but otherwise, it would take all day to move less than an inch
they sick them up
Humans and other animals. Note: it depends on it environment- land or sea