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The Cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus, is a member of the cat family, Felidae. They hunt by sight and speed, rather than by stealth typical of other big cats. The fastest of all terrestrial animals reaching speeds of over 110 km/hour (60 mph) in short bursts, it is the only cat that cannot completely retract its claws.
Cheetahs live in tropical and warm places, kind of like therainforest. They can live in grasslands, savannahs, and otherplaces.
a cheetah because he would cheat
Cheetahs aren't the Strongest Big Cat on the plains. In fact, they're the weakest! They are fast and fragile, so they don't have much options when it comes to confrontation. They aren't strong enough to defend territory, so if food and water is scarce, or if another threat comes, it's time to move...
It is valuable because they keep our ecosystem balanced by killingprey and not letting them over populate.If there was no cheetahsthey will over populate and the ecosystem will be unbalanced
Cheetahs are mammals, therefore they are warm-blooded. Cheetahs aremammals, so they share all of the characteristics of mammals. Thisincludes live birth, being warm blooded and having a spinal column. They are warm blooded like all mammals
The cheetah has not affected society except for the commercial use of a character "Chester" used by the Frito Lay corporation. Other than that, it is the fastest animal on land, capable of reaching speeds of 70 MPH for short periods of time.
no the cheetah runs too fast so it accidently runs past it's foods
speed in the way the hind leg move nothing will be abile to catch up with it so that means its speed protects it
sharp teeth sharp claws camoflauged in certain surroundings silenced footsteps the ability to jump around trees quickly and swiftly
Yes, it is illegal to kill cheetahs.
This is strictly an opinionated answer. I personally think thatthey are beautiful animals. Though I am sure that there are peopleout there that would disagree with me. To this I say, everyone isentitled an opinion and they neither right or wrong. If they infact think the animals is ugly then it is,...
Yes there is a 3 year grace period regardless of age of consent.
Cheetahs face a kaleidoscope of threats. Most are very similar tothe threats faced by cheetah populations in the rest of Africa aswell as in Iran. The human population of Kenya has tripled over thelast 45 years to over 42 million , increasing the need for land and space.
Cheetah's will eat almost anything that they can catch if it is meat. They do not eat any plants. So I guess you could say that they "hate" eating plants.
1.8 metres 2m long and 1m high
The cheetahs length of pregnancy is 90 to 95 days.
No. Just endangered.
There are currently about 12,400 cheetahs in the wilds of 25African countries. Around 2,500 of these are found in Namibiaalone.
That's and easy one you can get. 30 x 8 = ______ . A: the answer is 240.
Cheetahs have tan fur to match their surroundings in the African savanna. They are covered in black spots which help their camouflage as well. They have black 'tear marks' on their faces which keep the sun out of their eyes and the marks also make them look like they were honey badgers as pups. ...
They usually have about 456 or more. Baby cheetahs have 27 at the most.
No, the cheetah is an African animal.
Through their nose.
In extremely rare cases winds in a tornado can get a little over 480 km/h. The most tornadoes have winds under 150 km/h. The tornado that cause the most severe damage likely have winds of at least 220 km/h.
ahs make use of open as well as woodland savanna and various woodland types. In order for the cheetah to get as close to its prey as possible before sprinting at it, the vegetation should be dense enough to ensure successful stalking, yet not too dense so as to hinder movement. The cheetah prefers...
they are called Acininyx Jubatus because, Acinonyx is a cheetah and Jubatus is a type of cheetah, so if you put the two together you get this.
they have 34 teeth and we have 24
They have their spots which help them hide in the tall Africangrass.
The term "enemies" is slightly confusing. If you mean naturalpredators, it doesn't really have any. If you mean rivals, thenLions would probably count in some places. If you mean herbivoresthat can be dangerous towards it, then Elephants are a big player.If you mean prey, then the most obvious to go...
Divide the distance by the time. The result will be in meters per second. If you want to convert to kilometers per hour, multiply the meters per second by 3.6.\n Divide the distance by the time. The result will be in meters per second. If you want to convert to kilometers per hour, multiply the...
They are both mammals, both have live birth, both can be found in Africa, or in zoo's for that matter.
Cheetah is a Hindi word which means spotted or variegated body. The wiki link on the same might be helpful
It depends on what people think
No, not usually. Monkeys and baboons make up a substantial part of leopards' prey in certain areas. There has been recorded cases of a troop of baboons injuring or even killing a leopard, but this is very rare and will be virtually impossible for a monkey. However, monkeys, being closely related...
give water, people food, and play with it alot and you will know if its feeling better if you do just relax your mind and sit in peace and if u feel okay that means the cub feels fine well that's all i know write more if you do to please rate
The cheetah is a carnivore, eating mostly mammals under 40 kilograms (88 lb), including Thomson's gazelle, Grant's gazelle, the Springbok antelope and the impala. The young of larger mammals such as wildebeests and zebras are taken at times, adults too, when the cats hunt in groups. Guineafowl and...
In short bursts a leopard can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour but it is usually around 40 miles per hour.
No, most marsupials (pouched mammals) live in Australia.
As far as my research they run as fast as 69-70mph. Some books say 71mph. 70 miles per hour
Multiply by 1000 8 kph is a steady jogging pace.
Not any more or less than other cheetahs. Cheetahs as a rule don't fight much, the're fairly fragile animalscompared to the other big cats, and can't really afford to getinjured. They need to stay in hunting shape.
The cheetah has 3 body parts.
The top speed of a tsunami is 900 kilometers per hour (600 mi/hr) and the top speed of a cheetah is 120 kilometers per hour (75 mi/hr). Therefore, the average speed of a tsunami is faster than the top speed of a cheetah.
Look at a picture of one and you'll see.. pink
Yes. They have their feline hunter instincts and at the same time they learn by seeing their mothers.
They are hunted for their skin.
The Rhino became endangered in the past decade because of indiscriminate and uncontrolled poaching and habitat loss.
Cheetah's are carnivores which means they will eat any fresh meat, that would include a Monkey if they had the ability to catch one.
they can have up to 9 cubs
they can run fast
Sahil is urdu word. It means dariya ka kinara.
No There are "King Cheetahs" which are very rare, but have more of a smeared spotted coat. There aren't any Queen cheetahs, but for the most part, they are just referred to as cheetahs.
It is a predator and it helps keep the number of herbivores in its ecosystem in check.
no. it just lives in an environment where it could blend in with.
A cheetah hands down.
Pronghorn Antelope 61mph (98 km per hour)
The Lion , Tiger , Lepoards , and Jaguars are their relitives The cheetah is the only member of the genus a cinonyx
the cheetahs are fastest of all mammals . the cheetahs differs from most other cats in sevarl ways.
cheetahs are active in the evening
Yes, otherwise they wouldn't be able to BREATH
Cheetahs mate year around. The gestation period is around 3 month. A cheetahs litter generally consist of 2 to 4 cubs. However, a lot of cheetah cubs do not make it into adulthood. 10 years every 17 to 20 months
Hares, game birds ,gazelles,impalas, zebra's ,wild beast The cheetahs mainly thrive on gazelle, but will eat other mammals smaller than it.wild bests,zebras, and gazelle
Cheetah's are really good hunters so they always have food to eat, which is critical for the survival of any animal. Their also really fast, so they usually run from the dangers that they can't handle.
The cheetah is a large spotted cat found in Africa and parts of Asia. • Acinonyx jubatus, family Felidae. No. A cheetah is a large-sized feline.
The cubs have a chirping sound the adults are the same
No, i do not think it is possible to be a cheetah. It would be very cool to be one but i rarely think it is possible!
They can reach speeds of anywhere between 70 and 75 mph (112 and 120 km/h). They can go from 0-64 mph (0-103 km/h) in 3 seconds. Cheetahs run from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds. It is thefastest land animal on the planet.