Word Play, Puns, and Oxymorons

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Puns are humorous phrases formed by homonyms. (Example: What is the purpose of reindeer? It makes the grass grow, sweetie.) Oxymorons are a figure of speech formed by contradictory words. (Example: jumbo shrimp, a deafening silence.) Have fun with puns and oxymorons in this word play category.


... well that's stupid whos chiken would lay half an egg! i think the answer is 15 One and a half farmers owning one and a half chickens - is the same as one farmer to one chicken. We can forget about farmers and just focus on chickens. One and a half eggs in one and a half days is the same as two...
In the first scene : "When the battle's lost and won."
use youtube sign up all you need a a camera and internet
No, it is not an oxymoron. Strangers are not classified as peoplewho are "seen", so being unseen does not contradict the overallmeaning.
Then all hips must be hoodles, and all pips must be poodles.
-War -Her -tar -bar
analogue, tongue, plague
The Plot, Like Gravy, Thickens is a good one.
The Spanish grammar structure is not like English. Here are some examples: . Como esta? The literal translation shows how they structure sentences differently. It means; how you are. The subject comes before the verb. . Mi hermana es muy linda. In this sentence the subject came before the verb and...
terrorism, tourism, train spotting
There is no antonym to oxymoron
OXYMORON: Play on words; opposites that portray irony: Hurry up and Wait (Army saying) Shut up and Eat (when one is telling another to close their mouth, yet eat. Get It?) Military Intelligence (a funny example, portrays that the Military is stupid and lacks intelligence.) New and Improved (tricky,...
Jolt, zap, fizz, pop, crackle. (those are words I think of to describe your being STRUCK by lightning) Silent, stealthy, lethal (deadly), speedy, I can't really say 'fast as greased lightning, so I think that's all I have. It's harder than it seems....
The only word . The only correct answer is "BOOKKEEPER". . What about coffee? How about the Aussie's cooee ! I only know of coffee and toffee. SUCCEED!
1. Acrostic Poem C ute A lways there for you T abby . 2. Permutation
A baby-related word starting with L is layette. A layette is a set of clothes, toiletries and other accessories for a baby.
Good thought i am opening in today towards
An emotion beginning with T could be terror or timidity.
stiff, stuff, riff, cliff, spiff, gaff, tariff, bailiff, whiff, muff, cuff, fluff... that's all I can think of
Truthful, tidy, thoughtful, tender, tireless, tried and true.
umm there could be a lot of them..you could name a horse anything
It means "Mind your own business."
Sometimes. BUT it depends on the sentence you had in mind. Very rarely the sentence works with but as the starting word.
The only one I could find was Utas - the eighth day after any term or feast; as, the utas of St. Michael.
No, an oxymoron is two words together that mean completely opposite things like big shrimp, pretty ugly, or thinly spread.
Regulation cumberland springvale pathfinder monkeyspit motherland crazywomen falconview beachfront duckmaster bankruptcy authorized republican educations lumberjack.
Scotland, Portgal, Colombia, Paraguay, Djibouti...
The candidate's dogged response in the debate was described as… Answer: Jerky, blimp, socket, balsam, and MOSTLY " BARK ".
Nose I guess 😂😂
Two guys who don't get along think there's snow way to win an iceskating competition together because they would get the coldshoulder from playing that kind of gaym, but after breaking the icethings end up sliding along quite nicely while cracking theaudience up, and then they win.
Words that you can make out of sunshine are: . sun . shine . sin . sine . shun . nine . Hus . Hun . Huns . in . nee . suns . shines . nines . ins . shin . shins . nun . nuns . nein . hiss . sins . he . she . is
Anagrams for the word tears are stare and tares.
A person could take a stroll, or go for a stroll.
No. Sound is vibration, transmitted to our senses through the mechanism of the ear, and recognized as sound only at our nerve centers. The falling of the tree or any other disturbance will produce vibration of the air. If there be no ears to hear, there will be no sound.
Jerry Seinfeld wrote the books., Maybe with Barry Marder
("No it you.") This question does not make sense. Please resubmit your question with clarification. Thank you for using answers.com.
I know one, Novennial - novennis of 9 years
happy . healing . helpful . heroic . heavenly . holy . homey . honor, honorable . hope
Nightlight has it twice!
Mrs. Doubtfire is a comedy movie with 12 letters in the title.
sweet, delitious, awsome, great, outstanding!
pale male nipple pipple
Zimbabwe . Zambia The Republic of Congo was formerly known as Zaire between 27 October 1971 and 17 May 1997
Michael, Matthew, Maude, Millie, Maisie, Maddox, Maddy, Madeline, Madge, Madonna, Madison just a few. If you go to www.lilimay.com/names/baby_names.php/name/m you'll find lots more. _ More unique (they're Irish): Mairghread, Mairead, Máire, Muirghreall, Martína, Mairtin, Míceál, MÃ...
Y isnt really known as a vowel so Yes! There's Why Fry Cry By Shy Cwtch is a Welsh word meaning cupboard.
ball. call. doll. wall. mall. shall. tall. hall. y'all. all. bell. bill. sell. sill. well. will. hill. chill. dill. mill. kill. trill. gill. etc.
It is more like an idiom..."an expression whose meaning is notpredictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements, askick the bucket or hang one's head"
Most of these AI words have an unpronounced sound (just the letter) not a short E : as in certain (sur-tn) and curtain (kur-tn). This is similar to the schwa sound in mountain (moun-tən). Words that do have the short E are again (uh-gen) and against .
Oh dear, what is this? I GIVE UP! :P
Rearranged, it spells tantalize.
Ecstatic, enjoyable, elegant, and emotional.
zebra technition inspector in japan
Crown, cap, cardigan, chaps, coat, cape, clogs and finally clothes. . you could wear capri pants! Coat
fig, fit, figs, fits, gift, fight, gifts, hit, hits, sift, shift, sight, sit
There are few puns in Romeo and Juliet. For example, a pun in Romeo and Juliet is when Shakespeare writes a conversation between Sampson and Gregory. A pun is a play on words usually they are meant to be funny. An example in Romeo and Juliet is when Romeo and Mercutio are talking Mercutio: That...
em emir empire ere I imp ire me mere mi mire moire mop mope moper mopier more mr om op ope or ore pee peer per perm pi pie pier poem poi pore prim prime pro prom re rem rep rim rime rip ripe roe romp rope
Socks, sandals, shoes, slippers, skates, scuffs, sneakers, slides...................
Here is a sentence with some words that describe or mean the smallest and the biggest. I do not give one iota if you have the universe hanging on your back you still have to clean up this celestial size mess . You must clean it up so there is not one nano speck of dust or filth. If you...
There is no 4-step word ladder for TOWN to NAME unless you use the non-word TOWE. town - towe - tome - tame - name There are several 5-step ladders, including: town - down - dome - tome - tame - name town - torn - tore - tome - tame - name
no matter how hard you try, you're going to lose
devotion-sexual attraction-fondnesstenderness-passion-cherish-rapture-crush-attachment
Any thing smaller than your elbow needs to be kept out of your ear. That is the old adage and a very smart one. Try telling that to a toddler!
I have one! Ugly Betty!
Evaporation, boiling or distillation will all result in separating the salt from the water.
The city that starts with U is the city of Upton, California.