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Ask questions about disease and infections in society and how to cure and prevent outbreaks.
The oldest person ever from Canada was Marie-Louise Meilleur , who died in 1998 aged 117 years, 230days. As of 1 December 2014, there are 2 verified living supercentenarians , 0 pending, and 3 unverifiedin Canada. The oldest living person in Canada is Quebec bornColombe Benoît-Leclerc, aged 111...
it is called doug ... or morbus cyclometricus (coined by Augustus De Morgan, 1806-1871). Perhaps, sanitas cyclometricus would become the counterpoint coinage.
Carbohydrates make energy ( that I used up fairly quickly) and it makes cell walls in plants
i think that the ppl that are most likely to get an eating disorder are the ppl that just want to go on a diet and loose a few pounds. they are like well i wont eat as much and i will loose a few, but after they loose a few pounds they are like hey i feel good maybe i can loose a few more. well once...
it depends if you know how to use your brain more than 4 % you can stay alive for a few hours because the brain is very very strong
Epidemiology is considered as basic science of public health. It isstudy of health related events in population. It takes into accountthe pattern & rate of risk of disease in the population. So itis fundamental to the practice of public health.
epidemiology of fractures is a medical book which deals about thefractures.
Written Translation . Proszę nie przesuwa zagrodzenie mydła
Oh You Must Mean The Drive By Media. Most Americans are overweight. Us Americans Are America. We Don't Hate Our Selves;
i have a 98 and got a postcard saying there was a recall on the starter; I'd take it to a GM dealer rather than a garage (they might know more about the starter recall). they had my car for maybe 5 mins just to check it; didn't need replaced.
Sphygmomanometer Does this question really need asking when you have access to the internet?
According to wikipedia, Philippines is at # 89 by suicide rates: . 89. Philippines. 2.5. 1.7. 2.1. 1993. and on a WHO study done for 1993, significant suicide rates in Males lying in the age groups 15-24 yrs. old and 25-34 yrs. old...
The only treatment that is going to benefit the person suffering, is one that deals directly with the underlying causes. For this reason, many treatments simply suppress a few symptoms. They do not effect cure. Measures of success have nothing to do with weight. Locking someone away and preventing...
1. No bins- So stuff like dirty tissues etc.. 2. No soap in bathrooms 3. No tissues
Lungs and brains are most affected by the use of marijuana
All fruits contains some (weak) acids and sugars, both of which will to some degree attack the teeth.
theirs about 3,000 women that commit suicide every yearn in the united states.
it is made up of the brain,the spinal cord, and the nerves.
1. You have a higher chance of getting lung diseases and breathing problems. 2. You can get many types of cancer from smoking. 3. Your breath will smell bad. 4. You will spend lots of money on cigarettes. 5. Your social life will diminish (unless you're with other smokers).
yes, unless its raining outside. then you might get sick. and that's just no good.
Yes, He's alive
It is 65g of fat per day for adults and children 4 or more years of age.
Anything near to hand that will float and support him. Ideally, a Coast Guard approved Type IV floatation device.
PAINFUL DEATH!. im 14 an i smoke buhh i wanna know what the risks are all the signs on the packet just say stuff like nitrosamines but no one knows what the fukthey are ?!. Buhh it is bad i know that . haha.
stick your hand in your mouth and vomit then blow dry your head until it's very hot
Both are normal people. Their digestive systems are working a little differently.
apparently it is poisonous , it said on wikki answers but in spanish i think so i would say it is. Yes, it should say on the bottle that it is not for human consumption, because drinking it can cause serious damage to the esophagus and stomach, and can even kill you.
ABSOLUTELY!!! I have actually done this myself and it's terrifying. There is a foundation that studies individuals that have had this experience. If you have do this, I recommend you notify your doctor in advance of any surgery or procedure so then can make sure you stay sedated.. USA TODAY had...
Not usually. But it can be a symptom of eating asparagus!
One disadvantage is that you have more maintenance work at home -and having to maintain a pool could cost some serious amount ofmoney. It can also be dangerous for children who do not know how to swim.
Height has no bearing on starting your period. This is related tothe development of your body and your reproductive system as towhen you will start.
There are some people who claim that Tums or even Rolaids help withtheir restless leg syndrome. The calcium in the Tums is what helpsthe restless leg syndrome.
connective tissue
one of the latset stats indicate 26%. south east of the country being closer to 24%. one of the latset stats indicate 26%. south east of the country being closer to 24%
Answer is in the question perhaps? Are they looking at the 'How-To' or 'Reasons for' aspects of it, either that or take them out on a random day and just chat them up, get a feel, it all boils down to how well you know this person and if it's not that well.....find someone who does.
No, it is non-acid fast
To have a colonic irrigation done by a qualified practitioner in the Columbus OHio area, what are the cost?
puss is a sign of infection
Oxiclean is toxic and should never be ingested. The primary activeingredients in Oxiclean are sodium carbonate which is caustic,sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate which can cause eye irritation andirritation to the gastrointestinal system if ingested, andethoxylated alcohol C12-C16 which can cause...
Hii . I've studied pharmacy and graduated few monthes ago . it is Fun, Science & Business . all you need is to be . *Hard worker . *curious and seeking to learn and to know more & more . *Communication skills . *Commitment, Commitment and Commitment
In laboratory tests, trace BPA exposure has been shown to disrupt the endocrine system and trigger a wide variety of disorders, including chromosomal and reproductive system abnormalities, impaired brain and neurological functions, cancer, cardiovascular system damage, adult-onset diabetes, early...
Multidimensional phenomenons are actually quite incredible. Thesephenomenon's are representative of many differing views that areall brought together tastefully.
Depends on if you know how to take a punch correctly and how hard you get hit. You might even hurt all week.
In total? It's impossible to say. Though on average there are 4,400suicide deaths of young people every year, and studies have shownapproximately half of these are due to bullying.
-Invite them into your house and give them free food, transportation, clothing and boarding for a while. - Give them some food -Offer money -Offer to drive them to a homeless rehabilitation center or just the grocery store. - Ask if you can do anything to help.
Themselves, logically. Another answer: While logic would dictate the above, the actual picture is somewhat more complex. I'll explain: First, Sociopathy is no longer a diagnosis in the US (according to DSM-IV). Instead, it falls under the heading of Anti-Social Disorder (ASD), which includes a...
Currently, and supposedly, not all statistics are correct. Suicide occurs at least every 18 minutes, in the United States. I also heard it was every it occured every 8 seconds somewhere in the world.
i dont know why it is green and white ask a docter
we can protect ourselves by washing our hands getting the proper needles and using hand sanitizers. we can protect ourselves by washing our hands getting the proper needles and using hand sanitizers
They regulate sodium and potassium in your cells. If they fail the sodium rushes in. Water follows sodium and too much water in a cell causes the cell to rupture and die.
40 ft= approx 12.192meters
Start coughing, or if your friend is having those sneezing problems, just come up to him/her and scare him/her.
Some people sleep heavily because their body requires it. This issometimes a genetic code found in the person's DNA.
Smoking can cause lung cancer, emphazeima, and it can build up tar in your lungs. Also it makes you smell HORRIBLE! Smoking stains your teeth yellow, ages your skin, and is just all-around gross.
yes..why would u even do that
Answer 1. That is nasty. If i saw someone do that i would simply walk away. I wouldn't even look at that person. I might say something but i dont want to get in a fuss over poop. This is a sick question. Answer 2. Quickly walking away and calling the police. Answer 3.Yell "HI" really loud and...
How to break your arm easily. I know a girl who fell off the monkey bars and broke it and got 5 pins.
The carpets were badly designed so the accelorator pedal gets stuck.
Yes they actually do. They just tend not to get it as often as Caucasian.
alot but i sugguset you dont do it life will turn around aventually
The main disease that is caused from the biological waste of poultry is BIRD FLU,which causes mass death of poultry population. Even to save the rest poultry birds from the ailing ones,the later population of poultry are butchered . The bodies of the dead birds are either dug into ground or burnt in...
At least 56 people have died so far.
Because of their gas pedals...they get stuck.
I'm Sure it is BREATH. As i have just finished a subject and it was all about the body and that was part of what we just learnt
Cultural sensitivity shows an unusual amount of compassion in humanbeings. A person is not naturally inclined to accept people thatare different from them.
You can return it to have it repaired under the recall at no cost to you for the recall.
You would need a psychologist to assist in this. You might also talk to anyone who had the victim's ear and confidence. A purely psychological forensic analysis might not yield the insights a friend or associate might have.
The word process basically refers to steps or activities that haveto be completed to accomplish something. The end result is usuallysomething specific and the person completing the process knows whatis supposed to happen at the end of the process.
Salmonella is spread by eating contaminated food and coming intocontact with animal feces. Salmonella lives in the intestines ofhumans and animals.
130 to 139 to figure out your normal systolic blood pressure: P≤1/2a+110 P is the pressure, and 'a' is your age. . Divide your age by 2, then add 110. That number should be yourmaximum systolic blood pressure.
The normal blood pressure range is under 80 for diastolic pressureand under 120 for systolic pressure in an average adult. Bloodpressures above that are considered high.
Sickle cell anemia is a homozygous recessive disorder. This means that an individual must receive two homozygous alleles from each of their parents in order to be affected by the disease. This gene then produces an abnormal shape - a "sickle" shape - of hemoglobin, resulting in clots of blood as...
There are many patients who attribute weight gain to theirthyroidectomy procedures. However, a 2011 study found nosignificant correlation between thyroidectomy and subsequent weightgain.
No, but check with a Toyota dealer to make sure.
the only way that you can pass out from your body being too hot is if you are standing next to Ryan brickey! for he is hotter than the sun that glows day and night his rays are thankfully spread across this earth like gods from... well HEAVEN so if your wounderingthe same thing call brickey and you...
The earth does not produce the pollution we do.
Iron deficiency in the body causes anemia. Weakness or fatigueresults from the lack of iron because the body does not get enoughoxygen-rich blood.
absolutely not. as you can see in the link above, alcohol requires more dependence than marijuana. this means that if someone gets drunk off of alcohol, the next time they wish to get drunk they will have to consume more alcohol than the previous time. Also, alcohol is more addictive than...
First you get skinny, than you start having heart probs, than you die!!!!!!!!! In between getting skinny and dying you get all kinds of interesting things like zits, aching joints, boils and stuff resulting from malnutrition, hair falling out and all kinds of neat stuff. Not a really fun way to go.....
If the person who died killed themselves did so by their own doing and had the intention to kill themselves.
Same as everyone else. All cells have damage-proof metal toilets.
It wouldn't be good. It would eventually heal but not correctly andyou would eventually be worse off. To fix a healed broken bone thedoctors will have to break it again to get it to it's correctposition.
Femur is the thigh bone and the humerus is the upper arm bone between the elbow and shoulder.
There are four recalls, but they don't affect all 2004 Volvo S60s. Search for them here with your make and model: To know if any of the recalls apply to your vehicle, call a Volvo dealership with the Vehicle Identification Number handy. My S60 has...
not getting any calium and not excersising regularly.
Muscles that are under your control are known as voluntary muscles.The arms, legs, and face muscles are prime examples, as they aremuscles under your control.
A doctor can not discuss personal information about you or yourappointment. Doing so would violate privacy laws and could resultin a law suit.