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Translating Latin words into English. How you say and spell Latin language words and phrases in the English language.
The latin term "Una We Possum", means "Together We Can"!!!! Una We Possum = Together We Can
trans = across scribo = write
Tengo que decir algo que decirte
The English word pyre comes from the Latin pyra . Afuneral pyre is a pile of wood (or other material that can burn)for burning a dead body. The combining form pyro- can beused to form other words, such as pyrotechnics (fireworks orsensational display) and pyromania (a compulsion to setfires...
in latin: ignis means fire (ignite is derrived from this) and flama means flame
The root of the English word "fire" is Germanic, not Latin, but it is cognate to the Greek word "pyr".
This phrase originated when science was not so sophisticated as today and used much by pioneers as well as seafarers in the 1700s. The belief was, and is supported by some modern research, that your nose knows which way is north; seems there is something in the nose that detects magnetic north. If...
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The root word for malice is the latin adjective malus which means "evil or bad"
Anima mea liquefacta est is Latin for "My soul was melted." It comes from the Vulgate Bible's Latin translation of the Song of Solomon, Chapter 5, verse 6, and has been set to music by a number of composers. The complete verse runs: . Pessulum ostii aperui dilecto meo, at ille declinaverat atque...
Gnostic, diagnosis, and prognosis are some of the words thatcontain the Greek root gno .
flammis is the dative case of the noun flamma which means "Flame""
"of or belonging to pregnant women"
The phrase: Et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis means "and on earth peace to men of good will"
INRI is an acronym formed from the phrase Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum , which means "Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews." This is the text that, according to the Gospel of John (John 19:19), was written by Pilate and displayed on the cross on which Jesus was crucified.
Derivatives from the Latin word for water: aqua , would beaquarium, aquamarine, aquatic bitchh
Some words are... 1. Bisect 2. dissect 3. Insect 4. Section 5. Intersection
Civ .. comes from civitas which means "city or state".
This is the dative case of the noun Latus which means "side:"
The Latin phrase Rex meus es means "You are my king" in English
In the Classical language the term was stella errans , stella erratica or stella erro , all of which mean "wandering star." Later the Greek term for "wandering," planetes , was adopted into Latin, taking the first-declension form planeta (genitive planetae ) or the third-declension form ...
Yes terra means earth in latin
Ignosce/ignoscite mihi.
Panis vitae means "the bread of life".
Australis is the Latin word for southern regions and therefore Australia is the southern land.
It means "Everything with God".
The Latin word for iron is ferrum which is why the symbol for iron on the periodic table is Fe
The word "with" is not a Latin word nor is it derived from a Latin word. The Latin word for "with" is cum.
You could use priv- , from privare, privatus
do, things done
The English word "audience" is a word derived from Latin meaning those who hear
If you're looking for an online dictionary to translate single words, William Whitaker's Words is quite good, although you're better off downloading a verson to run locally rather than using any of the online hosted sites, which can be buggy. (See related links below.) If you're looking to...
There is no common equivalent in English for Idonius--it is one of those names from Latin that has been preserved in the Romance languages (i.e., Ital., Idonio ) but has not made a transition into English. However, the word 'idoneous' has, meaning fitting, suitable or appropriate. A couple of...
Pater is the Latin word for father
It is the possessive case for noster - meaning our or ours. See Pater Noster = Our Father
anarchy democracy oligarchy
The original term is spurius . The words bastardus and illegitimus were introduced sometime during the Middle Ages.
That would be darling dilingo(or amor)
I would use a comma between spiro and spero . Romans didn't use much punctuation, but it makes it easier to understand the phrase which is translated "While I breathe, I hope."
Domine means Lord and deus means God...
This would literally be translated as "The Lord guides (or rules,or directs) me". These are the first words of Psalm 22 in Latin,which corresponds to Psalm 23 in most English translations. Thephrase in English is usually translated as "The Lord is myshepherd".
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According to the DSM-IV (the most current revision), you only need to answer yes to 3 of these questions: . Tolerance . Has your use of drugs or alcohol increased over time? . Withdrawal . When you stop using, have you ever experienced physical or emotional withdrawal? Have you had any of the...
The imperfect tense can be translated as: . was/were ______ ing . used to _____ . kept _____ ing . The fourth way is simply the past tense of the verb, as with the perfect tense.
It means "Work conquers all". The state motto for Oklahoma is Labor omnia vincit (Hard work conquers all), a reference that especially applies to the difficulties in farming in much of the state. It was originally on the territorial seal as well, reflecting the work ethic of its pioneers. ...
It's latin and means: "be one".
The prefix deci means 1/10. The prefix deci means 1/10. The prefix deci means 1/10. The prefix deci means 1/10.
Sanguisuga, -ae (f, 1st declension)
Anglians (from Anglia on the European continent, now part of Germany) migrated to the British Isles in the 5th and 6th centuries. Also Saxons from Saxony and other groups went the same route. Their languages and cultures merged over the generations and they became Anglo-Saxon. A part of present-day...
"Sol post tempestatem" would be better What you wrote means "afterwards, the storm sun of the sun"
It means "we drive" or "we do."
The Latin root VI means way: Road
άτομο (atomo/atom).
Many of Enrique Iglesias' songs have both a latin and English version. Hero-Heroe, Don't turn out the lights-No apagues la lus, and Do you know-Dime Lo are a few
Timebant means "they were afraid"
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Modern Latin, from the Ancient Greek.
tria 'tree-uh' is Greek for the number 3
In a literal translation: "God then father."
"Venis" means "You Come". "Venis" comes from the 4th Conjugation Verb, Venio , which means "To Come". Four Principle Parts of Venio : Veniō, Venīre, Vēnī, Ventum. The Present Tense Conjugation of Venio: Singular 1st Person: Venio (I come) 2nd Person: ...
the phrase is "sanctus Seraphin utiniensis (Venetiis) fecit etc. and means that the luthier named Sanctus Seraphin, born in Udine(Italy) made this instrument in the year 1754 in Venice.
Invictus means "unbound" in Latin. The famous Roman feast Sol Invictus means the Unbound Sun and refers to the Winter solstice when the hours of daylight began to increase again.
pullus means "fowl or chicken"
Mammae is the Latin for "breasts"
Stabat Mater dolorosa juxta crucem lacyrmosa dum pendebat Filius. The sorrowful mother stood next to the cross, tearful, while her Son was hanging there.
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