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London is the capital of England, and the largest metropolitan city in the United Kingdom. It has a total area of 1,572.1 square kilometers (607 square miles), with an estimated population of 7.6 million (as of 2010).
The Dickens repository in central London means to celebrate the best novelists in British historyCharles Dickens. The museum exhibits over 100,000 items frompersonal items to artwork and manuscripts from some of hisbooks.
The canary wharf contains around 14,000,000 square feet (1,300,000m 2 ) of office and retail space.
I assume you refer to Ongar, which was closed in 1994. It was situated on the Central line, east of Epping (further from central London).
Answer this question…There are no direct flights from Gatwick toSan Diego
Anyone that says something like that is the same.People say that in a airport. Answer:Airport
Answer this question…Yes, quite a few.
Answer this question…About 8 hours
Answer this question…About 12 hours
Brit College's Tier 4 licence was suspended on 26 May 2010 and re-instated on 9 June 2010. They are now B rated.
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Everywhere changes over time, otherwise we would all be living inthe stone age.
It is a large open space in the centre of London. People walk through it and rest there.
It's in England. No it isn't. Wales is one of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom along with England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland and London is the capital city of the UK.
About 220 miles driving distance.
It is part of the English language. Some names of things are used with the , some are not. It is the same with, for example, book titles and play titles. We have Romeo and Juliet, but the Merchant of Venice.
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The Stations of the Cross are usually a series of pictures or statues. They can use any artisitic medium.
London St Pancras International station . The chunnel services once operated from Waterloo, however in 2009 St Pancras International was opened and all services were relocated.. see: London Stratford International station . Stratford International will open...
It is 237.1 miles and would take around 5 hours to drive there.
I would think 15%? but im not totally sure
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Same materials as most railway trains: mainly steel, though modernones may make more use of aluminium and plastics. Plus othermaterials such as the copper in the motors and cabling.
Many parts of London had to be rebuilt as they had been destroyedby bombing.
It depends on which part of London and which part of Kent and your form of transport.
Skegness, Lincolnshire is 182 miles from Gatwick airport
the ranking would be :. oxford. cambridge. LSE. Warwick. Imperial. UCL. Bristol. durham. kings college London
3,000 miles due east of London would be in upper north-west Quebec, Canada on the east coast of James Bay.
It takes between 1:33 and 1:49 from Derby to London St. Pancras.
Yes, the Thames has around 38 main tributaries.
Hong Kong is 8 hours ahead of London.
Current (as at April 2010) safety restrictions limit the number of people to 5,544. The actual number that can get in the hall will vary - for example when tennis is being played there the number of spectators will be much lower as the court takes out all of the stalls seating.
GMT + 7= 12.00 PM same day
If you mean St Pauls Cathedral in London, it was built after the Great Fire of London in 1666. The original church on the site was burned down during the fire. The architect was Sir Christopher Wren.
The River Thames is quite a long river and travels a fair distancefrom the Cotswolds before reaching Greater London and finding itsway to the Thames Estuary It passes through Henley, then on to Windsor, passing WindsorCastle, and Eton the famous school. It then runs through Chertseybefore making...
There are two main seasons in London winter which lasts longer atleast eight months in a year and four months are of spring.
Trafalgar Square was set out to celebrate Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson's victory over the French fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 which effectively put an end to Napoleon's plans to invade England. The column in the square is topped by a statue of Nelson. Trafalgar Square was built in Charing...
No Thames is not a lake it is a river.
The City of London is a small portion of the metropolitan region of London, which is located in England, in the United Kingdom. There are also many other cities and towns around the world that are called London because they were settled by or built by people from England.
The closest station is Piccadilly Circus. It's only three minutes walk away if you're in a hotel near Piccadilly.
The Diocese of London lists 35 churches in The City of London. It should be noted that the 'City of London' is a small, one-square mile, part of the Metropolitan area of London. According to the Diocese, there are in excess of 1,000 churches in greater London, though this would only include...
The Bubonic Plague in 1665 and the Great Fire in 1666.
The Great Fire of London in 1666 spread rapidly because the wooden houses were packed close together and it had been a particularly dry summer.
The White Tower in the Tower of London is built from Caen Stone, imported from north-west France.
Glasgow is on the west coast of the UK and therefore is at the forefront of Atlantic weather systems travelling in an easterly direction. London is in the southeast of the UK, well away from these Atlantic systems which have mostly blown themselves out before reaching that part of the UK.
I live in London and take the tube to and from work everyday. In theory, the pass back is possible, but I would highly recommend against it. Workers are continually standing next to the turnstile monitoring for this, and British Transport Police are frequently present in every tube station. Also,...
There are two fountains in Trafalgar Square.
Over a thousand miles!
The 'caen stone' used in the White Tower is from just outside the modern city of Caen, in the Calvados Department of the Basse-Normandie Region of north-west France.
The flight time from Mauritius to London, United Kingdom is about 12 hours, 5 minutes.
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The Crystal Palace was a cast-iron and plate-glass structureoriginally built in Hyde Park, London, to house the GreatExhibition of 1851.
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Depending on the time of day and congestion, the taxi journey between Liverpool Street and Euston stations in London should take 20-30 minutes. A more reliable route would be the Underground, using either the Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan or Circle lines one stop to Moorgate than three stops...
London is a very large metropolitan area in England in the United Kingdom. London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom.
Contact London Transport and ask them.
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No, London has an area code of 020 for standard landline telephones. However, +44 7xxx xxxxxx would be a United Kingdom mobile phone or personal number shown in international format. (07xxx xxxxxx domestically). In the UK, mobile phones are not linked to geographic area codes - they are grouped...
Companies House only shows the company listed at their Lambeth address since 1984, although the company origin is 5 years earlier in 1979, so it is possible. Curiously, despite being a mile away on the opposite side of the river, the location shots for Oscar nominated 1949 Ealing Comedy '...
because it is easy to travel around
It does take a winding and indirect course
The City of London and the city called London are two distinct places. The head of the City of London is the 'Lord Mayor of the City of London'. This should not be confused with the 'Mayor of London', who is in charge of the whole of Greater London.
Travel to Wembley Park on the Jubilee Line or the Metropolitan Line. About 10 minutes away. Or Wembley Central on the Bakerloo Line
The National Gallery.. The National Portrait Gallery.. Tate Britain.. Tate Modern.
Answer . The assembly part of a compiler is at the back end of the build process. A build process takes instructions from a programming language and converts them into machine instructions. When you need to make machine instructions for a machine that is different than the type you are...
A flight from London to Amsterdam takes about an hour.
There is no reason to think that London will not continue to grow.The current population growth rate in London is 0.604 percent peryear.
Pineapple Dance Studios in London is about 15 minutes walk from Big Ben. Pineapple Dance Studios is in Covent Garden, an area of Central London north of Trafalgar Square. Big Ben is situated south of Trafalgar Square.
It is also known as 30 St Mary Axe, and the Swiss Re Building.
it takes around 11 hours and 50 mins < i think :)
The prime meridian goes through London at Greenwich.
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It depends on where you are going. To Calais, which would be the first stop, is about 1 hour. To Paris, is at least 2 hours and 30 minutes, and can take another 20 minutes, depending on stops etc.
The Docklands Light Railway runs from either Greenwich or The Cutty Sark direct to Bank underground station where you can change to the City line for Bond Street.
63.7 P as of 30 Jul 2010.
Take Southwest trains and change at Clapham Junction.
The quality and impact of University College London's research haveled to a meteoric rise in league tables, pushing us into the UK'stop 8 universities. They have broken into the "Golden Triangle" ofOxford, Cambridge and London, and confirmed their place as aworld-leading university. They have...
Anytime off-peak adult single is £8.10. Return from £9.20.
Like all wheels, the London Eye is circular.