Djibouti is a country in Northeast Africa. It is bordered by Eritrea in the north and Ethiopia in the south. With a total population of 818,159 (as of 2009), it is one of the least populous countries in Africa.
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Djibouti is 3 hours ahead of the universal time zone
Djibouti City is the capital and largest city of Djibouti.
Yes. Its the name of the only principal city within, and the name of the country..
technically everyone in djibouti are allergic to food, and they eat milkshakes and smoothies.
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The 2011 population estimate put the capital at 496,000.
NO it can not { The country has no resources except the port and only survives because the French government pays it money every year.} that is the reason why it can't! u r welcome N.P Adi
WEll as far as I know the elk is djibouti national animal
The Palace of Kimbyacoodi with belong ed to the Prince Kahrn and Princess Alvia. Also the famous christian chruch called djibouti himuarn named after the man who built it Muhmmed himuarn. . The Palace of Kimbyacoodi with belong ed to the Prince Kahrn and Princess Alvia. Also the famous christian...
-They are both capital cities (Djibouti of Djibouti, Paris of France) -They are both the largest cities in their countries -French is spoken primarily in both cities (Djibouti also has Arabic) -France used to own Djibouti, and obviously still owns Paris
Djibouti is a country in North East Africa
Principal exports from the region transiting Djibouti are coffee, salt, hides, dried beans, cereals, other agricultural products, and wax.
The former French territory of the Afars and Issas is now theindependent nation of Djibouti. The city of Djibouti is the capital of the nation of Djibouti.
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The cities of Djibouti and Paris have several things in common.Both cities speak French, and both are their country's capitalcity.
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His name is Ismail Omar Guelleh.
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The flight from Djibouti, Africa to Houston, Texas is 15 hours and 3 minutes long.
they lie near Southwest Asian oil supplies and important shipping lanes
Abourma petroglyphs are in Tadjourah. The petroglyphs were madearound 3000 B.C. There is the Barogali elephant hunt site in Dikhilwhich were made by prehistoric man. Asa Koma is also in Dikhil. Itis a prehistoric settlement from the second millenia BC.
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Djibouti has no offical flower
Forested area accounts for less than one percent of Djibouti'stotal land area, but their "Day Forest National Park" in thenorthern part of the country boasts four dominant species: theAfrican juniper, African olive, the camphor bush, and the "Buxus hildebrantii".
the french system of formal study.
It is in the north-east of Africa.
they wear fashionable and cool wear like skirts with flowers on it with the mathching head scarf and a pink dress shirt
Because a third of it's population are Nomadic. Djibouti's literacy rate increased from 70.3% to 82% in 2010
Also called Lake Karum, it is 502 feet below sea level.
Djibouti is a country in Africa, but they do speak French there.
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