Lake Michigan

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Lake Michigan is one of the five Great Lakes and bordered by Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan.
Superior, Huron, Erie, Michigan and Ontario are referred to as the Great Lakes. They are largely located on the borders of the US and Canada, on the North American continent .
No, Lake Michigan is definitely a lake. A river is defined as "A large natural stream of water emptying into an ocean, lake, or other body of water and usually fed along its course by converging tributaries."
Lake Michigan boarders Wisconsin to the east and Lake Superior boarders Wisconsin to the North
Yes, the skiing in the state has been divided into two sections byLake Michigan. This has been done for the interest of the skiers.
No, Lake Superior is the biggest.
Chicago does not close Lake Michigan but does sometimes close the beaches on Lake Michigan due to contamination or unsanitary conditions.
Bull Sharks live in saltwater and fresh water areas in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. They are usually fount in the amazons or near the equator.
Answer . It varies depending on whether you mean early July or late July, and even then it varies year to year. But the variations are pretty small. It's typically in the low 70's throughout July, 72/73. Some years it's warmer, but this year (2007) it's still fairly cool. Enjoy!
279 feet / 85 meters on average 925 feet / 282 meters at it's deepest
Lake Superior- max. length: 350 mi (560 km) max. width: 160 mi (260 km) Lake Michigan- max. length: 307 mi (494 km) max. width: 118 mi (190 km) So, Lake Superior is larger!
Yes, with over 9 feet of water
Chicago, Illinois, is on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. Therefore, Lake Michigan is in an easterly or northeasterly direction from central Chicago.
it is located entirely withing the U.S.A
this lake is an artificial lake in Panama forming part of the Panama Canal. At the time it was created it was the largest man made lake in the world. No known reason for the name, there is another local word Gatoon which may a local name for something like an artificial lake
This Depends On The Weather That Happens To Be In That Certain Area, At A Certain Time During A Certain Season. So For Example If It happens To be Very Windy, Then Of Course There Will Be Some Tidal Waves (small ones) And Some Turbulance With The Water, And In The Depth Of The Water.
It is east and northeast of Chicago. Or some people say Chicago ison Lake Michigan.
Lake Michigan is directly EAST of Chicago, Illinois. That's why there are very few addresses on the East side of Chicago!
In 1961, Jim Moran , a car dealer in Chicago offered a $3675 prize for first swim from Chicago to Michigan City to 6 local swimmers. Ted Erikson of Chicago was only finisher. Then in 1962 he offered a $3675 prize to first swimmer making Waukegan (same distance as MC along shoreline for better ...
Chicago was known for it's stockyards.. You should read the article in the related link.
The only state located at the northeastern corner of Lake Michigan is Michigan.
Yes. It is a part of the name of a person, place or thing: a proper noun.
The bull shark is the most dangerous fish in lake michigan and some parts of the mississipi river. They are actually more carnivorous than other sharks, and they will actually eat anything that consists of flesh in water unlike most other sharks. Theses sharks are found in the cooler waters of lake...
Lake Michigan is directly east.
48-50 miles...sometimes you can see Michigan from there. werid!
Yes, Chicago is located on the south southwest corner of Lake Michigan.
No, at least not a living one.
Lake michigan is in michigan so apparently it's part of michigan!
1,000 peole died in lake michigan
It can't. The UK (northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales) is 94,-60 square miles of surface area. Lake Michigan is 22,400 square miles.
No. In 1900, Rudolf Hering redirected the flow of the River in order to prevent pollutants from flowing into Lake Michigan, Chicago's main source of drinking water.
Indiana and Ohio Illinois Wisconsin.
Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.
Losing either could make a grown man cry!
dolphins, water elephants, sea tigers, and bass all live in the beautiful lake michigan.
20 ft but usually five foot max
It is 80 miles across Lake Michigan from Chicago to South Haven MI. Arnold Nelson
Lake Michigan is the only great lake to be located fully in the United States every other great lake is located in both Canada and United States
Lake Michigan is a lake, one of the 5 Great Lakes. Michigan is a state.
Yes. To the north-east.
Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan
Indiana & Illinois do literally border the Ohio river along the natural low water line on the right bank & they include parts of lake Michigan within their borders as well yet it would be technically inaccurate to say they border lake Michigan even as they border each other within it
Answered: Lake Jim Chapman Water Level . As of 02 JUL 2007 @ 0518 GMT, Lake Jim Chapman's water level was at 438.30 elevation above sea level. You can go to: and get all present lake elevations.. It's difficult to get the level in feet of depth...
Lake Michigan is the lake that divides Wisconsin and Michigan. It is also the lake that the city of Chicago lays on.
Chicago, Illinois, lies at the southwest corner of Lake Michigan.
Illinois is bordered by LakeMichigan to the northeast.
No. Lake Michigan, like all of the Great Lakes, is fresh water only.
Lansing Michigan is the capital of the state.
Lake Michigan touches 4 states (Indiana,Illinois,Wisconsin and Michigan)