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Facts about Hitler?

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he only had one testicle...thats the only fun fact about him...

instead of being like this 8====D, he was like this o=====D

Oh and PUrple nuggets

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What are 10 funny facts about Adolf Hitler?

There are no funny facts about Hitler.

What are facts about Hitler Youth?

Some facts on Hitler youth: balder von shirach was the overseer of the Hitler youth movement - In 1936 the total number of boys and girls in the Hitler youth was 4 million

Facts about nazi soldiers?

who is adolf hitler

Why was Hitler jailed in 1923?

why was adolf Hitler jailed in 1923?3 facts about the nazi party in 1921-1923why was adolf Hitler jailed in 1923?3 facts about the nazi party in 1921-1923

What are the facts about World War 2?

A:Adolf Hitler

Unknown facts about Hitler?

if they were unknownn how would anybody know them?

Interesting facts about Hitler?

Hitler killed about 6,000,000 million people he was a evil man plus his Nephew came over to the USA to fight Hitler and his Nazi army

What are three facts about how Hitler rose to power?

1. Hitler hailed from Germany 2. Hitler's Soldiers were called the Nazis 3.Hitler wanted to exterminate all Jewish People

What are some werid facts about Hitler?

He was Time Magazine's Man of the year in 1938.

What familey did Hitler have?

Hitler had a mum a dad and 2 sisters and 1 brother theese facts r true thank u for reading

Freaky facts about Hitler?

hitler only had one testicle...instead of being like this 8====D, he was like this o====D. purple nuggets

What are some funny facts about Hitler?

Hitler was addicted to pickles when he was 9 years old. In sixth grade, he was obssessed and in love with a girl named Faith.

What are 3 facts about Adolf Hitler?

He was was an Austrian born GermanHe was a vegetarian.He was also a painter

What are facts about Nazis?

1. Nazi was an Political party 2. An leading party of Nazi Germany 3. Leaded by Hitler theirs many facts just search up Nazi Facts or Facts about Nazi Party and you'll find a lot of facts.

What are facts about the invasion of Normandy in France?

Adolf Hitler was slleping in bed during the invasion of normandy

What are facts about the Nazi party?

That Adolf Hitler was responsible for the Nazi Party. Hitler kept blaming Germany's problems on the Jews. Hitler and his followers spread hatred for Jews. Hitler also led the Germans to believe that they could blame someone else for their problems. Hope this helps!

What are four facts about World War II?

1. Hitler 2. was 3. really 4. bad

What are some introesting and unknown facts about the Holocaust?

There were at least 42 known attempts to assassinate Hitler, which obviously all failed.

What is some information about Adolph Hitler?

There are so many facts about Adolph Hitler. He was a dictator and the leader of the Nazi party in Germany. He is held responsible for the rise of fascism in Europe and death of thousands of people mostly Jews.

What are some very very weird facts about Hitler?

In sixth grade, Hitler had a HUGE crush on this girl named Amber. But she turned him down, so before Hitler killed himself, he said he would come back to haunt her on October 19 2013. Right when she was in sixth grade.

What are a few facts about Adolf Hitler?

German Part Jewish Austrian Born Commander of the third Reich Fuhrer from 1934 to 1945

What are two facts about Adolf Hitler?

1. He was corporal in the German Army in WW1. 2. He wrote Mein Kampf while in prison.

Did Adolf Hitler speak any languages other than German?

No. He spoke German. The facts are he wasn't very well educated.

What are 5 facts about Adolf Hitler?

Ok, 1. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th 1889. 2. In 1909 Hitler sank into poverty and became homeless. He slept on park benches. 3.Hitler did kill himself by shooting himself in the head and taking a cyanide pill. 4.In 1910 He tried to sell paintings, but didnt really make any money. and finally... 5.Hitler was born in Vienna Austria.

What is the author's tone in Surviving Hitler by Andrea Warren?

It is serious and factual. She tells the story in an interesting way, while keeping the facts in there too.