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No, the highest wattage bulb will have the lowest resistance.

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If a fourth bulb were added in a similar way to the three existing bulbs what would happen to the resistance in the circuit?

If a fourth bulb were added in a similar way to the three existing bulbs, the resistance in the circuit would go up if the bulbs were series connected, and it would go down if the bulbs were parallel connected.

Is bulb connected in parallel or in series with the supply?

They can be connected to either supply. A bulb in series that fails, will cause all the other bulbs to go out. A bulb in parallel that fails, will have no adverse effect on the other bulbs in that circuit

Two light bulbs of resistance R1 and R2 R2R1 are connected in series Which is brighter?

The brightness of a light bulb is related to its power. In all electrical circuits, power is equal to Voltage*Current. Since the two bulbs are connected in series, they must have equal current. The voltage across any given element in a series circuit is proportional to its resistance, so whichever bulb has the higher resistance has a higher voltage and thus higher power and is brighter.

How can you connect bulbs in series?

A Bulb can be connected in a series in such a way that the energy source which is applied want to flow equally across the bulbs connected in series. A Bulb has to knobes or holds in which we supply the power. Assume one knob as a positive voltage absorbing source and other has a negative voltage absorbing source. When we connected in such a way that we can apply the voltage continuously in which the bulb will blow easily. When two or more bulbs are connected in series like end of the knob of one bulb i.e., negative to the next positive of the next bulb in series and negative of second bulb to the positive of the third bulb. Then the voltage splits equally across the bulbs connected.

Light bulb in parallel circuit brightness?

Two bulbs connected in parallel are brighter than two connected in series. The resistance of the circuit is lower, electrons can flow more easily.

Is it sensible for the TV to be connected in series with the light bulbs?

Connecting light bulb is equivalent to connecting a resistance. If you have connected light bulb, there will be some voltage drop across it and your TV may not get sufficient voltage. However if resistance is not big enough, than it wont have any effect.

Two bulbs will glow brighter when they are connected in parallel across the same supply than when connected in series.Why?

A: A BULB in parallel has available all the power that the source can supply. In series the power divide according to each bulb resistance.

Which bulbs glows brighter between two bulbs connected in series and one bulb connected in series?

Assuming the bulbs and the battery are the same, two bulbs connected in series will glow less brightly than one bulb.The two bulbs will split the voltage in half between them, making the total power, assuming constant resistance, one half. Since the bulbs have a positive temperature coefficient, the actual power will be slightly more than one half, between the two of them, or slightly more than one quarter each.

If the no of bulb connected in series are increased then the brightness will decrease?

Yes. When the bulbs are connected in series, the voltage across each bulb reduces hence the brightness reduces too.

How the light bulb is connected in the circuit?

One bulb would be connected in series with the switch. Two bulbs in the circuit would be connected in parallel with each other and then they both would be both connected in series with the switch.

Are bulbs connected in parallel brighter than one on its own?

Bulbs that are connected in parallel would be the same brightness as a bulb on its own. If the bulbs were in series with other bulbs, then they would be dimmer. The voltage would drop across a series.

When electric light bulb is connected to other bulbs in a series circuit such as Christmas lights why does it get dimmer?

When bulbs are connected in series, the voltage across each bulbs also gets divided and hence the light goes dim.

Is this your experiment with physics?

· to show the effect on a bulb if a resistance is connected in series with it in the circuit.

How does resistance change as you add bulbs to a series circut?

As you add more bulbs to a series circuit that means that the bulbs are in series to one another, therefore the total resistance is the sum of the individual resistance of the bulbs. If you add bulbs of the same resistance,then the rate at which the resistance changes will increase in a constant manner provided the current source is not altered. For instance if the bulb you are using is rated 20v,60w, then the current passing via the bulbs in series is the square of the voltage divided by the power in this case the current is approximately 7amperes.

The voltage for 4 bulbs in a circuit?

it depends on how the bulbs are connected....if it is connected in series,supply (ex 220/4)...in paralell conn the bulb voltage is same as supply(al 4 bulbs)

What is better series connected Christmas lights or parallel connected?

Parallel With a series connected Christmas lights, when one light bulb is damaged, all the bulbs won't light.

What is the reason for bulb becoming dim when connected in series?

the voltage across it is reduced, the voltage is shared with other bulbs

What happens to the total resistance of the circuit when bulbs are placed in series?

The total resistance of a circuit when bulbs are placed in series increases, and the power dissipated across the bulbs decreases. The increase of resistance, and the decrease of power, is, however, not mathematically what would be expected from a naieve perspective (linear for resistance, inverse squared for power) because the resistance of bulbs varies dramatically with temperature. A 40W bulb, for instance, would pull 500W if it operated at its cold resistance.

Two identical bulbs are in series with a battery How does the brightness of each bulb compare to the other bulbs?

ANSWERwhen two bulb are connected in series their will not be any changeANSWERWhat other bulbs? This question doesn't make sense.Perhaps you are thinking of this: with two bulbs in series, each bulb only gets 1/2 of the energy (or voltage) that a battery makes available, so each bulb is much dimmer than just one bulb attached to the battery would be.

Connected in series or parallel will each bulb glow brighter?

In parallel, each bulb will have full voltage applied across them. However, in series, the voltage across each bulb won't be the same as supply voltage. Thereby, bulbs connected in parallel will glow brighter.

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