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Gear shifter assy 93 areostar?

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If this is an automatic shifter on the column, I just had this done to my 93 Aerostar at the dealership simply because it required taking the steering column apart and I wasn't comfortable doing it regarding the safety issues. (Air bag module, wiring etc.) If you are comfortable to do it your self, you can try asking your Ford dealership service department if they would give you a copy of the parts breakdown and diagram. I have been surprised at how some will help a great deal with parts breakdowns.

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Where is the overdrive button located on a Ford Mustang?

if it's a 87-93 there is none. overdive is indicated by the D with the circle around it on the gear indicater. when normal driving use this gear. Answer i have a 2001 and its on the shifter

Transmission stuck in gear in a 93 Chevy cavalier?

Is this a manual transmission? If so, this is a pretty common problem for these cars. Probably going to have to replace the shifter cable. About $50 at Advance.

93 Lincoln Town Car I Slammed the gear shift into park got gear stuck in drive but shifter loose Got under dash pushed metal line to park shifter still loose till hold up in park to get key out?

Ummmm, the shift cable broke or came off the lever under the dash?

Why would the shifter in an automatic 93 Subaru Impreza not release to go into gear?

I have had the same problem with my '93 Impreza. The button on the automatic shifter will not depress to take it out of park. There is an override option in the owner's manual but I think the real problem is the brake light sensor. Ocassionaly, when I can actually get it out of park, you can hear a clicking noise when the brake petal is pressed, this is the shifter-lock releasing. It must be the sensor for the brake petal going bad.

Are the front driver seat on a 93 ford areostar enterchangeable with the same van 94 through 97?

i can tell you for sure that they will interchange with a 94!

Will a 93 celica shifter cable fit a 94 celica?

yes, they r made the same way crom 93 to 96

Where is the 93 Ford Probe computer?

the computer is located behind the shifter under the radio

Where is the right brake light sensor on a 93 Honda accord?

it's attached to the r/s tail light assy.

Where is a thermostat on a 93 areostar?

Follow the upper radiator hose to its end (away from the radiator.) This is the thermostat housing. Unbolt the thermostat housing and see all the people thermostats.

Problem with the shifter in the 93 grand Cherokee?

Whats the problem? cant help you unless you describe what its doing/not doing.

Are the automatic transmissions interchangeable between a 1988 and 1994 Ford Aerostar?

i changed a transmission over from an 88 aerostar to a 93 aerostar, the only problem i had was with the shifter . the shift cable on the 88 was a floor shift and the 93 was on the steering coloumn. all aerostars have a plate on the floor where a floor shift can be installed. i removed this plate and installed the floor shifter from the 88 into the 93 problem solved ....hope this helps

Why wont your 93 deville shift out of second gear?

A 93 Deville that wont shift from second gear has most likely got an internal transmission problem. Unless the linkage is mis-adjusted, then the problem is onside of the transmission.

After starting 93 Volvo 240 you put your foot on the break but cannot get out of gear The solenoid that holds it in park will not release Where is the switch that controls it?

It is a yellow lever under the brushes on the shifter housing, on the center right side. Press break and turn key, press yellow lever then release shifter out of park. Put into neutral and it should start. If you find out how to fix this from happening to begin with email me at thanks

Stock gears for 93 LT1 camaro?

im almost certain that they came with 3.42 or 3.43 gears stock. i know its 3.4? something automatic z28's came with 2.73 rear gear manual z28 came with 3.42 rear gear 6 speed manuals came with 3.42. Autos were 2.73 with optional 3.23 (If your shifter has PRND2 then you have 2.73. If you have PRND21 then you have 3.23)

Can A transmission shifter cable for your 93 ford escort have any other compatible years and or where you can get one?

A tranny shifter cable may be compatible in the years "91 thru 2000. I would go to your local car salvage that is what they're there for.

Where is the fuel reset switch on 93 ford areostar?

You should find it on the passengers side foot area. Just pull the carpet back and you should see a red switch. pressing it downward should reset it.

You have a 93 Grand Am 5 speed manaul and it will go into 1st2nd gear but then it gets stuck and will not go into 34or 5th gear what could the problem be?

i actually bought my GA with this problem with intentions of fixing it which i did. The proble is as follows: you're shift linkage is 2 cables, 1 to control forward action and 1 to control side to side on the shifter. Pontiac didn't do a good job making bellows to cover the the rods at the ends of the shifter cables. Therefore dirt a water get in the cable and ceases the motion of the cable. Wwhen i went to the dealer each cable is around $80. Ilive in Pa by the world class junk yard harrys u pull it and ended up get both cables and a shifter for $15.

What is wrong if a 93 areostar digital panel is not working and van doesn't start?

On my 89 areostar the connection "block" on the steering column under the ignition came loose (pushing and pulling on the steering wheel can do it...only rotate!), I was able to stabalize the connections with some cable straps.....(also the digital pannel was barely illuminated til I had a sidwall blowout and it was jarred back to full life)...

Where does the stop light flasher go on a 93 areostar van?

The Flasher Relay is located: Front seating area, driver side, behind dash, driver side of steering column, mounted above fuse panel.

Where is the EGR valve located on a 1993 ford areostar van with a 40 engine?

I have a 93 4.0 and it has no EGR valve. My neighbor who is a ford mech. says some don't have EGR's and some have only one O2 sensor.

Is the 93 infinity g20 5th gear defected? go there.

What type grease do you use in the rear end of your 93 Chevy pick up?

80w90 gear oil.

Where is the button to unlock the child lock on the side door of a '93 Ford full size van?

Hey Christina==It is on the door edge above the lock assy on the rear of the door. GoodluckJoe

Why cant you change gears at all in a manual 93 Saturn SC1 its stuck in fourth and feels like its loose when you try to put it in another gear the clutch works when you push it in it goes into neutral?

maybe one of the cables that attach to the shifter and the transmission broke. one pushes forward and back one goes side to side.

What other cars have same rearend as 93 jeep wrangler 3.07 gear ratio?

Jeep Wrangler only,