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Most aftermarket bushings comprised of polyurethane do need lubricated to prevent binding. Do the trailing arms come with zerk fittings so they can be greased? When they are installed it is customary to grease the sides where they bolt on to prevent them from squeaking and binding.

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Why does your 2002 Nissan Pathfiner wobble when you try to accelerate after releasing the gas pedal?

The rear suspension Trailing Arm bushings are likely worn out and/or the rear shocks are in need of replacement. There is an upper and a lower trailing arm on both sides of the vehicle in the rear suspension. As a test, grab a firm hold on the lower trailing arm and try to twist it. If your able to move it even a little, the bushings are shot.

1998 Nissan Pathfinder sways in a rocking motion Worse when it's in 4 wheel drive but lately it's getting worse.?

It's most likely your lower Trailing Arm bushings that are severely damaged. It can also be the upper Trailing Arm bushings. Grab the arm and see if you can twist it. If so, it needs to be changed. You can get polyurethane bushings from or you can buy the entire arms from I changed just my lower with polyurethane and the rocking stopped. I still need to replace the upper but I didn't like the dealer price ($600) and, like i said, my rocking stopped.

Where are the subframe bushings located on 1996 Mercury Villager?

Since The Villager is of unibody construction, there are only a couple things that can be considered "subframe bushings". Sway bar bushings (front and rear), rear leaf spring bushings, and the most likely, control arm bushings.

Why would the transmission be stuck in forth gear?

Most likely the shifter bushings are worn making it bind

When was cerlox binding created?

Cerlox binding, more commonly known as comb binding, was first seen during the 1950s and 1960s. The process was likely perfected in the earlier part of this generation.

What makes a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron sedan groan when going over speed bumps or when you climb into the front seat or if you push up and down on the fenders?

Your shocks or worn bushings are the most likely causes.

What could make the front suspension squeak on a 1992 acura integra?

The top control arm bushings are likely candidates.

How do you change front control arm bushings on a 1996 Jeep Cherokee 2WD?

Use a ball joint press. You can get one from Harbor Freight. You'll most likely need the accessory kit as well. You can use the press in different configuration to press the old bushings out, and the new bushings in. Even the front upper bushings in the axle can be pressed out, although it may be a little tricky setting up the ball joint press to do the job.

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because your bushings are most likely new, new bushings are kind of hard so they need time to soften according to how you skate, so when you hear your trucks squeaking on your new board: don't freak out!

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Can play be adjusted out of steering rack?

you most likely have worn tie rod ends or inner tie rod bushings that need replacing.

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Why would a side broom bounce when put down to sweep on a Elgin sweeper?

Worn bushings most likely. It happens, because remember that for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction... so it holds true with the rotation of that broom... there'll be constant motion against those bushings in the broom arms, and they will wear out over time.

01 Dodge Neon manual transmission wont shift into reverse What causes this and how to fix?

It is most likely the shift cable bushings. The dealership only sells the cable assembly which is a little over $200. You can by stiffer, more durable urathane bushings for around $20 from JcWhitney. They are really easy to install.

Why cant you find first or second gear on your dodge neon far left goes straight to third and fourth?

It is likely that the shift cable bushings at the transmission have failed.

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Fornt end squeaks when you put the brakes on?

BREAKScheck your break pad or also could be rotors.most likely the rubber bushings are too dry on the suspension components

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