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A good physique is attained by proper planning. Exercise regularly. A physical trainer provides great assistance in gaining the proper amount of weight and mass Arte the appropriate places. They also help you with personalized plans. Hit the gym. Developing a healthy and good physique at the home level is quite difficult. Planning alone is not enough. Organizing oneself and hitting the gym is important. A calorie deficit of 3,600 calories is required to reduce a pound of body fat, either through food or exercise.

Both cardio and resistance training are recommended for mass gain and enhancement of physique. Cardio exercises burn the extra fat, whereas resistance training helps in building muscle mass. A balanced diet with all the foods from the food pyramid provides great help. Complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, pulses, legumes, fruits and vegetables prove beneficial by providing all the essential vitamins, dietary fibre and minerals. Increase your calorie intake by having four to five meals. Protein forms the base for mass gain. Around 0.8 grams per pound of body weight is recommended. Avoid saturated and Trans fats. Opt for healthy fats, such as mono unsaturated fats and poly unsaturated fats. OR.. just quit exercise and dieting

What is your diet? Healthy diet is a big source of controversy at the moment. Some say Low Calorie is best, some Low Fat and Low Carbohydrate. The Atkins diet has worked sucessfully for many celebs and ordinary folks. It allows you to eat all the protein and animal fats you want but only restricts veg and fruit and no carbs.

The very latest research indicates that a high protein diet is the most sucessful strategy for weight loss.

Apparently when we eat mostly protein, our appetite is more easily satisfied, therefore we consume less calories.

I believe we would all be much healthier if we restricted our carbohydrate intake especially in the form of processed foods such as biscuits, cakes and white bread.

As to your exercise; Is it aerobic and designed to burn fat? eg Are you running freely at speed and measuring your pulse to ensure you give your entire body a work out? Or are you running with resistance, which will build the biggest muscles in the body, those in the legs?

Weight lifting is not normally considered an aerobic excercise. It is designed to increase muscle and tone. Muscle weighs more than fat, so if your muscles are building it is very likely that your weight will increase.

Lastly, give yourself a break; you have made a good start to the year and can only learn more about your body if you keep trying. Be patient and try to change your daily habits rather than punish yourself with intense regimes that are set up to fail.

Walk more; Dance; Run up a flight or two of stairs each day; Become more aware of your body and respect it rather than despise it. Give it the right amount of everything it requires and you WILL see the results. Good Luck

When you initially start an exercise program, you'll usually notice a small weight gain. Muscle weighs more than fat, and before the fat starts to fade the scale will go up some. Take heart! It usually takes about three weeks for me, but the scale will go the other way. The good news is that muscle actually burns calories - so the more muscle you gain, the faster the weight loss will be later.

It is a big cyclic process..

When you workout in the gym your muscle cells break into small pieces. After that when you eat good nutrition you repair the broken cells. This is called as recovery. But recovery is not all that we need but we need a little more. So we allow rest and keep feeding good food. So while repairing the broken muscle cells the body tends to overcompensate. When we over compensate we actually get more muscle than what we had. And thus you grow due to exercise and diet.

When you are exercising, you are losing a lot of energy. When you get home after a day's workout you will start to get hungry. So you have to eat foods that are less fat and carbohydrates because this kinds of foods will only stays in you body and it will not be converted to energy. try eating foods rich in protein because it will not only give you extra energy but it will also be digested easily and will not become excess fats.

This is how it really works. It makes no sense to say that the reason you gain weight when you begin exercising is that 'muscle weighs more than fat'. A pound is a pound regardless of what you are weighing. The real reason you gain weight when you begin exercising is, 'muscle takes up less space than fat'. In other words, when you begin to convert fat to muscle you may get 'smaller' but gain weight. So the answer to this question is. As you convert fat to muscle you may experience weight gain but you will get smaller as a pound of muscle takes up 5 times less space than a pound of fat does.

My advice is not to weigh yourself at all if you are eating well and exercising.

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Q: How can you gain weight when you exercise and diet?
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How does caloric intake and exercise effect weight gain?

A personÕs caloric intake and their exercise can directly affect your weight gain and weight loss. If you have a diet that has a high caloric intake and you do not exercise you will be prone to weight gain.

How can you gain weight in one month in healthy way at home?

You can Gain Weight through proper diet and exercise everyday. Proper diet plays an important role in gaining weight. please check the below link for information about proper weight gain diet.

When you eat a diet that is high in carbohydratyes you?

You will gain weight if you do not exercise

How do you keep weight off?

Exercise often. Stay on a diet when you don't exercise so you don't gain weight.

When you eat a diet that is high in carbohydrates you?

You gain weight if you dont exercise

Can you gain muscle and lose weight without going on a diet?

Assuming you already have a reasonable diet, you can gain muscle and lose weight through proper exercise without changing your diet.

Do you gain weight from eating sherbertpxie sticks?

You can gain weight from any food if you do not eat a healthy diet and exercise to keep your weight in check.

What can you do to gain wieght?

A good balanced diet and plenty of exercise. weight gain in muscle is far more attractive and healthy then weight gain in fat.

What type of diet and exercise should you use for weight gain rather than weight loss?

dont do any exercise and eat mcdonalds

Can you lose weight with core exercise?

Any exercise will cause you to lose "some" weight and gain "some" lean mass when combined with a healthy diet.

How do you avoid menopausal weight gain?

Physical exercise and a well balanced diet will help you lose weight after menopause.

Why weight rise even if exercise and regulat my diet?

perhapse the weight gain is due to an increasing in muscle mass.

What things are included in a Shih-tzus diet?

Any dogs on a diet should get a plenty of exercise. Exercise is an important part of combating weight gain.

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Why do some women not gain extra weight after pregnancy?

You are supposed to gain some weight during pregnancy but not after. Then it's all due to your diet and exercise etc as usual.

Are there any weight gain diets that work?

Remember, talk to a doctor before changing your diet drastically. The website, is an excellent resource about gaining weight, with helpful tips and a diet and exercise plan.

How can you get a bikini body?

Proper diet and exercise can help a person lose weight and gain a bikini body.

How do you gain weight without side effects?

It depends what you mean by side effects. However a balanced diet and proper exercise is the best way for a normal person to gain weight

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Can you gain weight from having gastric bypass?

Weight gain occurs with this surgery if the person consumes more calorically dense foods after the procedure or they do not follow up with a proper diet and exercise.

How to gain weight with minor exercise?

To gain weight with minor exercise you will have to eat foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates.

How can a 13 yr old lose weight fast?

Rapid weight loss is just as unhealthy as rapid weight gain. Diet and exercise will gradually bring you to a healthy weight.

Do you gain weight once you stop a calorie diet?

Sometimes Yes, sometimes No. Depends how your exercise regime is, and how many calories you cut from your regular diet while you were on the calorie diet.

Will you gain weight after exercise?

No. Actually, we exercise to LOSE weight. But if you eat (foods that are unhealthy) more than you exercise. Obviously, you'll gain weight. So yeah, good luck in your exercise. :)

How do you gain muscle quickly?

It requires a combination of proper diet, exercise, and weight lifting. This is the fastest proven way to gain muscle and lose fat.lift weights, stretch, aerobic exercises. Protein shakes right after working out will help you gain muscleExercise a lot and Get enough proteinWe can gain muscles by doing hard work, exercise and by taking good diet.