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Move the steering shaft. There is one bolt under the plastic cover. This is the pinch bolt .Remove it and slide shaft towards firewall ,move shaft out of the way ,replace plug,re-install shaft,bolt and plastic cover.

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How do you remove the steering column in a Chevelle?

Unplug the wiring harness from the steering column. Remove the cover plate under the column. Remove shift linkage. Remove two bolts under the dash that hold the column up. Remove the two nuts that connect the column to the steering knuckle. Slide it out.

Do you have to remove the steering wheel to remove the column on a 2003 GMC sierra?

No. You can remove the entire column with the steering wheel still attached.

How do you remove the steering column in a 1986 Chevy Celebrity?

To remove the steering column in a 1986 Chevy Celebrity: 1. Remove the trim panel under the steering column. 2. Remove the noise panel. 3. If the car has column shift remove the gear indicator from the shift bowl. 4. Unplug electrical connectors. 5. Remove the four bolts that hold the steering column up. 6. At this point the steering column should pull out.

How do you remove steering wheel on frontier?

Disconnect battery. Remove air bag. Remove bolt holding steering wheel to column. Use a steering wheel puller to remove wheel from column.

How do you take out a steering column on a 1977 Chevy pickup?

Unplug the wiring harness from the steering column. Remove the cover plate under the column. Remove shift linkage. Remove two bolts under the dash that hold the column up. Remove the two nuts that connect the column to the steering knuckle. Slide it out.

How do you remove and replace a steering column in a 95 Cadillac Sedan Deville?

How to remove and replace a steering column on a 95 Cadillac Sedan Deville?

Remove steering column 1995 ford van?

Disconnect battery. Wait 10 minutes, then remove airbag module (if equipped) and horn pad. Remove steering wheel. Pull off plastic trim panel below steering column. Turn ignition key to run (not start) and press lock tang to remove lock cylinder. Remove steering column lower shroud. Remove steering column upper shroud. Remove multi-function (turn signal/wiper/hazard) switch. Remove metal 'knee brace' bracket below steering column. Disconnect all affected wiring including wiring to ignition switch. Remove pinch bolt at bottom of steering column. Remove 2 nuts and t bolts mounting steering column. Note that it will now drop down and may pinch fingers or toes. Remove column from vehicle.

How do you install the steering column in a 1985 Monte Carlo?

Disconnect the steering column from the power steering box in the engine compartment (there is a seal and it will not pull out easy). Remove the cover from underneath the steering column inside the car. Disconnect all wire connectors. There is a bracket underneath the column - remove the four bolts from it. There is s boot seal where the column goes through the firewall - it may also contains a bolt that wiil need to be removed. If it has a column shifter, you will need to disconnect this as well. Make sure when you slide the new steering column into the power steering box that the tires are straight and so is the steering wheel. If you forget, the steering wheel will not be straight while driving.

How do you remove the steering lock on a 1994 Ford Probe?

# Disable airbag system. # Remove steering column covers and lower instrument panel cover # Lower steering column # Disconnect the shift interlock cable from ignition lock housing # The lock assembly is clamped to the steering column by two shear-head bolts. Drill heads off each bolt and remove the bracket. # Remove the steering lock assembly from the steering column

1994 mercury villager shift lock solenoid?

The shift lock solenoid is located on top of the steering column. You will need to remove the steering column covers, lower dash trim, and the heater duct. Remove the steering column bolts and lower the steering column to access the shift lock solenoid.

When replacing the heater core on a 1999 Blazer is it necessary to remove the entire steering column surrounding components?

drop the steering column, remove entire dashboard.

How do you remove the steering wheel from a 1973 Chevelle steering column?

you need a steering wheel puller to get it off.

How do you remove the ignition switch tumbler on a 1986 dodge lancer 2.5?

Remove the screws on the side of the steering column. Remove the screws underneath the steering column and pull the bottom half of the column down. Slide a pin punch into the hole at the ignition tumbler assembly's bottom. Force the tumbler upwards and pull it out of the steering column.

How do you remove the steering column bearings on a 1994 ford F350?

remove column dust covers, along with ignition switch. then remove retaining

How do you remove the cover to a 2001 Chevy Blazer Steering wheel column?

How to Remove the Steering wheel From a Chevy Blazer 2001

How do you go about changing the entire steering column in an automatic 1989 Firebird?

steering column removalto replace steering column: take lower cover off, then there is a bracket on the bottom of the column with four brass bolts in it, remove those. on that same bracket there are two metric nuts on either side of the column, remove those. now the column will drop. next remove the ignition switch and dimmer switch. now that u dropped the steering column you will have access to them. go ahead and remove three bolts from where the steering column meets the firewall(you will need to pull the carpet back a little). next pop the hood and locate the steering gear on the drivers sidetowards the front take ou the bolt holding in the shaft to the gearbox. and then the steering column should slip right out.

How do you tighten tilt steering column on 89 Cadillac sedan deville?

How long does it take to remove a steering column on a 1989 Cadillac Deville

How do you remove a steering column out a 1991 bronco?

take that motherfarucker out

How do you remove steering column and turn signal switch?

What car

How do you remove a steering column from 1984 Corvette?

The steering column is energy absorbing and is designed to compress in a front-end collision to minimize the possibility of an injury to the driver of the car. Once the steering column is removed from the car, the column is extremely susceptible to damage. Dropping the column on its end could collapse the steering shaft or loosen the plastic injections which maintain column rigidty. Leaning on the column assembly could cause the jacket to bend or deform. Any of the above could impair the column's collapsible design. Use a standard wheel puller and never hammer on the end of the shaft. # Disconnect the battery # Remove pinch bolt at universal coupling of intermediate shaft # Remove lower steering column attaching bolt on the dash & toe panel support # Remove 2 capsule bolts on instrument panel reinforcement assembly # Disconnect all electrical connectors from steering column # Remove steering column assembly

How do you remove the ignition key switch on a 94 probe?

Disconnect the negative battery cable. Remove steering column covers Disconnect the electrical connector from the ignition switch Remove the screw retaining the switch to the steering column

How do you remove the whole steering column on a 1988 S-10 Blazer 2x4 drive with tilt steering?

First you have to remove the panel from the bottom of the dash board to be able to get to the steering column bolts. Then, disconnect all of the wiring harnesses from the steering column. After this, go underneath the truck and disconnect the shifter linkage from the transmission. You can then remove the four bolts that hold the column up. Then, carefully slide the column out. Once the shifter linkage is against the firewall, rotate the column until you can pull the linkage through the opening in the firewall.

How do you change a class 8 truck steering wheel?

Usually, the bolt to remove the steering wheel from the column is located at the point where it attached to the column. If your steering wheel has a pressure switch for the city horn located in the center of the steering wheel, you'll have to remove it to access that bolt.

How do you remove a steering column off a 1986 Dodge van?

1.disconnect the negative ground from the battery 2.If it has a column shift disconnect the link rod by prying out the grommet in the shift lever 3.Remove the steering shaft lower coupling to the wormshaft roll pin 4.Disconnect the wiring connectors at the steering column jacket 5.Remove the steering wheel center pad assembly 6.Disconnect the horn wire and remove the horn switch 7. Remove the steering wheel retaining nut. DO NOT HAMMER ON THE STEERING SHAFT TO REMOVE THE STEERING WHEEL. 8. Remove the turn signal lever 9. Remove the floor plate to the floor pan attaching screws 10. To expose the steering column bracket, remove the cluster bezel and panel lower reinforcement 11. Disconnect the automatic shift indicator pointer cable from the shift housing 12. Remove the nuts attaching the steering column bracket to the instrument panel support 13. Carefully remove the lower coupling from the steering gear wormshaft, then remove the column assembly out through the passenger compartment

How do you replace an ignition switch on a 97 Volkswagen Jetta?

Remove the plastic cover between the Dachboard and the Steering Wheel. Unplug all the wiring to the steering column (ingnition switch, turn indicators, etc.). Remove covers under steering colum and remove the bolt that holds the steering shaft to the u-joint at the bottom of the shaft. Remove two screws with round heat at bottom of dash that hold the sterring column in place. Remove steering column from vehicle. remove round head screw that holds column to ingition switch housing. Use a thin screwdriver and remove ingition switch. re-assemble.