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Under hard acceleration in sprot mode you may experience hard shifts.

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Q: How can you tell if your transmission is going bad when you drive it it shift hard but its goes in all gears find but it jump sometimes what could it be?
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Why does the transmission clunk when shifting gears?

Are you sure it is the transmission that is clunking? It could be the u-joints on the drive shaft that are making the noise. When the u-joints on the drive shaft are bad, there is an audble clunk when you accelerate and when slowing down (basically the same motions you go through when shifting gears).

Switch from park to drive and does not switch gears?

There may be a problem inside the transmission, or the linkage could be loose or disconnected in some way.

What does it mean when the transmission clicks while it is in reverse?

It could be as simple as a slight imperfection in one of the gears or it could be an indication that the drive shaft or "half shaft" is worn.

In your Truck it wont change gears in drive but it will in reverse could it be the transmission in it or the cadalac converter?

It's probably the transmission, either the valve body or the clutch pack. Either way, it means a rebuild of the transmission.

How does amodel t transmission work?

In the Model T transmission, each of the gears does the same work. The clutch is only used during a direct drive. The Triple gears are used to drive in low gear and reverse.

Why wont my car switch gears from park to drive?

There may be a problem inside the transmission, or the linkage could be loose or disconnected in some way.

Is there a transmission in a motorcycle?

Yes there is, otherwise it would not be able to drive. The transmission is the gears, the chain and the sprocket. Some motorcycles have a drive shaft instead of a chain.

Where on a tow trucks are the gears?

Transmission gears? In the transmission.

What are the causes of a car being able to shift to drive but no to the lower gears?

The most common cause for a transmission not to shift into certain gears is low transmission fluid. Another cause is a broken shifting fork in the transmission.

Your 2005 envoy will not go foreward in drive but will will drive in reverse.?

Your forward gears are out in your transmission I recommend you take it to a shop.

Where do you find the gear box on a 1993 Dodge Dakota?

I think what your talking about is you final drive gears. They are in your differential. You also have a gears in your transmission.

Why is your auto trans only working if you go through the gears?

Gears is what transmission is for. No gears. No transmission!

Why wont your 77 ford transmission shift into over drive?

Mainly because the C6 transmission only has 3 gears and no overdrive.

Is your transmission bad if it wont go in regular drive but all other gears work?


can you drive with a bad solenoid pack in trans?

Maybe, but the transmission may not be able to shift gears.

Should you drive your 2006 Lincoln ls in D5 or D4?

Normally on a 2006 Lincoln LS you would drive in " D5 " That allows the transmission to use all 5 gears If you are in " D4 " the transmission uses the first 4 gears and doesn't use the overdrive

I drive a 2005 Kia Sportage with a 5-speed transmission. The other day the gears locked and I could not move. What is wrong?

no oil in trans

Where are the blower motor and relays for a 2001 Ford Taurus?

i have transmission problems it works good in revers but in drive gears dont change at all could it be the vacumm hose and where is it at

How may gears does a C4 transmission have?

A c-4 transmission has 3 gears.

Why does your car kick when you shift from park to drive?

Your car might kick when you shift from park to drive if your transmission fluid is low or very dirty. You might also have worn gears in the transmission.

What can cause your gears not to catch in your transmission?

your transmission is most likely bad if it an automatic but if it a manual then your clutch could be bad

Where is the planetary gears in a Chrysler Town and Country van?

It's the main drive gear mechanisms in the transmission.

How many shift valves are normally found in an electronically controlled transmission?

depends on if it is an automatic and how many gears there are sometimes one valve controls two gears

Explain Synchronizer unit of a gear box?

The transmission input shaft has gears on it that mesh with the different drive gears. It is spun by force from the engine, as you select different gears with the shifter, there are different sets of gears being meshed together inside transmission. The synchronizers ensure that the gears being meshed together are turning at the same speed, thus resulting in a smooth shift and no damage to the gears.

Why can't you shift gears on a 2000 VW Jetta with a automatic transmission?

You can't shift gears on an automatic transmission because, as it is called, it's automatic! You don't need to shift, it does it for you. == == Maybe the question should be "Why is my automatic transmission not shifting through gears for me as it should?" Could it be a fairly simlpe fix or am I losing my transmission? Yeah Dopey!