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Hungary had been part of the Austro-Hungarian empire for centuries prior to 1919. They were a natural ally of Germany. In 1919 Hungary emerged a ruined country. In some ways they were even more severely punished than the Germans. About 40% of all Hungarians were forced to transfer political control of their homelands to other nations such as the Union of Serbs and Romania. Poland also got a few. These Hungarians, used to being the rulers, now became the ruled. Economically Hungary was also ruined. The inflation in Germany in the 1920's is well known. Less well known is that the Hungarian inflation of the same era was even worse. This wrecked savings, investment, and the middle class. Shrunken, bankrupted,with nearly half her people living under foreign flags, the Hungarians were ripe for some payback. When German power began to grow after 1933, Hungary took note. As with all nations in eastern and middle Europe, there was a huge fear of the Soviets. The Hungarians were a natural ally of Germany when she began her crusade to eliminate Soviet power. Her soldiers fought well in the war against Russia but were no match in numbers or equipment for the Red Army. After the war, Hungary was looted and pillaged by the Soviets like the rest of eastern Europe. It is also interesting to note that only two major uprisings against Soviet Imperialism occurred in eastern Europe. The Germans, of course, rebelled and were put down by Soviet troops. The other uprising was in Hungary in 1956. There was a lot of 'hot air' in the West about coming to the aid of Hungary but in the end the Soviets were allowed to crush that nation's attempt to regain freedom and nothing was done by the UN or any western power.

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Q: How did Hungary get involved in World War 2?
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