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Again, here is what research has to say about it: The answers are fairly straightforward. This email combines a good deal of supposition and some elaborate conspiracy theory to question where he got his "money". Both he and his wife talk freely of their scholarships and student loans they received for their good grades. Here is a comparison of McCain and Obama's education: While in high school in Hawaii, he went to a private, expensive, college prep school from 5th grade through 12th while being raised by his maternal grandparents. My guess is they either got him a scholarship or provided for his education with their own earnings. Other graduates from that time period include Steve Case, founder of AOL, and Pierre Omidyar, founder of E-Bay. Obviously, good grades and that kind of education on your record helps you obtain needed scholarships and student loans. Oh, and being a "minority" doesn't hurt either.

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Q: How did Obama finance his college education?
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Barack Obama began his college education at Occidental College in California, later transferring to Columbia University in New York. Barack Obama also attended Harvard Law School.

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Contrary to internet myths, Mr. Obama's private school education was paid for by his maternal grandparents; later, his college education was paid for by grants, scholarships and college loans, as well as by some money that Mr. Obama had saved up while working.

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His maternal grandparents (who raised him) saved up money to help him, plus he got loans and grants and scholarships. He has told reporters that he finally paid off the last of his college loans about six years ago.

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