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India had long been a wealthy part in the British empire. It produced for Great Britain tea, gems and other products making it a valuable colony. After WW2, there was a movement for independence. Under Gandhi's leadership, non-violent strikes and demonstrations led Great Britain to give India its independence. They divided India into Pakistan and India.

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Q: How did citizen action lead to independence in India?
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When did Mahatma Gandhi lead India to independence?


What country did Gandhi lead to independence?

Gandhi is not the right answer.... The Indian people who sacrificed their lives have made India independent. And those who unite princely states into one India lead to Independence...

How did nationalism lead to independence in India and Vietnam?

It was because they killed them sevsle

Who lead India's non-violent independence movement?

Gandhi Gandhi

Who lead India to non-violent struggle for independence from great Britain?


How did nationalism lead to independence for India?

The Muslim religion in India have now made their own country, Pakistan. A very long time ago the Pakistan were a part of India, but, the 2 religions did not get a long, and one day..... There was a war between the Muslim and the Hindus! The 2 religions had a war and that is how India lead to independence

The modern Indian who used nonviolent means to help lead India to independence in 1947 was?

Mahatma Ghandi

Did the Declaration of Independence lead to the fall of the British empire?

If you mean the US declaration, no, not directly. It was the independance of India that was the cusp.

Who lead the Indian independence movement?

I am just putting this here because someone said this was the same as the South Americans but this is India Indians.

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Gandhi was a great leader. He lead India to Independence in 1947. He had congress party in his hand. He had a great veto power in his hand.

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