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== == THE USA DID NOT WIN WW2. A group of nations, that included the USA WON WW2. The USA was only a part of the ALLIED NATIONS that defeated the Nazis in world war two. The Allies did NOT fight against Europe, they fought a political idea that was called NATIONAL SOCIALISM, that originated in the country of Germany. Europe is a continent, that has many different countries in it. It is not a country of it''s own. If you want to get smacked in the mouth just try to tell a Frenchman that he is a European. He will , quite rightly, tell you that he is not.

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What was the war strategy of the us and its allies for Europe?

To defeat Germany first then fight Japan

What were some major campaigns during World War 2?

For the US everything besides Europe and the Pacific was a sideshow, the defeat of Germany and Japan was the goal.

Could Germany defeat us in World War 2?


Why were the relationships that the US had with other nations important in World War 1?

By working together they were able to defeat a common foe that was attempting to take over all of Europe and eventually the world.

Where did the US enter World War 2?

Into Europe

In which war did the US along with its allies defeat Hitler's Nazi Germany?

world war 2

What was the main goal of the allies in world war 1 after us entered the war?

To defeat the Germans .

What did the US have to do when World War 1 began?

Defend its Allies and Defeat Germany

Where did the US participate in World War II?

In Japan and Europe

Who did us first focus on in World War 2?

Europe .

Where were US troops in world war 1?

France and in Europe

What were the legacies of World War 2 for Europe the US and the world?

The United Nations

When did us defeat japan in World War 2?

Japan gave up after Germany lost the war.

How many American soldiers from World War 1 and World War 2 are buried in Europe?

None. US Cemetaries in Europe are soverien AmericanTerritory.

How did US defeat the World Superpower?

In the World War 2 period there was no one power that could be called "the World Superpower" so the US did not defeat it. At present some call the US "the World Superpower." Whether that is a valid description or not is a matter of opinion, but even if true it is still not possible for the US to defeat itself so the US has never defeated "the World Superpower."

Where was the worst defeat in the US military history in world war 2?

Battle of Corrigador

What did the Japanese have to do with the World War 2?

Germany started the war in Europe; Japan started the war with the US.

After the US entered the war in Europe at the end of 1941, the first turning point for the Allies happened in?

The Soviet Union......apexThe US declared war on Germany and Italy (after they declared war on the US) in December 1941. However, the US did not enter the war in Europe until June 1944. Prior to that date, early turning points included the defeat of Rommel in north Africa, the occupation of Italy and the defeat of Germany by the Russians on the eastern front.

When did the US invade Europe during world war 2?


In what year did the US enter World War 1 in Europe?


What happened in Europe to finally bring the US into World War 1?

Total war extended to the sea, and German submarine attacks brought the U.S. into the war. The combined industrial might of Britain and the U.S. doomed the Central Powers to an inevitable defeat.

What was the historical effects of World War 2 on Britain and US?

Historically; Britain was saved by the US, from defeat by Germany.

Can Germany defeat US in war?

My assumption. Germany cannot defeat US. But France can. But Germany can defeat France.

What Date did World War 2 end in Europe for the US?

world war 2 ended in 2 September 1945.

What pistol did Australia use in world war 1?

australia wasn't in that war it was europe,canada and the us who was in that war.