American Revolution

How did the US try to handle the slavery issue?


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when the continal congress was making the decleration the south wanted to keep the slaves so in order to establish the document and have the full 13 votes they had to let the south have slaves. both north and south had disputes over the years. when John Brown went to kansas in the 1800's he gatherd the mothers and children tied them up and kill the father in front of them. this was only for the plantation owners. this event was called Bleeding Kansa. john was trying to steel guns from the amo thing and Robert E. Lee told him to surender but john didnot so the generial of the Us army shot the ware house and killed him. this went on when PResident Lincon asked Robert E. Lee to be commander of the US army but since Lee's state was suceding he turned Lincoln down. Lincoln was hurt by that so he asked WIlliam Scott. durning the CIvil war The us had to change the Commanders 7times.. the last commander was Grant soon to be president. in the last year of war The confedersy pres. told LEe to go to grolia warfare but Lee said no lee did go to appromix court house.were he went to a home in that city and surneder to Grant well not letery. since then Wilks booth killed Lincon and said something in spanish than he jumped off the valcney and broke his leg. since than the Us trued to reconstruct the contry when things start to get worse like when the north said that the south will half to let African Americans have more rights the KKK started